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“Would You Rather?” Fun with Meredith, Dina and Jen

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Jen: I’m Jen from MomCave and this is MOM GAMES, which is an interactive broadcast where you get to play…. essentially drinking games with us. Drink or not, that’s up to you, but we’re gonna do it and we’re gonna play. What are we playing today? “Would You Rather?” with our buddy, the very hilarious, the very awesome, the very wonderful, the very…… (The face you’re making is kind of like a beaver, right now) Beaver-faced, Meredith from “That’s Inappropriate.” Hey, Meredith.

Meredith: Hello.

Jen: Hello. How are you today?

Meredith: I’m wonderful, are you ladies doing wonderfully?

Jen: Just wonderful as one can be during the holiday season and a pandemic and all that other shit that’s going on.

Jen: Meredith, before we start playing, tell everybody about this awesome thing that you’re doing, this tour situation.

Meredith: So the tour is a lot of fun. It is my friends and me, Tiffany Jenkins, myself, and Dena Blizzard. We got together during the pandemic and wrote a show, and it’s wonderful. We’ve been having a blast traveling the country. And it’s basically a journey through motherhood because we touch on all of the aspects because Tiffany’s got little kids, I’ve got the middle kids and Dena’s got the grown and flown. And so it’s a little, it’s sort of like a hybrid between standup and a little bit of here… Yeah, like it’s got those theater vibes, but there are full, three full sets of standup in it. Then there’s an entire section of improv. There’s a whole meet-the-audience Q and A, so there’s a lot going on.

Jen: That sounds like a ton of fun. It’s going to a lot of places and I’m gonna try to come to see you, I think in March the next time. The next time you’re in the city.

Would You Rather? | Meredith Masony | MOM GAMES Sponsored by Piper Lou

Meredith: Okay.

How To Play

Jen: So this is MOM GAMES, sponsored by Piper Lou. If you don’t know Piper Lou, check out PiperLou.com. I have a coupon code for unlimited buy one get one free– MOMCAVE, but whoever plays this game with us and is the craziest person is going to win something from it. So the game we’re gonna play is “Would You Rather?” You’re familiar with that, right?

Meredith: I think so, yes.

Jen: I mean, it’s our kinda game, you guys, you don’t need anything to do it and you just drink and talk basically. So we’ll say like, “Would You Rather?”, and we’ll each say a thing and then we’ll make the other ones pick which of the two things they would rather do. That’s it. Okay. I’m assuming I should start because you’re both staring at me, like something’s, I don’t know, I’m weird, okay. Dina, you’re just like….. what is happening this week?

Meredith: It’s all good.

Jen: Now I lost my earbud. Okay. All right, I’m going to start then. So people playing along on the comments, just you comment and you tell us what YOU would rather when we say the two things, or you could also give us, a “you rather” to choose from, okay? So the first one is Dina and Meredith, would you rather: sleep in a room with a bat flying around all night OR chaperone your kid’s class trip by yourself?

Meredith Masony: Bat, I’ll take the bat.

Jen: That’s I would too. Like you can hide from the bat, you can put the blankets on your head.

Dina: Nah.

Meredith Masony I don’t know, rabies? Rabies is tough. You have to get like 75 shots if you get rabies.

When The Hospital Sounds Like Vacation

Jen: Well, that’s another, would you rather like, would you rather get 75 shots OR chaperone at a field trip.

Dina: Chaperone on the field trip.

Jen: Really?

Dina: Yeah.

Meredith Masony: I don’t know if you get rabies, do you get to stay in the hospital for a couple of days?

Dina: That’s something to consider.

Jen: Hope so. Yeah. That would be, I mean, only a mom would say that. That happened when I had pneumonia once and the guy breaking it to me was like, “Ma’am,” (he was young) “I’m really sorry. You’re going to have to stay here for a while.”

And I was like, “Yes!” I was like, “Dude, that’s the only way I’m getting better.”

