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This post & video are sponsored by Piper Lou and contain some affiliate links. The game we play this time on MOM GAMES is “Truth or Dare.”

Truth Or Dare

MOM GAMES is our weekly live series where YOU can participate. Watch for it live on Facebook and Instagram and laugh your own butt off at the video below. Our guest is the fun and funny Nicole Pecoraro of Mom Transparenting. Jen and Nicole play the adult game, “Truth or Dare.”

Jen: Welcome to “MOM GAMES,” I’m Jen from “Mom Cave,” always having technical difficulties. And we have a really fun guest tonight welcome Nicole Pecoraro from Mom Transparenting.

Nicole Pecoraro: Hi.

Jen: Hey, what’s up? Hi.

Nicole Pecoraro: Technical difficulties are my specialty.

Jen: Yeah, it’s always on this show at least, it’s always a Facebook and Instagram difficulty. And tonight Instagram hates us. But we’re here on Facebook and that will be cool and that will be fun. So welcome. If you all are just finding this on the internet like, who are these two crazy ladies? Let me explain what this is. “MOM GAMES” is a weekly live broadcast that MomCave does, it’s sponsored by Piper Lou which is a company that makes amazing cute things, like this shirt that says, “RINGMASTER OF THE SHIT SHOW.”

Nicole Pecoraro: Oh my God, I want one of those.

Jen: I know, they make the coolest stuff. Anyway, they are our sponsors and they give out a prize to someone that I choose, as we’re playing this game. And we’re playing, yeah, you’ll get something as well, you’re the guest. But, the people watching, they get to play along in the comments, and then you can win something. So, play along with us in the comments. We always play, I want to say drinking-type games, but I don’t wanna get somebody from the mommy wine culture people after me. You don’t have to drink alcohol when you play these games. But these are the kinds of games, that you would drink in a pub or something like that. That kind of game. Anyway, hi, Lonny, first time watching. Welcome, Lonny. So, grab your drink of choice, whether it is alcoholic or not, but I’ve had quite the day so mine kind of is and we’re going to play truth or dare. Nicole, are you ready for this?

Purple Hair

Nicole Pecoraro: No, but I am.

Jen: But you have purple hair, anybody that has purple hair I feel is ready for anything.

Nicole Pecoraro: I’m here, I’m gonna do it. I’m nervous, I’m not gonna lie.

Jen: You’re here with your purple hair. Okay, well, it’s always fun to play this game, “Truth or Dare,” and you know what? We make the rules, so who cares? Okay, so, I’ll go first and I’m gonna ask you a truth question and if you don’t want to do it, you got to do the dare. So the truth question for Nicole and anybody watching, is, have you ever shoplifted? ….. Your children aren’t watching this.

Nicole Pecoraro: Intentionally or unintentionally?

Jen: You have to be a good example. That’s a good one. I’m gonna say intentionally.

Nicole Pecoraro: Yes. But in my defense, I was like, well, I mean, I think I was like 17, so really doesn’t make–

Jen: The things that we did when were 17 should not at all affect our lives now because they were stupid.

Nicole Pecoraro: Well, yeah, that was the most illegal thing I have ever done then.

Jen: Are you a good girl like me?

Nicole Pecoraro: No, on the list of bad things, that’s probably like not the worst.

Jen: I’m like, I never do anything bad, then everybody teases me. I mean, nothing illegal. And I, that was me. I’m the nerd. I’m the nerd girl from high school and now I talk to moms on the internet. Well, that was an easy one, you just answered it. Hi, Nicole, Nicole is saying, Nicole, we’re playing “Truth or Dare.” You guys can play along in the comments to win something from Piper Lou who is our sponsor. Okay, Nicole, do you have a “Truth or Dare” question for me? I’m kind of terrified.

Nicole Pecoraro: Yes.

Jen: Especially since now I know you’re the bad girl.

Forgetting Your Kids

Nicole Pecoraro: Have you ever forgotten your kid somewhere?

Jen: I know I have, I know I have, and I just can’t remember when. And that just goes to show I forget when I forgot my kid, my brain is shit.

Nicole Pecoraro:I forget what I had for breakfast, so.

Jen: Yeah, I’ve definitely forgotten my kid. We got Lonnie saying never, good for you, Lonnie.

Nicole Pecoraro: I’m impressed.

Jen: Either you’re really, you’re very smart or you’re a saint, or your kid’s really young.

Nicole Pecoraro: You’re lying. Because watch out it’s gonna happen. Truth.

