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This post & video are sponsored by Piper Lou and contain some affiliate links. The game we play this time on MOM GAMES is “Dirty Minds”

MOM GAMES is our weekly live series where YOU can participate. Watch for it live on Facebook and Instagram and laugh your own butt off at the video below. If this is your first time to “meet” the fabulous Annie of Piper Lou, get ready for a wild ride! Jen, Dina Drew, and Annie play the adult game, “Dirty Minds.” 

Dirty Minds on MOM GAMES

Jen: Hi, welcome to MOM GAMES. I am Jen from MomCave TV and with me, we have my buddy Dina, my partner in crime at MomCave, and Annie who’s the one and only Annie from Piper Lou. “Dirty Minds” is our game for tonight.

Annie: Hey guys. Did you see me jump a second ago? When you played the intro music?

Dina: I did too.

Annie: Oh you startled me, I was like, okay, we’re going.

Jen: I like having the intro, it feels very official.

Annie: I just don’t think I was ready for it. You said, “Ready for the intro?” And I clearly was not ready.

Jen: Well, I clearly didn’t even know we had gone live on Facebook, so. The great news is there’s a very nice man standing by. Every Wednesday night, we play MOM GAMES, it’s live, people play. And when we finish, he edits this and by morning I have a beautiful version edited where I don’t look like a crazy person, like getting everybody to join. So shout out to Tim. Okay.

Annie: Massive shout to Tim, for sure.

Jen: Massive.

Annie: Yeah.

Jen: So we are live on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube. And we’re playing a game that’s called “Dirty Minds.”

Dina: Ooh.

Jen: Yeah. So you can play along in the comments. That’s the whole point of MOM GAMES. You get to play along. You get to be with us. It’s almost like we’re actually hanging out in real life. Almost. Grab your drink of choice, whether it’s alcoholic or not. Dina’s holding on to her tea again.

Dina: I spilled it, that’s why I was stressing. It’s all gone, It spilled all over the table on the floor, on the computer. I was like,

Annie: Oh my God.

Jen: Crazy.

Jen: Okay. Now, can you let us know if you can hear, everybody. Commenters? Go ahead and let us know. Oh, hi. We’ve got people watching already. We’ve got Shannon and Bethany and Sharon, first time here. Good evening, Sharon

Annie: Hi

We Love Our Fans

Jen: And Babs and Lynn. Babs and Lynn are always watching MOM GAMES. I’m very happy about that.

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Annie: Woohoo, Babs and Lynn. Babs is your real name like Barbara? And you just like spice it up a little bit with a little Babs? Cause I love the name Babs.

Dina: Babs Bug McNeely. I love that.

Annie: Is that her real name? Oh, it’s a good name.

Piper Lou

Jen: Her name is adorable. Let us know Babs, we wanna know. She’s LOLING us. She’s LOLING, it’s the internet. So grab your drinks of choice. I’ve got my Piper Lou, “Welcome To The Shit Show” mug tonight. And what do you have Dina?

Dina: Kid: Grandma would say yes, Mom: Well, it sounds like my mom is cooler than yours.

Jen: Right?

Annie: Didn’t even know we have that, that’s like a brand new one for me.

Jen: That’s a good one, right? It’s cute.

Annie: I do know we got like 18,000, I can’t possibly remember all of them, but I have a pretty — solid on a lot. There are so many of them.

Jen: They’re… If you all don’t know what the Piper Lou collection is, they sell T-shirts and hats and tumblers and mugs and all the things. But the thing about is they all have the funniest sayings on them and especially ones that snarky cursing moms like us.

Annie: Yes.

Jen: So you gotta check that. Oh, and I have a coupon code. It’s MOMCAVE for Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1 Free. So I’m just gonna leave that there. Okay, so Annie, you have a drink, too, I can see.

Annie: I do, I have a little vino. I wasn’t sure I was gonna drink tonight. And then I was making dinner for my daughter and I said, “Shall I have a little glass of wine?” And she was like, “I think you should.” So I don’t know if I was like a little snarky to her earlier and she was like, “You need to mellow out, Mom,” or where we stood with that. But I was like, “Okay, well you twist my arm.”

Jen: Maybe she just wanted you to have a nice night, you know?

Teenage Girls

Annie: Maybe or she just wanted to liquor me up so she could like go on and sneak out tonight. And I wouldn’t even realize it, I don’t know.

Jen: All right, now I’ll listen very carefully to see if we hear like any sneaking out happening.

Dina: How old is she?

Annie: She’s 16.

Dina: Oh, I have 16 year old as well.