Meredith Masony: Yes. I agree. Yeah.

Jen: We have a comment. Someone would rather embarrass their kid on the field trip. Hmm, that part could be fun. Monica Goldman says chaperones can have shots while chaperoning. I don’t, I think that’s frowned upon, Monica. I think so. Dina, do you have a “Would You Rather?” for us?

Dina: Yeah, would you rather have sex with your husband or clean the bathroom?

Jen: Oh, Dina. We can’t answer that because all our husbands are watching,

Dina: So?

Jen: You don’t care?

Dina: No.

Jen: And you’re beyond that.

Dina: I don’t give a shit.

Jen: I mean, as long as we’re not fighting or anything, I’d rather have sex than clean a bathroom, yeah.

Dina: Okay.

Jen: Yeah, how about you Meredith?

Meredith Masony: I, yeah. Abs- any day of the week over the bathroom, for sure. I don’t even care if we’re fighting, we don’t have to talk to each other. We don’t have to look at each other.

Jen: You can have angry sex, that’s hot too.

Meredith Masony: I’m just saying you don’t, have you seen like, the bathroom, like it’s gross.

Jen: I thought you’re gonna say, “Have you seen my husband?” And I was like, Meredith!

Meredith Masony: No, that’s not what I was going to say. I was going to say, “Have you seen my bathroom because every bathroom in my house, some child has pissed all over, so no.”

Dina: That’s gross.

Jen: Yeah. We’re getting a lot of answers of a lot of sex. “What about both simultaneously?” No, no sex in a bathroom in the first place is gross, but sex in a bathroom…

Dina: Have you ever had sex in the bathroom?

Jen: ….Yeah.

Dina: I mean, in a public bathroom?

Jen: Oh no, no, I don’t think, I don’t think a public.

Limelight Memories

Dina: You’ve never gone to a nightclub when you were in your ’20s and had sex in a bathroom?

Jen: No, are you saying you have?

Dina: I’m not saying I never have.

I don’t know.

I don’t know, I don’t remember, actually.

Jen: Always the bad one, okay.

Dina: I just saw a meme recently that said –there’s an old lady walking with someone and she’s saying to the other person, “There was a nightclub and it was in a church!” And you don’t know what I’m talking about? Oh my God.

Jen: Oh, in New York City there was that nightclub.

Dina: Yes, there was a nightclub called the Limelight and it was in a church.

Jen: That’s right, I used to live there. And Meredith’s too young to even know what the hell that that is.

Dina: I think we’re a little older.

Jen: I think we’re a lot older.

Dina: Shut up.

Meredith Mason: I don’t think it’s a lot.

Jen: Speak for yourself.

Dina: You didn’t know the Limelight?

Meredith Masony: I’m not from up north, though.

Dina: Oh, okay.

Meredith Masony: I’m from Florida.

Jen: What club did old people in Florida used to go to?

Meredith: Well, they live in The Villages and nightclubs are in The Villages.

Jen: Those older people in those villages!

Meredith Masony: Look, The Villages get down.

Jen: My husband wants to The Villages, he already told me when we get older-

Meredith Masony: Just make sure you’ve got a lot of antibiotics.

Jen: All right. Yeah. I know, there’s a lot, a lot goes around The Villages, I’ve had heard. Meredith, do you have a “Would You Rather” for everybody?

Two Kinds of Gross

Meredith Masony: Here’s one that really irks the crap out of me.

Jen: Okay.

Meredith Masony: But it could go either way, right? It’s gross, are you ready?

Jen: I’m so ready for grossness, yes.

Meredith Masony: Okay. Would you rather clean up your husband’s toenail clippings-

Jen: Oh, I thought you were gonna say shit, but okay.

Meredith Masony: -that he has shot all over the bathroom.

Jen: Right.

Meredith Masony: Or clean up a kid, who’s woken up in the middle of the night and puked everywhere?

