World Breastfeeding Week Video | MomCave LIVE “Breastfeeding Woes as Told By Men”

breastfeeding woes as told by men world breastfeeding week

World Breastfeeding Week Video Alert! This week’s MomCave LIVE is a special episode for World Breastfeeding Week and Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

This week we released a brand new episode of Double Leche, our web series about the awkward and funny moments in breastfeeding. The episode was called “Breastfeeding Woes as Told By Men.” (scroll down to see it!)

On this week’s LIVE show, we’ll meet the mama/director and some of the actors in the video as we talk about OUR breastfeeding woes. And maybe play a funny game to find out how much a couple of DUDES know about breastfeeding. 

Tweet us at @MomCaveTV with your breastfeeding stories and any questions you have for the actors.

MomCave LIVE with the cast of “Breastfeeding Woes as Told by MEN”

And watch “Breastfeeding Woes as Told by MEN”



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