Annie: Boy or girl?

Dina: Girl.

Annie: Mine’s a girl too. I said my daughter, yeah, I said that.

Jen: I hear that teenage girls are rough?

Annie: You know, I dig my teenage girl, she’s a good time. But I mean, she has her moments and I mean, my poor son he’s 20 and he doesn’t live at home anymore. But when he did, I mean, he had to tolerate both of us.

Jen: Poor guy.

Annie: I know, bless his little heart. For sure.

Jen: Yeah, not to get TMI, but I hear, you know, there’s that whole legend about women syncing up on their cycles when they live together. So I do feel bad for the men that are in that situation.

Annie: You know my favorite text actually was sent by my son, not too long ago. I was gone for the day. My son was home and he was texting me, he’s like, “She’s in a…” My daughter was in a terrible mood. So he’s texting me all day, like, he’s like, “She’s awful. I don’t know, she’s yelling at me.” “I don’t understand.” And I’m like, “Just be nice, just leave her alone, whatever.” And then the next picture I got, the next text I got was a picture. And it was like a pan of brownies, like eight dozen cookies, a thing of banana bread. Like she was like covered in like sweets and he goes, “Tell me she doesn’t have her period, tell me, tell me, Mom.” And I was like, “Leave her be.”

Jen: Ah, perfect. Well see, she got everything she needed–

Annie: She’ll figure it out

Jen: Just deal We’re getting some people over on Instagram who can’t hear Annie, I wonder if we can… Can you turn on your mic or is that too hard?

Annie: I did turn it back on because I thought about it and I was like, “Well that doesn’t make any sense.” So–

Jen: Okay, maybe y’all can hear her now? We would just like to know.

Annie: If I hold it up, can you hear me? ‘Cause, it was resting on my computer, but then it’s a whole thing.

Jen: Yeah, I don’t know. Well, we’ll see what they say. Instagrammers.

Annie: But it was a very witty story you just missed. So go over to Facebook and watch us there

Jen: Yeah, you missed a great witty story. If you have trouble hearing Annie on Instagram, head over to Facebook, it’s facebook.com/momcavetv. ‘Cause, you can hear all of us there, but whatever, they’re both great platforms. So we’re gonna play a game called “Dirty Minds” tonight and you guys get to play along and we pick a winner from the comments and they win something awesome from Piper Lou.

Annie: Do I win?

Dirty Minds: Not Safe for Kids

Jen: No, you can’t win. You can have all the Piper Lou merch you want. We have to share the wealth. So we’re gonna pick someone from the comments, but we’re gonna play a game and people in the comments can play along with us, okay? So, this game is called “Dirty Minds.” So if your children are in the room or watching this with you, they shouldn’t be. Anyway, what time is it? They should be asleep.

Annie: Or put ’em in front of a movie.

Jen: If they’re young. Yeah, go give them an iPad, I’m gonna get in trouble for saying that. And we are going to play Dirty Minds. So Dirty Minds is just very simple. It’s, there are riddles and I’m gonna say the riddles and they’re going to sound really, really dirty. And then you guys have to guess the answer. I don’t know the answers even because I wanna play along. So I printed out the answers, but I haven’t looked at them.

Annie: So there are actually correct answers? It’s not just whatever sexual innuendo you can come up with? There actually are correct answers to “Dirty Minds”?

Jen: There are, yeah, we did, last week, we did something like the opposite where we did all the sexual innuendo.

Dina: That was fun.

Jen: That was great.

Jen: You know what I mean?

Annie: Yes, you know what I mean?

Jen: That video is up if anybody wants to go watch that later. Bab says, “You know my mind is in the gutter 24/7.”

Dina: Whoo, Babs.

Starting Easy

Jen: All right Babs. The first riddle is, I am often the first thing you put in your mouth, when you are done with me, you spit.

Dina: Oh, a toothbrush.

Annie: Toothbrush.

Jen: I know that one’s so easy. Okay, warming up, warming up.

Annie: Okay, all right, all right. I was waiting for it to be super dirty and I was like, “Okay.”

Dina: Yeah, that’s not that dirty.

Jen: That was just a tame one, you know, you guys are too quick.

Dina: You could have said the other thing.

Annie: I thought about it, but then, you know, I thought– But I’m easing my way in here.

Dina: If you know what I mean.

Annie: Let’s go slow, okay, good plan, go slow.

Dina: I know.

Jen: All right, all right. So you guys in the comments, you can tell us what you think the answers to these are too.

Annie: You know, what we should do, we should pause for a moment and let some answers come in the comments before we jump into the answer. So I got so excited and so did Dina.