Jen: Oh, bathroom clippings, hands down.

Meredith Masony: Oh, I hate toenails.

Jen: Really?

Dina: It’s not worth that; I hate throw-up.

Jen: Yeah, throw up is so much worse. I feel like the toenails, you can just like sweep them in into a dustpan or just take the vacuum and vacuum them away.

Dina: Yeah.

Meredith Masony: I, guess the vacuum, why am I cleaning them up with my hands, I guess is the real question. Why am I doing that?

Jen: That’s just terrible and gross, use the vacuum.

Meredith Masony: It’s disturbing, the whole thing is disturbing.

Jen: Marriage is disturbing. Marriage and aging are disturbing. Yeah, Danielle Ray says kid puke a hundred percent. And then Megan Mulholland says toenail clipping, for sure. So I think everybody is kind of split on this one.

Meredith Masony: Look, it’s gross, whatever it is. ‘Cause like last night, this, and only one thing happened last night, not the puke, but the toenail clippings. I hear my husband in there and he’s clipping and I hear, damn it, clip, crack, clip. And I’m going, what the hell is he doing in there?

He’s like, “Every time I clip my toenail, one would shoot off.” And I was like, “What are you, what are, first of all, what is happening with your toenails? They shouldn’t be firing off!”

He’s like, “I’m going to invent a toenail clipper that stops them from shooting off.”

And I’m like, “what do your feet, do you need hedge trimmers? Like, what are you doing? It’s disgusting.” And then I’m like, “Well, just clean them up.” And he’s like, “Well, I can’t see them. They’ve shot off into the darkness.” I’m like, “You know what?”

Jen: Turn on the lights, find your damn toenails!”

Dina: You need to get him a gift certificate to a petty manicure shop.

Meredith Masony: He won’t go.

Dina: Why?

Meredith Masony: Because his feet are, it’s unfortunate.

Jen: Mine is afraid of the pedicure.

Dina: Why?

Jen: The scrapy thing bothers, like scares him, like they’re going to cut him. This is why women have the babies it’s ridiculous.

Meredith Masony: I love going and getting my hoofs scrubbed.

Dina: Me too.

Pick Your Tantrum

Would You Rather?, MomCave, Piper Lou, Meredith Masony, toddler tantrum

Jen: Take all the dead skin off, it’s so satisfying. We had somebody that came up with a pretty good “Would you rather?” Jess says, “Would you rather deal with a toddler tantrum or a teenager tantrum?”

Dina: Toddler.

Jen: Definitely, toddler. What do you think, Meredith?

Meredith Masony: My teenage son is standing here, he heard that.

Jen: That is a hard one.

Meredith Masony: It’s not a hard one. I’d take a toddler tantrum any day of the week over the crap that they’re pulling right now.

Jen: Well, the great thing about toddlers is that you can just pick them up and remove them. Like you’re bigger and stronger. And that’s a nice stage. The easy access of removal stage. But once they’re past that, like you’re screwed.

Meredith Masony: Well, this one is bigger than me now. And the other one, I don’t know that she’ll ever get bigger than me, tall. Well, I mean, she, I think she’s going to be a little bit shorter than I am, but the venom that she spits, it’s like a rattlesnake.

Jen: Do you do like, yeah. I feel like mine isn’t even a teenager yet, he’s only 11.

Dina: How old is yours, Meredith? How old is your daughter now?

Meredith Masony: Almost 16 and gonna be 13.

Jen: Oh, she’s gonna be, oh, wait, when she’s really 16?

Meredith Masony:: No, no. I’m only getting into 13. Like we’re just going into 13 and it is, it’s a lot.

Dina: It gets worse.

Meredith Masony:: No, I don’t want to hear it.

Dina: All right I apologize.

Jen: Don’t scare her, like…

Dina: What? Don’t you see all this gray hair? This is because of my 16-year-old.

