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worlds worst mom lenore free range kids momcave Our live show guest this week is Lenore Skenazy, a New York City native and mother of two. She was called the world’s worst mom in the press after writing a column for the NY Sun where she revealed that she let her then 9 year old son ride the subway alone. She was accused of child abuse and just plain insanity. She is the author of Free Range Kids and the star of a new TV show on Discovery Life called “World’s Worst Mom” (I covered the premiere for Lady & the Blog here.)Live Twitter Party during the show using #MRRMCTV. Send us your questions and comments! We’ll have a giveaway of ice cream from Adirondack Creamery.  

World’s Worst Mom on MomCave LIVE

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world's worst mom momcave free range kids

World’s Worst Mom Premiere

Adirondack Creamery Ice Cream Giveaway


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