Jen: It’s gonna happen. I’ve definitely forgotten things about my kid, but I don’t know. I wish my husband was here so he could tell ’cause he would remember all of my gaffes as a parent. Lonnie only has one kid, yeah. When you add in another one, it gets a little harder with the remembering of them, don’t you think?

Nicole Pecoraro: Oh, especially when they have to be in multiple places at the exact same fricking time, it’s impossible.

Jen: I don’t understand it, I don’t know. We have to be many people.

Nicole Pecoraro: A joke that the universe plays on us.

Jen: Totally. Nicole’s watching from Australia, which is awesome. So it’s like a totally different time there. And it’s also summer, I’m a little jealous of that. Alright, I gotta think of another good one for you, and you guys are gonna answer in the comments, the question. In the meantime, while I’m thinking, I’m gonna show you, have you seen my “Welcome to the Shit Show” mug?

Nicole Pecoraro: I love that, I want one of those.

Jen: I think you need to get one of those. This is one of my favorite things ever.

Nicole Pecoraro: Does it have a lid?

The Mother-In-Law Question

Jen: I don’t have the lid on it, I only put the lid on it if I’m going in the car. But if I’m just having a little drink at home, keep the lid off, it’s pretty awesome. Okay, I have one for you. It might not apply ’cause I don’t know, maybe this person isn’t in your life, but if they are, do you like, truly like, your mother-in-law?

Nicole Pecoraro: Oh, oh, this is a whole bag to unpack. I don’t have a mother-in-law anymore, I’m divorced, no.

Jen: So you probably hate her.

Nicole Pecoraro: But I always hated her.

Jen: Always, from the beginning?

Nicole Pecoraro: Yes, I kind of feel like when your mother-in-law is that terrible, you should know, that’s her kid. There’s a good chance they’re kind of terrible too. It’s like a big red flag. She was awful.

Jen: Yeah, I think that’s great. Megan Mahalo loved her mother-in-law, I feel like–

Nicole Pecoraro: Wow. Me and my mom don’t get along very well a lot of times because I’m, I don’t know, a female and the oldest, but my sisters-in-law have the best mother-in-law in the world. In my opinion.

Jen: Totally.

Nicole Pecoraro: Because she does so much for them.

Jen: Yeah. I think my mom like takes my husband’s side over me. Like he has a better mother-in-law. She is, totally, he can do no wrong. It’s not fair, it’s really not fair, yeah.

Nicole Pecoraro: It’s bullshit.

Jen: I don’t know. I thought that would be a good question, I do like my mother-in-law. It took a little while to warm up because she’s very different than me and now I like her so much that I’m currently living with her, so I better like her.

Nicole Pecoraro: Are you really?

Jen: Yes. Truth.

Nicole Pecoraro: And you’re living with her?

Jen: Well I have, so many things have happened. I want to share with you people, but I won’t bore you with the boring details of my life, but I went on a vacation, yay!, for the first time in forever and while I was gone, my house, the pipes burst everywhere and our house is unlivable. So we have to live with my in-laws. I’m just trying not to lose my shit, among the shit show. Yeah.

Nicole Pecoraro: Okay, one time I came home to a whole spread of just a frozen sheet of ice. It looked like, I mean it would’ve been beautiful if it was supposed to be there, but my backyard.

Jen: If it wasn’t in your home?

Nicole Pecoraro: It was in the backyard, the hose busted and everything. But it was so cold that it just froze over. And this thin sheet of ice in the back, it was terrible. And then there was water all over the basement. It was a fricking nightmare.

Jen: Yeah, we had this huge storm and I mean, everyone on the northeast did, and there are kids still ice skating on their front lawns around here.

Nicole Pecoraro: Oh my God.

Truth About Kid Drama and Injuries

Jen: That’s the coolest thing. It’s so cool. I’m not gonna try it because as I said, my life’s a shit show, and yesterday my daughter got a concussion on a sled, so.

Nicole Pecoraro: My son broke his wrist last week sledding.

Jen: He did? The ER visit, how old is that child?

Nicole Pecoraro: He’s 11. And it’s I’m like the worst mom in the world because the next day I sent him to school ’cause it didn’t swell or anything, bruise, nothing, he could move it. I’m like, you’re fine, get outta here. And then I ended up taking him in.

Jen: Sometimes things appear fine.

Nicole Pecoraro: It’s fucking broken? I feel terrible.

Jen: Oh, sometimes things seem fine, and then they aren’t, and I don’t know about your kid, but I also have an 11-year-old. And he is very dramatic. So sometimes it’s hard to tell how hurt he actually is. And like I’ve been in public places where he’s stubbed his toe and started screaming and all the other parents look at him like they think he broke something, and they’re looking at me like, why aren’t you doing anything? Oh my God, your kid, can I help you, can I help? I’m like, trust me, give him five minutes. He does this all the time, this is just who he is.