Meredith Masony: Listen, you can’t really see, look, it’s bad lighting in here, but I can tell you right now before I put these on, I had the gray, the gray gnarly ones were popping up. You can’t see it right now ’cause the lighting is bad in here, but I’ve got a full crown of grays.

Botox Birthdays

Jen: The gray hair starting, it makes you look wise and beautiful. I was telling Dina before we went live that my birthday is in a couple of months. And I’m gonna ask for Botox for my birthday and I’m not joking.

Meredith Masony: Okay.

Jen: ‘Cause I don’t wanna look, I looked so angry all the time. And I think it is ’cause I am angry most of the time, but I could be angry and not LOOK angry at least. That’s what I’m thinking.

Meredith Masony: I have lots of friends that Botox, lots and lots, and lots, it’s definitely a popular thing down south here. I’m sure it is everywhere, but like in Florida, there’s a ton of Botox happening all of the time. I made an appointment for my 40th birthday, which is gonna be two years ago this year, to Botox, everything. I was like, anything that’s alive, freeze it. And my husband called and canceled my appointment.

Jen: Because he loves how you look or because he didn’t want you to spend the money?

Meredith Masony: No, he said there is nothing wrong with the way you look and you need to learn to accept the fact that we’re just, this is we’re aging. And I was like, “I’m a spring chicken. I just need a little touch-up.” And he was like, “No.” He’s like, “Please don’t do it.”

And so respectfully, I said, okay, if it’s something that you know, but like, I totally wanted to. ‘Cause I have tons of, ’cause like my face is my eyebrows are very, like, I guess, I’m expressive, right? And he’s like, “Why would you take everything?” And I said, “Because when it’s sitting here, it just looks like a roadmap.” But he said no, and I was like, okay, all right.

Dina: I think something happens too when you do it a lot like some people can do it and it looks good, but some people do it and then they keep doing it, and then all of a sudden they don’t look real anymore. Like even when it undoes itself, it doesn’t look good.

Meredith Masony: I’m sure there’s a healthy balance, but I think the one thing that I like that he, and I’m not saying that I’ll never do it because this was just, I think there was something in me of like, I’m gonna turn 40 and dah, dah, dah, dah. And it’s like, well, you know, like nothing has fallen off yet, right? Like, I mean, I’m still in relatively good shape. So, but I’m also…. to each their own, like, I don’t care what you do. You want to throw in some tits, you wanna pump up the ass, I don’t care what your business is, man. It’s not, that’s not my business, it’s your business, but.

Jen: Life is short, I think. And you just, whatever makes you happy, as long as you’re not being an asshole to other people. Get your Botox.

Meredith Masony: Yeah, I agree with that.

Piper Lou Merch

Jen: I just wanna quickly shout out that this broadcast, we do it once a week on Wednesday. And it is sponsored by Piper Lou who makes hilarious, crazy things like this, my cup tonight says, “Oh, Balls.”

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Meredith Masony: Nice.

Jen: What do you have, Dina?

Dina: “Because of Elf On The Shelf.”

Because of Elf of the Shelf Tumbler from Piperlou MOMGAMES MomCaveTV
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Jen: Oh, I have a “Would You Rather” about that, in a sec, but yeah, check out PiperLou.com for the shirts, for the cups, for all the stuff. And if you use code MOMCAVE, you get unlimited, buy one, get one free. Yup.

Meredith Masony: Holy cow, that’s a steal of a deal.

Jen: Unlimited. And it’s cheaper than Botox to make you happy. That’s all I’m saying.

Dina: Oh, and you can personalize stuff.

Jen: You can, and they have stuff for all the different like it’s not just mom stuff and it’s not just holiday stuff, but we’re wearing our holiday stuff tonight because that’s coming up. So wait, I had a train of thought and I just totally lost it. It was a, “Would You Rather?” about, remind me what I said, you guys?

Elves and Colonoscopies

Dina: The Elf on the Shelf.

