Jennifer Weedon Palazzo is the creator/writer/and producer of Mom Cave TV, an online network of comedy shows for moms including Slummy Mummy, Double Leche, Blabbermom, and MomCave LIVE. She's a working actress in NYC who has appeared in films, commercials, and some very off-off Broadway plays. When she’s not writing about the funny side of being a mom (for blogs like Scary Mommy and Mamalode) Jennifer can be found eating Reese’s Cups while furiously bidding on vintage clothing on eBay. She lives with her husband, Evan, bandleader of The Hot Sardines and two spirited children.

What Do Successful Moms Have In Common | Tirralan Watkins | MomCave Live

Get ready for a look into what successful moms have in common as we dive into the world of high-profile moms with none other than Tinseltown Mom herself, Tirralan Watkins. Through her captivating journey, we’ll explore her encounters with celebrities and the delicate art of motherhood. Join us as we delve into the enthralling stories and candid conversations she shares with accomplished women from diverse fields. So, take your seat, fasten your seatbelt, and embark on this exciting journey of […]

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Free DayCare… is it possible? A list of resources.

If you landed on this page, you were probably frantically searching the internet for affordable or free daycare. I’ve been there. When my first child was young, the cost of childcare per hour (whether it be a nanny, a babysitter, or a daycare) was more than I could MAKE in an hour. I spent hours trying to find a solution. While I’d love to report that there’s an amazing, magical, completely FREE daycare option here in the U.S., we both […]

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All The Ways I’m Coming Unraveled | Amber Gwin | MomCave LIVE

Ladies and gentlemen, and all those who are perpetually sleep-deprived from parenting, welcome to the comedic circus that is MomCave LIVE! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the tangled web of chaos and confusion known as “Amber Unraveled.” Yes, folks, we’re about to unravel the unraveler herself, the queen of calamity, the sultan of silliness, the one, the only… Amber Gwin! So grab your coffee, put on your stretchiest pants (because, let’s face it, we’re all still in pajamas), and get […]

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Summer Camp Cost :Unveiling the True Cost of Summer Camp

As summer approaches, parents across the country begin the annual tradition of evaluating summer camps for their children. This decision-making process often involves considering factors such as location, activities offered, and, importantly, summer camp cost. Understanding the financial aspect of summer camps is crucial for families planning their summers. Recently,, a leading resource in connecting families with summer camps, conducted comprehensive research on the average cost of summer camp across the entire United States. Today, we’re excited to share […]

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Trivia Time with Candy Shaw! | MomCave LIVE

Today, we have a special treat for all the parents out there as we dive into a world of trivia, laughter, and relatable moments with none other than the fabulous comedian Candy Shaw! Get ready to unwind, laugh out loud, and perhaps learn a thing or two about the wild and wonderful journey of parenthood. Grab your favorite snack, settle into your cosy corner of the MomCave, and let’s embark on an adventure of parental trivia like no other! Jen: […]

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