Nicole Pecoraro: That’s my middle kid. He will scream over the craziest things where I’m like, oh my God, everybody thinks that I’m like, I’ve met neighbors, a block away, over the summer who told me that they know me from my voice.

Jen: That’s awesome. I kind of love it.

Nicole Pecoraro: And my kids screaming in the backyard. I’m like, oh God.

Jen: That’s okay, that’s completely okay. The best part of this vacation that I was on last week and I made a reel about this because this was the best part was, there were so many other families around and all the parents were yelling, and all the kids were whining. And as I was sitting there, like in the tropics watching this, I was like, I’m not the only one, everybody’s having the same struggle. And we can still have a fun vacation.

Nicole Pecoraro: Everyone’s paradise is still a nightmare.

Piper Lou’s Fun Merch

Jen: I know, everyone’s still parenting in paradise. So it’s all good.

Jen: If you’re just joining us, well, we’re digressing from playing “Truth or Dare,” which is the game we’re playing tonight. And you can play along with us in the comments to win something from Piper Lou, which is our sponsor. I’ll show you something else from Piper Lou. Here’s one of my favorite things that I have from Piper Lou, it says, “Thou shall not try me mom 24/7.” They have so many cute things. So, get in the comments so that you can win, and if you’re too… Let me make a go away. If you just wanna go shop, we also have a coupon code, MomCave, you get unlimited buy one, get one free. So, get shopping. Anyway, I showed you like I, see now this. I make all the things go all the places, okay.

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Nicole Pecoraro: I’m telling you I’m your bad luck charm.

Jen: You are, now, there’s always something on this, there’s always something about this. I blame it on mom brain and age. ‘Cause I’m not a young mom-ish. But I don’t know, I think it’s just Facebook and Instagram. They don’t always play nice, okay.

Nicole Pecoraro: I gotta think of something.

Jen: We gotta, oh, is it your? Which I just went, you’re the next one?

Nicole Pecoraro: I think it’s my turn.

Jen: All right, she’s gonna come up with the truth, and you guys have to answer in the comments.

Jailhouse Truths

Nicole Pecoraro: Oh my gosh, have you ever been arrested? Probably not.

Jen: No, no.

Nicole Pecoraro: That was easy, I thought about it and then I’m like, she told me she’s really good.

Jen: I feel like you have, and I wonder if that’s a story that you would share on the internet or do you wanna skip? It’s gotta be good.

Nicole Pecoraro: I haven’t. I’ve been with people who have gotten arrested and sat in jail, waiting for them to get out. I’ve never been the one to get arrested.

Jen: I feel like that could make you feel like a badass. Like, good, okay, Megan, has never been.

Nicole Pecoraro: I always wish I had a story, but I don’t.

Jen: No, I know it would always be cool to have a story getting like, you get arrested for something really stupid. And then you have that story for the rest of your life.

Nicole Pecoraro: I had a situation like super troopers, where I had a cop following me down like some main road down my town when I was in high school. We were smoking a joint, and I dropped it in my bra and truth is, it’s like burning my boobs.

Jen: Did you burn your skin?

Nicole Pecoraro: Yes, it was terrible. And they pulled up behind us, I pulled it to a parking lot, and he was sitting behind us for like 20 whole seconds and then he just drove off and I was like, did that just, you guys saw that, right? Like that happened, that guy was back there. He pulled us over, didn’t he?

Jen: Yeah, my husband is a jazz musician, so should I say more? There’s a lot of weed smoking and always has been, but we live in this state where it’s now legal and it’s the weirdest feeling. Because for years it was always like hiding it. And we’ve had a similar experience where like there was a cop behind us, and I made him throw it out of the car and I was like, “I will not get caught!” And now it’s like his parents are, we’ll try, like the old people are trying it. It’s the weirdest thing, I don’t know.

Nicole Pecoraro: It is, it’s interesting. I’m in the Chicago area, so it’s the same.

Jen: Yeah, okay. Well, that was an easy question. Okay, you guys we need you to give us your stories in the comments to win something from Piper Lou, and we’re gonna play a couple more rounds of “Truth or Dare.” So, let me see. Okay, have you ever had a one-night stand? And by that, I mean, you never saw the person again.

Nicole Pecoraro: Yes.

Jen: Of course you have, ’cause you’re fun and cool and I’m not. And you have purple hair.

Nicole Pecoraro: No, it’s because I’m divorced and I was miserable for a long time. You have to get over that.