Jen: You’re so smart.

Annie: Yeah, we just…

Jen: That’s great.

Annie: …jumped right in there. So maybe we let some comments come in.

Jen: Okay. I like that plan.

Annie: Just a thought.

Lots of Dongs

Jen: Sounds good. Annie’s thinking. Okay. Then the next dirty minds riddle is I have to be well hung to work properly. There are lots of dongs in me.

Annie: Read it again, read it again, read it again.

Jen: I have to be…

Annie: I am shocked that you still use the word dong, but okay, go ahead, go ahead.

Jen: Am I gonna get kicked off of Facebook and Instagram? No.

Dina: No.

Jen: I should put like an advisory thing and see if it’s explicit.

Annie: And see if it’s explicit content.

Jen: Yeah.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Actually it does make me do that, when I upload these MOM GAMES to YouTube, they often ask me if it’s explicit content. They’re not gonna show this game of “Dirty Minds” to anyone under 18 so, whatever.

Annie: Well, okay. We don’t, we don’t need them watching it anyway.

Jen: We don’t need people under 18.

Annie: It’s “MomCave.” Come on.

Jen: Yeah, yeah. This is all for the moms. Okay, so this riddle you guys, I want you to guess in the comments is, I have to be well hung to work properly. There are lots of dongs in me.

Dina: Shannon says, “A cuckoo clock.”

Annie: Oh Shannon.

Jen: Oh, that’s a good one Shannon. Good one.

Annie: Not where I was going.

Jen: No?

Annie: No, but that’s a good answer.

Dina: I like that one.

Annie: Like ding dong. Cuckoo clock. Okay. I. Okay, Bab–Bab says “Spew on her computer screen.”

Jen: I’m sorry, I hope your computer still works after spewing. If you know what I mean. Yeah. Okay. So far we’ve got Shannon with the cuckoo clock. That’s sounding good.

Annie: Okay, read it one more time, one more time. Just like, let me see if I can come up with another answer besides… but I think that might be right.

Jen: I have to be well hung to work properly and there are lots of dongs in me.

Long Duk Dong

Annie: Oh, Lynn, I was going with a porn star. I mean, I kind of was too, actually.

Jen: That is true, a porn star has to be well hung to work properly and have at least one dong.

Dina: Oh my God, that reminds me, remember the scene in “Sixteen Candles.”

Annie: Long Duk Dong!

Jen: Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious.

Annie: “Hey sexy girlfriend.”

Jen: We gotta watch that again, oh my gosh. You know Annie, I think the last time that we did this, we also had some “Sixteen Candles” references.

Annie: Was it “Sixteen Candles” or “Breakfast Club?” We definitely went with the “Breakfast Club” reference.

Jen: Yeah. All right. So Babs has gotten nothing. So we’ve got Shannon with the cuckoo clock.

Annie: I think I have to go with Shannon.

Dina: Yeah, I second that.

Annie: Although I do like Lynn’s answer better, I think the correct answer will be, cuckoo clock.

Jen: Okay. The correct answer is close, so close. Bell. It’s basically the same thing.

Annie: Bell?

Jen: A bell has to be hung properly and there are lots of dongs in it. It’s like the tower of Notre Dame.

Annie: I can’t even keep a straight face when you say dong.

Jen: I like saying that, I’m gonna say it more often now.

Dina: Ding dong.

Good Moms Say Bad Words

Jen: You know that reminds me of my Piper Lou shirt tonight. Okay, I’m gonna try to show it to you guys. Tell me if you can read this.

Dina: “Good moms say bad words.”

Annie: Like dong.

Jen: Like dong, see.

Annie: Hey Amber, thank you. My hair actually looked like shit like five minutes ago. And I was like, I can’t do this. So I just pulled it up real quick, like.

Jen: It’s very cute.

Annie: Thank you. It was like frizzed out, like crazy. So I had to tame it in a little bit.

Jen: Oh yeah, oh yeah. I’m gonna do something brave tomorrow night. I’m gonna do my highlights.

Dina: You’re gonna do them?

Jen: Yeah, so next time you see me, if I look like a crazy homeless person, you’re gonna know it’s cause I messed up my hair. Jovi just said, “A dong has to be well hung.” Jovi. Jovi is Lynn’s daughter and she should be much more innocent than that. We love you, Jovi.

Dina: She’s not 16 Jovi, so.

Jen: We love you Jovi. Lynn, don’t get mad at us for our bad words and dirty minds.

Hairy Talk

Annie: So you’re gonna do your hair yourself?

