We’re Nominated for Best Comedy Duo in the Whohaha Female Comedy Awards!

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My oldest screamed, “You’re the worst mom EVER!” when I wouldn’t allow him to play a video game. His baby sister, still just trying to grasp the English language, imitated him and started just screaming, “EVER! EVER! EVER!” It was hours until bedtime and I had miles to go… as they say. So I sent them outside to play. (or to scream. Their choice.) And I took a moment to check my phone. There was an email from one of my favorite websites, WhoHaha, always good for a belly laugh.

To my surprise, MomCave (meaning my mama-partner in crime, Dina, and I) had been nominated for Best Comedy Duo in the WhoHaha Female Comedy Awards. What the what?? Who knew commiserating over tantrums and laundry piles would be considered comedy? Anywho, (who should I say, “AnywhoHaHa?) we’re honored to be nominated. Maybe they liked our late-night talk show for moms, In the MomCave with Jen & Dina. Or maybe they just liked our various Facebook lives. Either way, we are psyched.

And now the voting is open to the entire internet. So you guys, WE NEED YOU! Please do us a favor and vote for us by visiting this link:  http://whohaha.com/awards/vote/

Scroll on down to Favorite Comedic Duo/Group (see our photo there!) and click on “VOTE” beneath our category.

What happens if we win the Whohaha Awards? We have no idea. But at least when our kids tell us we’re the worst moms ever, we can say to ourselves,  “Yeah. But we win comedy awards.”

In the MomCave with Jen & Dina


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