Jen: Right.

Nicole Pecoraro: Yeah, that’s a tough question. Now I feel like I’m blushing.

Jen: Good for you. Oh my goodness, good for you. Well, if the person that she had that one night stand with, happens to be watching a mom page on the internet.

Nicole Pecoraro: She’s taken.

Jen: Why would they? Yeah, she’s taken now, she has a boyfriend, and just forget about it. Lonny also said no.

Rejection Hotline

Nicole Pecoraro: She didn’t call you back for a reason.

Jen: I have given guys false phone numbers.

Nicole Pecoraro: Oh, didn’t they have like, wasn’t there an 800 number you could give where it was, they didn’t wanna talk to you.

Jen: There was, yeah, I had it on my phone, the Rejection Hotline. I don’t know if it still exists. You guys Google it, the Rejection Hotline. You can give someone that number, and when they call it, they’ll reject them for you.

Nicole Pecoraro: It’s beautiful.

Jen: I know, thank God–

Nicole Pecoraro: I also used to give out my friend’s parents’ numbers. Just call my friend’s stepdad.

Jen: Who’s a cop or something, right?

Nicole Pecoraro: Yeah, or just he’s just not a nice guy. He’ll terrorize you.

Jen: Awesome. All right, we’re gonna do one or two more truths or dares. And you guys, you gotta play in the comments to win something cool from Piper Lou. I’m showing you all the things I have from them. My mama bear mug. Okay, so, it’s Nicole’s turn to come up with one for me.

Nicole Pecoraro: See, I can’t even remember who did the last truth.

Jen: Yes, it is. I couldn’t remember either, but I just went.

Nicole Pecoraro: Okay, this is tough, I’m running out of ideas.

Jen: I’m sure you’ll think of something.

Puking Drunk

Nicole Pecoraro: Okay, truth. Have you gotten puking drunk in the last two years?

Jen: Not puking, no. But I have gotten like regretful, very bad headache the next day, can’t function at all, and I’m ashamed to tell my husband, or anyone that day this is why I feel like shit. I don’t wanna say it’s because last night I binge-watched the “Tiger King” and drank wine way too late into the night. I’m gonna be no, I have a migraine.

Nicole Pecoraro: By myself.

Jen: Yeah, by myself, that’s what I’m saying, Nicole. By myself.

Nicole Pecoraro: While you were sleeping, I was doing this really terrible thing to myself all night long. But it was worth it at the time.

Jen: The next night at dinner, he’s like, wait, where’s the wine for dinner? Netflix and I. Lonny says, no, everybody is so good tonight. Megan says no, oh my goodness.

Nicole Pecoraro: I feel like I’m the worst guest for this. Actually, haven’t puked in the last couple years, which I was thinking about the other day. I haven’t gotten super drunk in the long time. I have had the headache though, or the nauseous feeling.

Jen: Yeah.

Nicole Pecoraro: But I haven’t thrown up.

Jen: There’s these drops that I have no idea if they work, and I’m going to make a video when I do try them to see if they work. But I saw it on Amazon and I bought it. And they’re these little dropper bottle that you supposedly put in red wine, that does something to it so it doesn’t give you a headache the next day.

Nicole Pecoraro: Does it take your–

Jen: I don’t know.

Nicole Pecoraro: Does it give you a buzz though? Or does it like isn’t that wine anymore?

Jen: No, no, it’s you take regular wine and you put a drop of this thing in it.

Nicole Pecoraro: No, I know, but I was saying–

Jen: Oh, okay, you’re taking it like it’s made of alcohol.

Nicole Pecoraro: It’s just makes it not wine.

Jen: No, no.

Nicole Pecoraro: You’re gonna feel fantastic tomorrow. ‘Cause you drink great taste.

Jen: It would feel fantastic, but it doesn’t work. No, I don’t think so, but I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m gonna have to try it–


Nicole Pecoraro: There was something I got that was packets of, I don’t know, chewable, something that you eat the night before. That’s a bunch of vitamins as a company that I promoted on Instagram. But it was like, it’s horrible for me ’cause you’re drunk. Are you gonna remember when you’re drunk to… And I took them to Vegas of all places. So, of course, I didn’t eat them because I’m not gonna remember–

Jen: You were in Vegas!

Nicole Pecoraro: To go eat something before bed. That’s gonna save me in the morning. I’ll eat it in the morning and hope I wake up at six again–

Jen: Hope and hope.

Nicole Pecoraro: Feeling better.

Jen: Yeah, hope and hope.