Jen: I am.

Annie: You’re brave.

Jen: I’ve done it once before, it’s never perfect, but you know what? I just can’t afford to go right now and I don’t have the time. So I don’t wanna walk around like this. I’m gonna do it.

Dina: You could be like me, a little gray.

Jen: I think I am going gray but you can’t tell because of the blonde as my daughter goes through my hair and she’s like “This one’s white, Mom.”

Annie: Thanks, honey.

Jen: That little brat. Lynn says, “Jovi just acts 16.” Oh, she’ll never get mad at us. Okay. Let’s see. Let’s pick another one. I’m gonna get in trouble with Facebook for some of these. Okay. I swing both ways. If I’m wide open you’re wide open, your pussy…

Dina: What?

Dirty Minds & Things Slipping Out

Jen: If I’m wide open your pussy might slip out.

Annie: Wait I need you to start all over again with that one.

Dina: Oh, thanks Mary, I’m trying… My husband hates it, she says she likes my gray, Mary.

Jen: Oh.

Annie: Oh. That’s so sweet.

Dina: Thank you, Mary.

Jen: Dina is wise and mature.

Annie: I don’t think that’s the way to compliment that, right there.

Jen: No. I’m sorry.

Annie: You look hot, girl, hot.

Jen: She does look hot but I always say that.

Annie: Not wise.

Dina: Oh my God. Can we go back to the riddle?

Annie: I’m still stuck on the kitten.

Dina: Me too.

Jen: If I’m wide open, your pussycat might slip out. If you don’t bang me enough, I can get rusty.

Dina: Oh, I think I know what it is.

Annie: Wait, do it one more time, one more time.

Jen: Okay. You guys you gotta answer in the comments to win something from Piper Lou, okay? So we want you to guess the answer to this. It is, I swing both ways. If I’m wide open, your pussycat might slip out. If you don’t bang me enough, I can get rusty.

Dina: Lynn said, “Door.” So did Babs. Lynn said it first.

Annie: Lynn, “I still say porn star.” I do too Lynn.

Jen: I know, Lynn, Lynn we don’t do the obvious dirty minds answer. This is the theme. Of course, it’s more fun to say porn star. We find a lot of people saying door.

Annie: I kinda wanna say me.


Jen: Wait, oh, I gotta go over this, backup. Annie wants to say “Me,” meaning Annie. She swings both ways.

Annie: Oh wait, I don’t do that. No, no, no, back up, I never do that. The last line, the last line.

Jen: No swinging, okay, there’s no swinging. Wait, if I’m wide open, your pussy might slip out. It’s not, there’s no, you have a dog, right?

Annie: I do have a dog.

Jen: No cats.

Annie: So it’s really the last line you have to bang me a lot or something to keep me happy.

Jen: You have to bang me a lot or I’ll get rusty.

Dina: Rusty.

Annie: There it is. That’s the line. Okay.

Jen: Or my hair will go gray. Right, Dina?

Dina: Yes.

Jen: Now she’s gonna be mad at me tonight. I’m sorry.

Dina: I’m not gonna be mad at you.

Jen: Making great jokes.

Dina: I would never get mad at you Jen.

Jen: I know, we love each other. We’ve been work wives for a long time. Okay, you guys, are you ready to reveal the answer to this “dirty minds” riddle? I think you guys must’ve gotten it yet. It’s gotta be it.

Jen: No. It’s so close.

Annie: No, no, don’t say that it then, don’t say it then.

Jen: It’s not door.

Annie: It’s not door.

Dina: Not door?

Jen: Okay.

Dirty Minds Not Suitable For Kids

Jen: All right. We got somebody on Instagram saying, “What’s going on?” She’s just joining. So I’m gonna explain real quick. This is called MOM GAMES, we do it once a week. It’s sponsored by Piper Lou, and we play these games, you play along with us in the comments. Somebody wins something awesome from Piper Lou. This week’s game is called “Dirty Minds.” But basically, we just laugh and talk dirty and no kids should be watching. Is that a good summary guys?

Annie: That’s a very good summary.

Dina: Oh, Mary says, “Gate.”

Jen: That was it and Amber said gate. I’m putting all… I’m trying to put their comments up. It was gate. Gate is more specific.

Dina: Door was close, but gate was the right one.

Jen: ‘Cause of the rusty, I’m like, “Doors don’t necessarily get rusty.”

Dina: Right.

Jen: Yeah. Totally. Okay. Hmm. Did you show us your Piper Lou shirt yet, Dina?