Jen: The Elf on the Shelf, okay. Would you rather get a colonoscopy or keep the Elf on the Shelf, all year long.

Meredith Masony: Colonoscopy! Do you know why, though?

Dina: ‘Cause it’s over?

Meredith Masony: No, they give you that propofol and you have the best nap of your life.

Jen: How long does the nap last?

Meredith Masony: t feels like it’s hours, it’s like 20 minutes because a colonoscopy is fast. Like I, unfortunately, I had a medical thing come up several years ago, and so I’ve had to have both colonoscopies and endoscopies.

I just got cleared for my three- or five-year, which was great because I was like, oh my gosh, this is so wonderful. I don’t have to have both swords coming at me from both ends for a while. Now there’s a visual, but the naps were always the best ’cause you would go out 20 minutes, you’d wake up, you’d be like, I slept for seven years.

You really are out cold. And it is the best nap you could possibly have.

Jen: We could use that so badly. It’s just sad that the things that are like that are bad for you.

Dina: Isn’t that the thing that killed Michael Jackson, though? The propofol?

Meredith Masony: Yes, but I get why he did it.

Jen: He was tired, he had kids.

Meredith Masony: Propofol is, it has to be totally highly addictive because I’m telling you one shot of that, and the best nap of my life, I’d have been back every day. Can I have another?

Jen: More, more, please.

Meredith Masony: More naps, please.

Jen: Carrie says my boys are 18 and 14, and I’m still moving the elf. Oh wow, that’s dedication.

Meredith Masony: That’s a lot of holiday spirit you have there, ma’am.

Jen: That’s years of elf moving. My youngest is six and she knows the elf isn’t real but decided to pretend that it is real. So she, every day is like, mom did the elf move?

Dina: Oh, Lord.

Jen: If I forget to move it, she just does like this. And then she’ll like go away for a minute and wait for me to move it.

Meredith Masony: Yeah. Well, I think there is a subset of people who enjoy the elf adventures, which once again, whatever, you know, float your boat, man. Like I think it’s cool, I like seeing the pictures of the creative things people do with it. I’m just not that mom. So like, class moms, there’s always the pretty cupcake, edible fruit arrangement, moms. And then there’s napkin mom.

Jen: Oh yeah.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: A whole paper plate, mom. I’m a paper plate mom.

Meredith Masony: I’m a napkin mom. And I love to see what the edible arrangement moms do.

Dina: And eat their arrangements.

Meredith Masony: Right, but I don’t want to do make that.

Jen: I’m with you, I’m with you. It’s just, it’s so much, there’s so much to do. Dina, do you have another, “Would You Rather?”

Dina: Ooh, I dunno if I do. I’ll pass, somebody should go.

Jen: Okay, people are giving us some good ones online.

Dina: So let’s do what our friends want.

“Would You Rather?” Gets Personal

Jen: So we have someone who said, let me get that, skeps84 on Instagram– “Would you rather fart loudly in public or have a hot guy check you out with your Monistat cream and tampons at the store?”

Meredith Masony: Okay. First of all, both of those things have happened to me this week alone. So there’s not a “would you rather there” but no, but seriously, I was on a live a couple of weeks ago and I was bracing the people on the live for the fact that I was about to fart. This fart is gonna happen. I was like, I’m talking to you and we’re live now and I’m exercising ’cause I was on the treadmill. I was like huffing away. And I was like, this fart is gonna happen. Then another person came into the gym and then I got really embarrassed ’cause I was like, now I’m gonna fart in front of all of you and this guy. And so I saw him pop his earbuds in and I’m like, I’m gonna have to just let it go.

Jen: Just do it quickly while he has his earbuds.

Meredith Masony: So I let it go. And everybody in the live was like, we couldn’t hear it, I know they heard it. I know the gentleman heard it, it’s fine. We pretended it didn’t happen.

