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If there is one thing I cannot stress enough, it’s the importance of taking time for yourself aka “mommy me time.”  Because the time we spend alone with ourselves improves our physical and mental health. Without moments to ourselves, it’s only a matter of time before we become less focused and short-tempered in addition to feeling tired and overworked.

So what exactly is keeping moms from taking the time that they so desperately need and deserve? The answer is simple. Time.  It’s the one thing moms truly don’t have enough of. The lack of extra hours in a day prevents us from enjoying life’s simplest pleasures. Taking time for oneself is a task that is truly easier said than done.

Val gets her swing on. (not THAT kind of swinger!) during her mommy me time.

Every week since January, I planned to go to a spa. How many times did I make it there? None. I made it zero times. Moms all over, myself included, find it increasingly difficult to even carve out the smallest amount of time for themselves. And it’s quite understandable. We have jobs (in and out of the home), homes to care for,  kids to care for, PTA meetings, after-school extracurricular activities, etc. Hectic work/home schedules always leave little room for mom to have time to herself.

So I decided to take a stand. Two weeks ago I opened my calendar and went to the first weekend that I was free and marked a day for myself. Nothing and no one would stop me. I shared this plan with my friend Allaya. She loved the idea and asked to tag along. Excitement was in the air!

But the burning question looming over us was, what would we do once we were out of the house? It didn’t take long for us to blow up our chat with things to do once we flew the coop. Then we thought about it – not all moms have hours to themselves. What if they only have an hour? What could they do in 60 minutes that would make them feel good? Our list is below:


Visit an ice cream shop
Rent a paddleboat in the park
Go for a walk/run
Get a facial/massage
Go for a drive
Walk the bridges
Take a yoga class
Get a wash and blowout
Take a class at the Apple Store
Do arts and crafts
Take a paint/wine class
Go thrift shopping
Take an art/craft class
Play with pets at the pet shop
Go to a happy hour
Get a makeover at Sephora
Get a wax
Rent a Citibike
Take a long hot bath
Visit a girlfriend
People watching at the park
Have a picnic
Go to the library to check out free books
Go to the bookstore to buy books
Play video/board games
Go to Target ALONE (Want to know which of Target’s white wines is the best?)
Watch Netflix

Watch MOMCAVE on Your TV

Take a nap

Practice Breathing Exercises
Bake yourself a cake (or just pretend you did…)

BONUS: You know what you can do with just a few minutes of me-time? Watch a little “Mom Porn.” You know you want to.

Need help finding sneaky ways to carve out some me-time? Check out this post.

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