Dina: I didn’t. “Some moms have tattoos,” which I don’t, “thick thighs,” which I do, and “thin patience,” which I do. I’m “some moms.”

Jen: You are some moms.

Annie: When I popped on here with the ladies, they didn’t realize I was here and Dina had just spilled her tea and no one knew I was here. I was sitting there quietly, all covert, like, you know, they’re all distracted and all I hear is, “Shit, shit, are you kidding me?” “Come on, shit.” “Not right now.” “No we’re not live yet but shit, “we’re gonna be in a minute.” That’s all I heard and I was like, “This is gonna be fun.”

Dogs Are Good in Bed

Dina: Yeah, yeah. Well, my dog spilled my tea over my computer and everything else, so.

Jen: But you’re still operational. So that’s the important thing.

Dina: Well, yeah, thankfully the laptop didn’t fry, so.

Jen: Thank God. And this is why I’m not getting a dog, I tell you. Okay.

Dina: But he’s good in bed.

Annie: You know what though maybe you should reconsider that because dogs are fantastic.

Dina: And they’re good in bed. They’re good in bed.

Annie: They are good in bed.

Jen: Dogs are good in bed? Do they do it doggy style? Is that what you’re saying?

Dina: No, they keep you warm.

Annie: They are very cuddly and sweet and they like, you know, and I tell my dog, my Oakley boy, and I’m like, “Give me a kiss.” And he sticks his face right up against mine and bops me.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Aaaaw.

Annie: I know, see.

Jen: Yeah, I’m gonna wait until my children are grown and out of the house because–

Dina: Well, My kids and kids are older, really, so. Like yours are still smallish. I wouldn’t have gotten the dog then.

Jen: Okay.

Dina: Yeah.

Annie: Good.

The Piper Lou

Jen: No dog for me. All right you guys let’s see what else we can have. We have all kinds of nice comments over on Instagram. So we’re gonna ask a little “dirty minds” type riddle and you all are gonna guess the answer, and whoever guesses the most things correctly and is funny in the comments, gonna win something from the Piper Lou. Okay.

Dina: Winning something from the Piper Lou.

Annie: From the Piper Lou.

Jen: That’s what I’m gonna call it from now on, the Piper Lou and if you want to go shop at piperlou.com use code MOMCAVE because they were giving MomCavers Unlimited, Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Yeah.

Annie: Yeah.

Jen: Okay.

Annie: And we got some good stuff, man. Let’s be real.

Jen: So many good things.

Annie: Yeah.

Ends In U-C-K

Jen: I wear the crap out of them. Okay, we’ve got one that says, “I’m a word that ends in uck.” You know, U-C-K. “I’m a word that ends uck, I’m needed when you get too hot. “I often have a lot of guys inside me.” Guys, I’m gonna read that again. Everybody listen up in the comments, you gotta guess what this is, Okay? I’m a word that ends with uck, I’m needed when you get too hot and I often have a lot of guys inside me. Dirty minds!

Dina: Oh, I think, wait. I think–

Annie: I’m just going with fuck.

Jen: Now you’re really gonna get kicked off Instagram.

Dina: Get kicked off Instagram.

Annie: I’m sorry.

Jen: Facebook and Instagram are like “You MomCave, you can’t be on here anymore.” You know, speaking of dirty minds, we have a whole video called “Porn for Mums.”

Annie: Oh, Babs says, “Fire Truck.”

Jen: Ooh, that could be it. And we, Philabuster, that’s a great screen name, by the way, Philabuster says “Firetruck on Instagram.”

Annie: Oh, is that? Wait, where is she? Where is she? I’m not seeing any comments. I’m just seeing names pop up.

Jen: On Instagram?

Annie: Is it Kristy, is it KP?

Jen: No, I don’t see a KP on there.

Dina: I saw a KP on there.

Annie: No, but it’s Philabuster KP, that’s what I was curious about.

Jen: No, I don’t think so. Philabuster is an awesome screen name though. I kinda love it.

Annie: Lynn and I are the same people by the way. Lynn is my people.


Jen: Yeah, but we… That word is definitely your first thought, but it’s supposed to be like a little innuendo.

Annie: What’s the last line of it? Okay, so you get hot.

Jen: I often have a lot of guys inside of me.

Dina: Yeah, I think fire truck sounds right. I was gonna say, “Ice-cream Truck,” but.

Annie: Oh, it could be because you want it when you’re hot.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Yes.

Dina: And I was thinking little guys like the little Popsicle.

Jen: Wait, guys are popsicles? That makes no sense. There’s the ice cream man in the ice cream truck.

Annie: Yes.

Dina: Yes.