Jen: He didn’t think you were crazy from talking to people on the internet while on a treadmill.

Meredith Masony: I think people think that I’m just talking on the phone, like a FaceTime, so I don’t even make a thing about it anymore. I just talk like I’m talking on FaceTime ’cause that’s really what it is, is a FaceTime with your friends. And then every week when I go to the grocery store and buy my preparation H, somebody checks me out and they’re always like, it’s a weekly occurrence that I’m like, get some more cream for them roids, you know? And you know, I don’t care. You care, I don’t care.

Jen: Meredith, I just remembered this. I think you introduced me to the preparation H wipes.

Meredith Masony: Yes.

Jen: You did. I remember that.

Meredith Masony: They’re a godsend. Yeah. They’re wonderful. That’s a great invention.

Jen: Okay, who else, what else do we have here? Would you rather have sex in a public place or homeschool all of your children?

Dina: Sex in a public place.

Meredith Masony: Public place, for sure.

Dina: I don’t wanna home school them, go, go, go.

Jen: Oh no, that’s just too much. No more homeschooling, I cannot take it anymore.

Dina: Yeah.

Meredith Masony: And how public is really what it comes down to? I don’t know that it would change the answer.

Jen: Like going on a stage and an arena in front of a zillion people, no, but in a park behind some trees to get out of homeschooling, that’s different.

Meredith Masony: Times Square?

Jen: Times Square. You know, there are places you could hide in Times Square, sort of, as long as you’re not in the middle of the Square.

Meredith Masony: What about the middle of the square with the naked cowboy?

Jen: Wait, am I having sex WITH the naked cowboy?

Dina: I’d rather homeschool. Now, he’s so gross.

Jen: He’s so gross.

Jen: I don’t like him.

Dina: He is so gross. He’s like spray tan, like it’s gross, he’s gross.

Meredith Masony: He wasn’t there, I didn’t see him anyway. I was just in the city this past week and I didn’t see him, but I did see, and it was chilly. It was cold, and there were women in bikini tops and thong bottoms with, I love New York on their buttocks, and then like fishnet stockings. And they were just walking around. And of course, Dave was like, “We should walk through the middle just to see what’s going on.” And I was like, “It’s women with their asses hanging out. I don’t, we can see it from here.” And he’s like, “But we should get closer.” And I was like, “All right.”

Jen: Let them deal with your toenail clippings, Dave!

Meredith Masony: So it was, but it was very interesting, it was the first time I had been around people in that capacity since the pandemic, because we have traveled, but we’ve not been anywhere like New York City.

Jen: Yeah, that’s the thing in and of itself.

Meredith Masony: And I was like, I pant, I was panicking for a while because I was like, there are so many people, there are so many. Why are all of these people here? And then it’s like, well, why am I here? Like, this is stupid, you know? But it was a lot. It is a weird feeling.

Jen: Somebody who answers one of these “Would You Rather?” in the comments or gives us a really good one, we’re gonna pick the best one, you’re gonna win something from PiperLou.com, where you can use my coupon code, MomCave for unlimited buy one free, get one free. I know Meredith has to go soon, so we can’t do a lot more, but I’ve got a good one in the comments, you guys.

Meredith Masony: Okay. Let’s hear it.

Puppies By A Landslide

Would you rather live with your in-laws for a year or foster a litter of annoying puppies until you found a home for them?

[All] Puppies.

Jen: Puppies. Yeah. That’s pretty easy.

Meredith Masony: That’s an intense question though because it puts you in a mind-frame real quick to think about a year with your in-laws. Now, some people I hear have really great in-laws.

Jen: I feel like there’s always some kind of tension.

Meredith Masony: I don’t know those people.

