5 Things to Do Before Your First Baby Arrives

5 Things To Do Before Your First Baby Arrives MomCave

Take it from experienced moms, use your first pregnancy time wisely. It’s the last time you’ll have to yourself for quite a while!

5 Things to Do Before Your First Baby Arrives

♦Go to a movie. I haven’t seen a movie in the theater for four years. Go now and rest the jumbo size popcorn on your huge belly. Or at least binge-watch a TV show you’ve been wanting to see.

♦Read a book. It’s going to be a while until you can do more than read three sentences in a parenting magazine on the toilet.

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♦Have a romantic dinner out and talk about anything other than the baby. Maybe engage into some of the action that got you into this pregnancy thing in the first place. Enjoy your husband’s company because, in a matter of time, you’ll be arguing over whose turn it is to change the diaper.

♦Reconnect with an old friend. That college roommate you’ve been meaning to catch up with….you won’t have time for a half hour chat on the phone for months, maybe years. So do it now.

♦Do something nice for your mom. You owe her big. And when the baby comes, you’ll need her help.



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5 Things To Do Before Your First Baby Arrives MomCave


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