Jen: But that’s only one guy, so I think it’s gonna be a firetruck too.

Dina: I think you’re right.

Jen: Let’s look at the answers. It is, it’s definitely a firetruck.

Annie: Lynn.

Jen: Lynn says “Porn truck.” Everything is porn with this woman. Everything is porn with her.

Porn for Moms with Dirty Minds

Dina: Is Lynn horny? Lynn, are you horny?

Jen: I don’t know.

Annie: Do you guys ever listen to Elvis Duran in the “Morning Show?”

Dina: Sometimes.

Jen: No.

Annie: Okay, so they have a game on there. It’s a morning show, they’re based in New York, but they’re syndicated all over the country and they have a game that they play with their listeners. And it’s called, The Answer is Always Meat. And they’ll ask you, like, “The color of the sky “When it is sunny out.” And people will go, “Blue.” And they’ll go, “No, the answer is always meat.” It doesn’t matter what the question is, the answer is always meat. Lynn’s answer is always, always porn.

Dina: Always porn.

Jen: Always.

Annie: Doesn’t matter what the question is, Lynn’s answer is porn.

Dina: That’s right.

Jen: It’s always porn. Yeah. You know, we have this video called, “Porn for Moms” that we made in Dina’s house, by the way. And it’s basically really hot model guys doing chores. But Twitter sent me…

Annie: Like laundry?

Dina: Oh yeah. You see a guy spraying himself. With the…

Jen: He spreads himself down, up, he does the dishes with no shirt on. You can see muscles.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Yeah, that was just like one day I had that idea and I said, “This video has to be made, we have to do it.” Like, “I don’t care.” No, one’s paying us to make this. I just, I feel like women of the world need this video. And so we put out a casting call.

Dina: But we spoke about last week, there was one scene where the guy’s doing the squeegee–

Jen: In the bathroom.

Dina: I wanna tell that story I love that story.

Jen: All right, go ahead.

Dina: And the actor, like didn’t wanna get his underwear wet. So he did it like, you know, with nothing on. And Jen was directing, she had to leave the bathroom. It was recorded from the waist up.

Jen: Right, right, right.

Dina: But she was like, “No way.” So we sent her replacement in there.

Full Monty

Jen: He really didn’t wanna get his underwear wet And then I was like, “We could give you, like, “We’re acting this out, we could get you some “of her husband’s shorts.”

Dina: No, he just wanted to go full Monty.

Annie: Dina, you stayed in the bathroom though?

Dina: No, it wasn’t my job to be in the bathroom.

Jen: No, I was directing, so I was supposed to be directing and I came out and I was like, “Someone has to do it. Someone else has to do this.”

Dina: And then our friend was like, “I’ll do it.” And she went right in there.

Jen: Yeah, she was just like, well she was like a producer person who’s directed before. So she just went in and she was fine. ‘Cause, she’s like one of these women that never, nothing embarrasses her.

Annie: I mean she was just a professional.

Jen: She was, I on the other hand have not been in a small bathroom with a very good-looking naked man. I’ve been married for a long time.

Annie: Lynn is like, “And you say I’m obsessed with porn?”

Jen: I’ve been married since 2003, right? Yeah. So yeah. Babs says “He was a Method actor.” This was a few years ago and then just like during the pandemic, I think, oh, I was watching some stupid infomercial and he popped on the screen, but totally clothed now, like being an infomercial guy, a totally different kind of thing. And so I took a picture of my TV screen and texted it to Dina right away.

Annie: Oh my God. That’s hilarious.

Dina: Yes.

Hot Guys

Jen: Yeah. So making that video was so fun. Wow, I think we should do one more before we do just to let everybody know if you’re just joining in, I’ll have to answer this. Was he hot? It’s never the hot guys that do that. He was.

Dina: He was hot.

Jen: He was very hot, in fact, Dina, he was an underwear model for what company was it?

Dina: I don’t remember.

Jen: I think Calvin Klein or something, I don’t know.

Dina: He was hot.

Jen: He was on billboards.

Dina: He was the hottest guy we had in the whole video.

Jen: Yes and he had to get naked, so–

Dina: He looked like the ringer.

Jen: He was adorable.

Jen: You know– Go watch, “Porn for Moms” and you’ll see.

Annie: You know, we… I did a little, Hey Melissa.

Jen: Hey Melissa Ann Flannery.