Jen: I don’t know if my mother-in-law will watch this. ‘Cause, she does watch things. We do live with them a lot. Like we live with them for months out of the year, we Airbnb our house. ‘Cause we live in like a resort area and we’ll leave our house and go live with in-laws last summer, three months and go in this weekend, we go on the weekends and if they’re watching, they know I love them, but I think I need my own privacy and I would rather have puppies and like just be in my own place and not feel like somebody could be judging if I do something wrong or whatever, you know?

Meredith Masony: Well, it’s hard with the kids too, right?

Jen: It’s all about the kids.

Meredith Masony: But it’s true like, my in-laws would not want us to live with them with three grown, almost grown, like they’re large, they’re not small children anymore, either, they’re large children. So like my mother-in-law came to stay at my house this past weekend while Dave and I were in the city. And it’s a lot for just them to just deal with them for three days because they’re not little kids anymore. They’re not gonna listen to you just because you have some type of authority anymore, because they’re almost 16, almost 13, and 11. And she’s like, they talk back and I said, they do.

Jen: Totally, sure do.

Meredith Masony: And she’s like, they’ve changed. And I don’t know how I feel about it. And I said, well, you’re preaching to the choir because I live with it. Like I understand, I was like, and if they’re rude or nasty, or anything, they’re gonna get what’s coming to them. But when she says they talk back, she means like, like the sarcastic banter that they do these days, right? You know, like that a kid doesn’t necessarily know where the line is for what’s appropriate or not. They test the waters and she was like, they talked back. I asked them though, I was like, what exactly was said? And after I heard the conversation, I was like, that’s just normal teenage angsty behavior, but it’s a lot when you’re not used to it and you’re not around it.

Jen: And it’s a lot just like, I think that you have your way of doing things and they have their way of doing things, and neither of them is right or wrong. But like, it’s just I’m… I don’t like having people in my everyday routines.

Meredith Masony: Well, and that’s the other thing too, is you have to understand the kids have a routine too, right? Like they know when they get up for school, they know when they have to be at the bus stop, they know when they’re gonna come home, they know that they have to do their homework first and then they can do this, and then they can do that. And so it’s just a matter of, you know, figuring all of that out. So it’s not easy, but you know, all in all, my in-laws, they watch the kids for us, if we wanna go away or if I’m working and you know, Dave has to do something, they’ll help with the kids, but it’s like, nobody wants to, I don’t want to live with us.

Jen: I think they don’t want like, and I love them, and I’m so grateful that we get to do that because we get to, like bring in this income from going to stay with them. But I think that if we were like, we’re gonna do this permanently, they wouldn’t want that. The mess, the loudness, crazy pants, crazy pants, okay. We’re getting all kinds of great comments about this. I had just. Dina, we need to show off our Piper Lou shirts real quick. What do you have on?

Dina: Resting Grinch Face, yes.

Jen: And I have, well, my cup and my shirt matches. So I have my Oh Balls Shirt, but I didn’t know how much we were gonna need to drink, so I have two cups. I also have my empty The Shitter’s Full Christmas Vacation.


Meredith Masony: I also have on a Christmas shirt.

Jen: You hate people. Yes. Well, that’s how we feel sometimes, a lot of times.

Dina: When you go Christmas shopping, yeah.

Meredith Masony: ‘Tis the season.

Jen: Totally. Let’s oh, speaking of that, anybody watching has like a line on a Barbie dream house, like a used one, because I just learned the Barbie dream house is 200 freaking dollars. That’s for a piece of plastic. I’m looking for a used one.

Meredith Masony: Are you just now starting your Christmas shopping?

Jen: Do you know me at all?

Meredith Masony: What is happening here?

Jen: I can’t keep up with life. That’s what’s happening. I’m just way too disorganized.

Meredith Masony: Listen, I finished, like a couple of weeks ago and well, but here’s the other thing, I’m not gloating ’cause you know, what’s about to happen? Friday, I’m gonna open all the shit that I bought and realize I forgot half the shit that I thought I was gonna order that I didn’t buy. I haven’t opened anything yet. Like I just have boxes stacked and I haven’t opened it. So I don’t even know like it’s a guess what I purchased when I was drinking on the couch. It’s like, it’s a guessing, it’s a fun game I play, a week before Christmas.

