Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Moms and Kids

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Step away from Pinterest. Don’t even look at your Instagram. Slacker Mom is here, ready to save your ass again, with last-minute Halloween costumes for moms and kids.

If you are too busy raising seemingly feral children to plan ahead for Halloween, don’t worry. So are we! We are a few tried and true last-minute Halloween costume ideas that you can make with things you already have on hand. And the best part–they will cost you next to nothing so you can spend more money on buying Halloween-themed Reese’s cups.

Slacker Mom's Guide To Halloween Last minute Halloween costumes for moms

In this episode of our Slacker Mom’s Guide, the MomCave moms throw together some funny easy cheap Halloween costumes from items they found around the house. If you’re as much as a slacker (procrastinator?) as we are, we’ve got you covered!

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Moms | Slacker Mom’s Guide to Halloween

Do you have more last-minute Halloween costumes for moms or kids? We would love to hear them.

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This video was made by possible by a grant from the town of Dover, VT and the Independent TV & Film Festival.

Last minute halloween costumes Easy Cheap Halloween Costumes Slacker Mom MomCave Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Moms


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