D*ck Pics

Annie: I did a little happy hour last night with some of our Piper Lou Who’s. And we got into the conversation of certain pictures that gentlemen seem to like to send the single girls. You know? I don’t wanna get you in trouble. ‘Cause, you’re very sensitive to what some of the things that I say. So I’m trying to like, you know, keep it clean. But you know, so one of the girls who was single, who was on the happy hour, showed the picture that she had received. I have never–

Jen: She showed it? On Facebook Live?

Annie: No, no, this was not Facebook Live this was a Zoom call. This was a happy hour that we just do a small little happy hour with a group of people. But she showed the picture like she held her phone up to the camera and we all got to see it. Dirty minds!

Jen: Was it good or bad?

Annie: It was not good. Whoever told this man that he should be proud of what he’s got down there, did a disservice to the rest of the women of the world because now he feels compelled to share it with the world. And it was very,

Jen: You know, but of course, I had to…

Annie: Oh look, KP is here, April is here. Hey, you guys.

Jen: Yeah, welcome people joining in, we’re playing MOM GAMES where you can play along in the comments and win something from Piper Lou. We were just talking about men with dirty minds, sending pictures of their nether regions. They don’t just do it to single women, Annie, they do it to anybody on the internet. I don’t get them often as a married woman. But I get them.

Dina: Do you? I never get them. Is there something wrong with me?

Annie: Why are you not sharing them with Dina when you get them?

Dina: All right Dina, next time.

Dina: I don’t wanna see them. I’m just wondering why I don’t get any that’s all.

Jen: I don’t know why it’s just–

Dina: It’s the gray hair, it’s the gray hair. That’s what it is.

Annie: You are girl, hot, girl, you are hot.

Jen: You are hot I’m telling you you’re hot.

Dina: Babs says, “My ex-son-in-law accidentally put his picture on my laptop.”

Annie: Ooh.

Jen: Oh my God.

Dina: Oh no, no.

Jen: That is so awesome.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Annie: And so Melissa commenting that “The strawberry “ice cream will never be the same “because I received one that looked “like a strawberry ice cream cone.” It was not–

Jen: Ew. Is there something wrong like–

Annie: It was all very pink on the top. And it was on Instagram. So when you get a picture on Instagram from someone you don’t know, Instagram has it completely blocked out. And they’re like, “Are you sure you wanna see it?” And you have to click on it and it will still be blurred. They’re like, “Are you sure you wanna see this picture “from a random stranger?” And you have to click again, so they give you two opportunities to back out of this. No, I’m all in. I’m like, yep. Yep, yep. And I was like, “No.” It was pink on the top and it looked like a strawberry ice cream cone and none of us can eat strawberry ice cream cones now.

Jen: No, it’d be one thing if it was vanilla or chocolate, but strawberry means something was wrong with it.

Annie: I mean he needed to go to the doctor for sure.

Jen: Yeah. Yeah. Whatever.

Annie: Yeah.

Jen. Crazy man. Crazy man. Okay. Let’s do one more of these dirty minds riddles and you guys can join and somebody is gonna win something from Piper Lou. Let me find one. There are 21 on this page. So I can pick.

Dina: I’m gonna have nightmares about this dick pic thing I think. I’m traumatized over here.

Annie: We all are. We all are. No one wants to see it.

Jen: No, I don’t even. Even that hot guy in the shower. I wasn’t particularly wanting him to send me one.

Dina: No.

Annie: No.

Annie: You didn’t even wanna see it when it was live and in person.

Jen: Right. That was too much, I couldn’t be in the room with–

Annie: Forget him sending you a picture. You didn’t even wanna see when it’s right there in your face.

Jen: No.

Dina: Oh my God.

A Clean One

Jen: No, I can’t do that. I can’t do it anymore. Okay, here’s the riddle, I have been taught to come on command. I want your bone.

Dina: Oh.

Jen: I like to chase–

Dina: Come on

Jen: To chase pussy. That one is so easy.

Dina: Do another one.

Jen: All right. Do another one, obviously, that’s a dog.

Dina: That’s a dog.

Jen: That’s a dog

Annie: Oh, Mary’s got it, Mary’s like, “No, we’re staying clean here, it’s a dog.” It’s a dog.

Jen: It’s totally a dog.

Jen: Mary, you are correct.

More Dirty Minds

Jen: Okay, here’s one. After you turn me on, I get hot. I’m of no use until you screw me. If I’m not in tight, I could fall out.

Annie: I’m of no use until I get hot.

Jen: Do you have to something about screwing, wait, I’m of no use until you screw me.

Dina: Oh.

Annie: Oh.

Annie: Melissa, “Light bulb.”