Jen: Dina knows, I did once accidentally buy tickets on a cruise drunkenly at night, forgot about it till I got the confirmation email.

Meredith Masony: For a full vacation?

Jen: Yep. I did. It was during the pandemic. And I was really like in the beginning when we thought, when we didn’t know how horrible, but I was really depressed and tired of being in the house. And I was like, you know what? Cruises must be really cheap right now. ‘Cause nobody wants to go on a cruise with coronavirus.

Meredith Masony: Right, that makes sense.

Jen: And I booked like one for us for the tiniest bit of money and we’re going on it next month, so.

Meredith Masony: That’s nice, I bought a life-size Connect Four game, drunk one night.

Jen: Those are fun?

Meredith Masony: It is.

Meredith’s Winesdays

Jen: Those are very fun, that’s a cool game. We have Monica hasn’t started yet either, okay. So I think we know that Meredith, you have another pressing live engagement because that’s the lady you are, so.

Meredith Masony: Well, I wouldn’t say it’s pressing, but yes, I go live on Wednesday nights.

Jen: Cool, is it Winesday?

Meredith Masony: It is Winesday. So tonight we’re really excited though because all of the stars collected in tonight’s live feed is going to go to the relief fund for the families that just got hit by those tornadoes. I just keep reading these stories that are coming out of that area and it’s so heartbreaking. And so we don’t, we only do stars once a week on Winesdays. And I usually give away free merch and, you know, and then we do like a fun game with the stars.

But tonight, I’m just gonna tell everybody anything that they bring in, and then I’ll match it. Then we’ll donate it because I just, I can’t, I mean, I can’t imagine what they’re going through and this, every story it’s just, it’s getting more heart-wrenching as we read. So I was sitting there wracking my brain and I was like, well, maybe I can motivate some people to donate. And if so, we’ll, you know, get it over into the fund, but.

Jen: That’s awesome.

Dina: It’s really unbelievable how hard it is.

Jen: That’ll has to head on over and check that out, you guys. So if you don’t know, Meredith she’s, That’s Inappropriate on all the places and she is inappropriate and lovely. And there’s the, my name is not mom tour that you all should look at and check out. And I’m Jen, and this is Dina. My, which way are you? There you go. The other lady, in the Piper Lou shirt is Dina, we’re from MomCave.

We do Mom Games once a week, where we play these games and basically just talk and get to be silly. We give away stuff from Piper Lou. And if you go to PiperLou.com and use my code, MomCave, you get unlimited, buy one, get one free on all the things, all the things, I have a Welcome to the Shit Show mug. They have so many fun things, so check it out. Meredith, thank you for doing this live with us and playing with us. And I hope…

Of course. I hope lots of people donate tonight and we get to see you in person soon and stop all of this.

Meredith Masony: Yeah. Well, as we said, any show you ladies want to come to, you let us know.

Dina: All right, we will be there. I’m coming to Red Bank in January with Kathy.

Meredith Masony: Good, okay, with Kathy?

Dina: Yeah.

Meredith Masony: Awesome.

Jen: That’s when I’ll be on my cruise, that same week.

Meredith Masony: Oh, that’s why you’re not going to Red Bank, got it. I knew I saw something in the chat about the cruise, but then I couldn’t remember.

Jen: Yeah.

Meredith Masony: I got it now. Now, it makes sense.

Jen: Someone called us milfs on Instagram and that’s amazing. And Paige Frather, what was the link for Piper Lou? Is Piper, P-I-P-E-R, Lou, L-O-U.com like PiperLou.com and go ahead and over to Meredith’s thing and give stars, and help all of the people. Thank you, guys.

Meredith Masony: All right, guys, I’ll see you later.

Good night, I’m pushing the stop.

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