Creative Parents-Join us!

We’re always looking for like-minded parents to join us as contributors, guest bloggers, or live show guests.

Get in touch at momcavetv (at) gmail (dot) com.

Guest Post Guidelines:

Can be original or republications from your own blog. We specialize in humor.

Specific searches:

We’d love to find a mama who is currently pregnant to do some humorous pregnancy vlogs. We can edit them if you can shoot them.

Contributor Guidelines:

-Submit one blog post per month. We’ll give you a WordPress login and you can prepare your post there. Add at least one photo (This must be something you have the right to use. If you have trouble finding a photo, we can help.) Mark the blog as “pending” and we’ll publish it on schedule. We specialize in humor. You can pitch ideas for topics and we’ll also share lists of ideas with you. In the unlikely event that we don’t feel like a particular piece is a good fit for our audience, we’ll help you tweak it or find another place to submit it. But most of the time it will be an awesome fit! And we’ll be so grateful, we’ll share the crap out of it.

-Be occasionally available to attend blogger events in your area and write a short blurb about the event for the blog, with a few photos. Any goodies or benefits from the event are yours to keep.

-Join us as a guest on MomCave LIVE every so often. We’ll send out invites when we have an open spot and you can let me know if you are free.

Here’s what we can offer:

-A photo and bio on our contributors’ page with links to your blog and social media accounts.

-A bio underneath each of the pieces you write for us with links to your blog and social media accounts.

-We’ll tag you and your blog when we share your content

-We’ll share invitations to blogger events in your area that might be fun, a chance to network, and grab some swag

-Sponsored post opportunities as they arise.

-Opportunities to appear in some of our scripted videos (if you would like)