Nicole Pecoraro: They did pretty good. I’ve heard from people that they work really well. I can’t remember the name of it though. I’ll have to think about that.

Jen: Yeah, I did a promo for something like that a while back and I can’t remember the name either.

Nicole Pecoraro: It’s probably the same one.

Jen: Probably like you it’s one of those things, you get something that’s for a certain purpose and you know it’s gonna be really useful and then you never use it because you put it away and when you’re doing the thing, you need it, for you’re never thinking of it.

Nicole Pecoraro: Right, when it’s needed.

Jen: So, yeah. We should put a Post-It note like on the liquor cabinet to remind us.

Nicole Pecoraro: Or just stick them on like a chip clip and magnet. You’re gonna need these in the morning.

Jen: You will need this.

Nicole Pecoraro: Have another one.

Jen: Drink water. And take this. And take some Advil. I feel like anyone who watches MOM GAMES regularly must have a bad opinion of me and think I’m a drunk, not the truth, I swear to God I’m not. I’m a very well functioning woman who likes a glass of wine at night unless it’s more than one and you stay up too late.

Nicole Pecoraro: Unless it’s like a new season on a “Tiger King.”

Jen: Exactly.

Nicole Pecoraro: No judgment.

Jen: And yeah, we need a new season of “Tiger King,” let me tell you. Okay, so I gotta get, do one more truth or dare for you and guys in the comments, get ready to answer, to win something from Piper Lou. And if you don’t wanna wait to win something, just use my coupon code, unlimited, buy one get one free. Okay, every time I do that, I mess up the screen because that’s what happens. That’s what happens when you let moms use the internet.

Last Question

Jen: Okay, what is the absolutely stupidest decision you’ve ever made in your life?

Nicole Pecoraro: Getting married to a specific person.

Jen: Not marriage in general, just that guy.

Nicole Pecoraro: I mean, I could hands down without even having to think about it. That’s like the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Truth. Secondly, would be the time that I borrowed my boyfriend’s car in high school and ran over a snowbank when I was pulling into my parents’ driveway and played it off like nothing happened until we came home later that night and he found his license plate in the snowbank, like and tire tracks, leading directly to the evidence. I was like, I thought you said you didn’t know what hit the car. Oh, I didn’t know what hit the car, but that was me, oops.

Jen: Yeah, you didn’t think that one through.

Nicole Peraro: Surprise.

Jen: Okay, whoops. Megan Mahalo said the same thing that you did of course, which was marrying my ex.

Nicole Pecoraro: Hindsight is 20/20. I hope yours didn’t cost you a fortune.

Jen: I feel like everyone’s does.

Nicole Pecoraro: I know it’s terrible.

Jen: It’s awful, yeah. You know how you go through the season in life where like all your friends are getting married and everyone’s going to weddings and then you go through the season in life where everybody starts having kids. And now I feel like I’m in the season of my life where everybody’s getting divorced and that’s much sadder. There aren’t big parties and things.

Nicole Pecoraro: Oh, there should be.

Jen: I think if you go through that, we should–

Jen: There should be, I think so.

Nicole Pecoraro: Let me tell you, we need to normalize that.

Nicole Pecoraro: Especially at the end and someone should throw you like a shower because you’re probably dead broke. Like you need stuff.

Jen: You need things. Right, all the things that you think you need.

Jen: And you need a big party you need. I think that we should like make a website for this on the internet. And we should organize it and you know how they have like bachelorette party games, printables and stuff? We could do like congratulations on your divorce games. It would be great, it’ll be great. We’re there. Okay, Nicole, tell everybody where they can find you and your writing and everything on the internet.

Mom Transparenting

Nicole Pecoraro: I am on Instagram at Mom Transparenting, in Twitter @Mom Transparent. And the number one, because I don’t know, it’s too many–

Jen: Somebody else took your name?

Nicole Pecoraro: Right, someone has, it’s very weird. Facebook, Mom Transparency. And then my blog is

Jen: All the places.

Nicole Pecoraro: It is all because my son is trans. Just so people can realize why that is so.

Jen: Right.

Nicole Pecoraro: I think–

Jen: You’re not transparent, like see-through, what else could it mean?

Nicole: I’ve used the flag for a reason.

Jen: Yes, okay. Well, you guys have got to go check out Nicole. She is not only funny, but she also talks about some really serious stuff too. I’m really happy that you could be my guest tonight playing “Truth or Dare.” Everybody watching, make sure to go check out, use coupon code MomCave. We’ll be back next Wednesday night from my basement with the flood once again, the flooded basement. And the in-laws and the life and the craziness. Thanks so much, Nicole. Goodnight, everybody.

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