Tips for Halloween When It’s Not Your Thing

I have never liked Halloween. I don’t know if it’s because we never really celebrated it with my family when I was little or because I don’t like spooky and scary things. But now that I have kids I hate it even more. Tips for Halloween are required since I’m not a “Halloween Person.” I hate the competition amongst parents on whose kids have the best costume or who has the best house decorations. Even more, I hate the sugar rush […]

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On Halloween, This Mom was Hung Like a Dino

I used to be sexy on Halloween. Not Basic Sexy, like “sexy nurse” or “sexy mouse”, but Creative Sexy. At least I thought so. Instead of Little Orphan Annie I would be “Little WHOREphan Annie,” showing a lot of leg and whatever cleavage I could muster. One year I was “White Trash”, dressed in a short tight white dress with white garbage-like tissues and styrofoam cups and un-used tampons pasted all over it. You get the idea: something clever and/or […]

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Moms and Kids

Step away from Pinterest. Don’t even look at your Instagram. Slacker Mom is here, ready to save your ass again, with last-minute Halloween costumes for moms and kids. If you are too busy raising seemingly feral children to plan ahead for Halloween, don’t worry. So are we! We are a few tried and true last-minute Halloween costume ideas that you can make with things you already have on hand. And the best part–they will cost you next to nothing so […]

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