What We Can All Learn From Sid the Science Kid’s Mom

What moms can learn from Sid the Science Kid's Mom Alice, cartoon of Sid the Science Kids' mom on white background

Sometimes being a mom feels like more of an art than a science—and other times, it feels like
you need a doctorate just to know what you’re doing! Fortunately, there’s no chemical formula to being a perfect mom, and if there is, the kids would probably have gotten into it, smeared it all over the walls, and tried to eat half of it. Then they’d ask you why it was such a bad thing, and you’d find yourself explaining—for what must be the umpteenth time today—why they should avoid a certain behavior.

Sid the Science Kid’s mom, Alice Williams, sure seems to make it look easy, doesn’t she? She’s always so well put-together, endlessly patient with Sid’s endless stream of questions, and she’s so confident in herself that it inspires her son to explore the world around them. If only we could all do it so well!

The good news is, like Sid himself, we have plenty we can learn from Sid’s mom Alice. Whether it’s being a little more patient or taking the time to appreciate the things around us or stopping to understand how the world works and see it in a new way, Alice Williams has something she can teach us all. Here are a few of the best life lessons from Sid the Science Kid’s mom!

Always Time for Questions

Sid has questions. So many questions. There’s never an end to them! But that’s the point, isn’t it? Kids are here to learn, and as moms, it’s our job to encourage them to get out there and find the answers. Sometimes this means we show them the way, and sometimes it means we point them in the right direction and let their little brains soak up as much knowledge as they can.

Sure, it gets them out of your hair for a little while, but more important, it’s beneficial for the kids.

In fact, some studies show cultivating curiosity in children, which is different from just memorizing facts, has a host of lifelong benefits.

Studies show children who are curious exhibit greater mathematical and literacy skills than those who aren’t so fond of information. Later in life, the ones who crave knowledge and follow their curiosity are shown to have happier, more fulfilling lives, including their working lives.

Neil deGrasse Tyson famously said that during early childhood, we teach our kids to walk and talk, and then start telling them to sit down and shut up. Not so with Sid’s mom, Alice! Not only is she there to encourage Sid’s scientific curiosity, but she’s also assisting with the quest using her computer to look up the answers, or at least help Sid discover a little more about the subject, and then he’ll pursue more answers at school on his own.

With the studies indicating how helpful it is to our brain health to be curious, Alice Williams teaches us valuable lessons by simply facilitating her son’s learning. Sid the Science Kid’s mom sure seems to know what she’s doing — he’s Sid the Science Kid for a reason!

Alice the Entrepreneur aka Sid the Science Kid’s Mom

Sid the Science Kid’s mom is more than just his mom, isn’t she? It can definitely feel like our entire lives are wrapped up in our children, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s also OK to have your own goals and pursuits. In fact, it’s a great thing, and some studies suggest that women with working mothers grow up to be more successful in their own careers. Many parents find it beneficial to pursue goals outside of parenting to feel energized, motivated, and focused. While our children are the most important pieces of our lives, that doesn’t mean we, as moms, have to give up everything we wanted for ourselves, too.

Alice is perfectly happy working for herself while being a mom, designing her own games and websites, and having fun while doing it!

Taking Things in Stride

Sid’s mom Alice is a real cool customer. She doesn’t let too much faze her, and that calm confidence lends itself well to parenting. Her son is always happy to explore the many scientific mysteries that fill his world because she seems unflappable. When presented with questions without immediate answers, Sid doesn’t let the setback stymie his curiosity. He takes things in stride and finds the solutions himself.

Alice Williams is even able to keep her cool when she’s cleaning Sid’s messes, all day, every day. For many of us, it can be frustrating to constantly pick up after our children, but Alice teaches us to accept that some things are outside of our control. We can allow them to stress us out, or we can learn how to let them roll off our backs like Alice does.

Own Your Style like Sid the Science Kid’s Mom

Own your style! This is one of our favorite life lessons from Sid the Science Kid’s mom because< she is always smooth and stylish. Alice knows what works for her and she embraces it. Her outfits look great, and she always moves with that confidence of a mom who knows she’s got it going on. Projecting confidence is so important, especially when your demographic isn’t exactly known for its fashion savvy. Remember when mom jeans were a bad thing? Now they’re not, and it’s because some moms owned it. Yes, those acid-washed, high-waisted babies make their backsides look good, thank you very much!

Becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your style, ladies! Find the things that work best for you and stick with them. You’ll also show your children that expressing their uniqueness and individuality is important to their sense of self-image and happiness. We should all feel comfortable in our own skin, which is something Alice Williams shows us every time she owns up to Sid’s favorite song:

“I love my mom!”
“My mom is cool!”

Finding your own “uh-huh” moments is key to your emotional well-being, whether it’s looking good or dancing like no one’s watching. You’re not just a mom, you’re an amazing mom, and you’re a woman with her own style. (Like Sid the Science Kid’s Mom, Alice!) Own it!

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