Toy Clean Up.. or Not! | The Day We Didn’t Clean Up ANY Toys

toy clean up the day we didn't clean up any toys mocave

The more toys you have, the more toys there are the clean up. And for some reason, kids never find toy clean up as fun as toy playing.

Living in a one-bedroom apartment, we try to keep clutter (including toys!) to a minimum. I’ve tried all kinds of storage systems and toy clean up rules, like “no more than two toys out at a time.”

But inevitably, a few hours into the day, I’d be tripping over toy cars and puzzle pieces. And can you blame them? Toys are fun and cleaning just… sucks.

One fine winter morning, I figured if I can’t beat ’em, why not make a funny video? And so, for one three or four hour period, I told my son that he didn’t have to clean up (and I wouldn’t help clean up) ANY toys. Here’s what happened!

Toy Clean Up… or Not! | The Day We Didn’t Clean Up ANY Toys

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Toy Clean Up - What happens when Mom doesn't clean up?


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