WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY 3/21 Rocking Acceptance

World Down Syndrome Day Sock Graphic

Hello World!  March 21st is WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY.

My daughter, Belle, was diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome.  
Down Syndrome (NOT DOWNS) is a common genetic condition that occurs when there are 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. (T21) And so, World Down Syndrome Day is 3/21. (See what they did there?)

What YOU Can Do on World Down Syndrome Day 2019

I have four kids total and the adventure that I have been on with Miss B has been amazing! She literally changed my life.

I invite you to learn more about Down Syndrome and everything that our kiddos are capable of. Don’t ever count them out or down or fence them in. It may take us a little longer to get there, but the journey is worth it.

For those of you who do not know a lot about Down Syndrome, the base diagnosis is an umbrella. Under each umbrella, you are going to find something different. Sure, the physical traits of the classic facial features, Sandal Foot, and developmental delays are pretty much something that all persons with Down Syndrome have. But this condition can’t be cookie cutter-ed. All of these kids are special but let me just quickly break it down for you. These kids are smart! With early intervention therapies and a LOT of patience, persons with Down Syndrome can grow to live normal lives, working and contributing to the community.

But there is one MYTH I would love to blow wide open. Persons with Down Syndrome are NOT happy all the time. In fact, they can be as moody and stubborn as you were as a teenager. Throw in any sort of communication issue and you are in for a banger of a day. Here is proof of my sweet angel on picture day:

World Down Syndrome Day MomCave

The one thing that I personally ask – whether you know a person with Down Syndrome or not, is that you show your support! On World Down Syndrome day, March 21st, here are some things you can do to celebrate those rocking the extra chromosome:

  1. Do something Xtra- Buy someone a coffee, pay the toll of the car behind you.
  2. Rock some CRAZY Socks! Blue and Yellow are the Colors of Down Syndrome.
  3. Support persons with disabilities by employing them, training them, allowing them to work and succeed. (I have a lot more to say on this. But we will leave that for another time.)



World Down Syndrome Day Sock Graphic

To hear my journey so far, here is an interview from October 2018: 

World Down Syndrome Day MomCave

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