Jen: Melissa, I think that must be it. Does anybody have anything else? Lynn’s saying “The Live keeps cutting out.” That’s weird. I don’t know about that, Lynn. Okay. Water faucet. We’ve got a water faucet.

Annie: Read it one more time. Read it one more time. I take a few tries to like work myself through this.

Jen: After you turn me on I get hot, I’m of no use until you screw me. If I’m not in tight, I could fall out.

Annie: Oh, a light bulb is actually a really good answer.

Jen: I think that’s gotta be it. Let’s check our answers. Okay.

Annie: Melissa you are so smart.

Jen: Number 14. It is. It’s a light bulb.

Annie: Yeah.

Jen: I wish we had like a light bulb emoji.

Annie: Ding. Oh, I kinda have one over my head.

Jen: You do. That’s it There’s your light bulb. Annie’s got a light bulb. That was great, you guys.

Dina: Can we do one more? I wanna do one more. Can we do one more?

A Hard One

Jen: Totally, totally. One more. You know, keep answering here in the comments. ‘Cause somebody’s gonna win something awesome from Piper Lou. I come with a large pair. Part of me is always hard. I’m an expensive piece of tail.

Annie: I can’t even come up with the right answers because my brain just goes automatically to the wrong answers.

Dina: Read it again.

Jen: Okay. I come with a large pair. Part of me is always hard. I’m an expensive piece of tail. What could that be? Piece of tail. What has a tail? Like animals have tails. Kites have tails, Expensive piece of tail.

Dina: I am clueless. April, “So many wrong answers.”

Annie: So many possible wrong answers.

Jen: So many good, funny answers.

Dina: I’m stumped.

Jen: Are we stumped?

Annie: Hold on, read it one more time. Read it one more time.

Jen: Okay, I keep losing. Okay. I come with a large pair, part of me is always hard. I’m an expensive piece of tail. Oh, Melissa.

Dina: Oh.

Jen: Oh, it could be it, when you get you, do you get– I come with a large pair, of claws.

Annie: Of claws.

Jen: Part of me is always hard and I’m an expensive piece of tail. I think it’s, Shannon’s, Gigolo. Gigolo Shannon says, “Gigolo.” Bike. Someone says, “bike.” I don’t know, bike has a pair of wheels. It’s hard, but I don’t know about the tail part.

Clean Minds and Dirty Minds

Annie: Wow. Melissa has a clean mind. And I sadly do not have a clean mind.

Jen: No. Okay. It’s gotta be lobster. Let’s see. It’s lobster. It’s lobster.

Dina: Wow.

Annie: I could never have gotten that

Dina: Oh, Melissa for the win. That question alone deserves a prize.

Jen: Totally. Yep. Melissa DM me your address. So we can get it over to Piper Lou and they can send you something.

Annie: You know, Melissa, she was on the list of names that you sent me this week.

Jen: Melissa, you already won.

Annie: Melissa is a rockstar.

Jen: You’re a rockstar, I’ll send you something anyway, Melissa, but we’re gonna pick somebody else that’ll win from tonight.

Annie: Lynn, “My ex popped into my head.”

Jen: Oh my, there’s a pair of someone’s, always hard and…

Dina: He’s expensive.

Annie: He’s expensive

Piper Lou Winners

Jen: Yeah. For real, for real. Okay. So we’re gonna go through, I’m gonna pick somebody to win. After this head over to piperlou.com and check it out if you haven’t and use coupon code MOMCAVE for Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Annie here is the face of Piper Lou, and you can follow her on all the places. Plus all the socials. Definitely check out TikTok because it’s funny, funny, funny. And I’m Jen and this is Dina and we’re from MomCave. We do this MOM GAMES every Wednesday night, except we’re gonna skip next Wednesday night, ’cause I’m going on a vacation.

Annie: Where are you going?

Jen: I’m going on a cruise.

Annie: Ooh, where you going?

Jen: Just to the Bahamas. Just to the Bahamas, nothing too special, but I’m gonna be in the sun. And I have a Piper Lou hat I’m gonna wear.

Dina: I’m so jealous. I’m so jealous. 27 degrees today. Woo

Jen: I know it’s so cold I’m freezing my arse off.

Annie: It’s chilly here in Florida though, so. April, “I’ll have to check out that Piper Lou site.” April is a very loyal Piper Lou Who.

Jen: Melissa, “You just got back from a cruise. “I wanna hear about your cruise DM me about that.” Okay. So you guys not next Wednesday, but the following Wednesday, we’ll be back here, around the same time, 8:15. We’ll think of some dirty drinking game to play and you can join in. Thank you so much for being our guests this week Annie.

Annie: Thank you.

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