What Should Dads or Kids Get Moms for Valentine’s Day?

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To moms, Valentine’s Day is just another day to make sure you don’t forget something for school… Remember when buying some Sponge Bob Valentine’s from Dollar General was enough? No longer! My kids’ school requires hand-made Valentine missives. Like I have time for that!

This year it falls on a Thursday so if the kids have any after school activities or sports, it’s going to be hard to fit in romance. Want to make a mom happy? It doesn’t take much. So dads and kids of the world, this one’s for you!

What Dads and Kids Can Get Moms For Valentine’s Day

Comfy Socks
After running after the kids all day and taking them to dance, karate, swimming, and scouts, you need a break! Not only should you receive a pair of those really nice fuzzy socks, you deserve to sit down uninterrupted for at least 20 minutes of alone time.

Wine Bottle Stopper
This is a life saver to keeping that open bottle of wine fresh for the next time you need to relax with a little pick me up. You got out the wine glass, the bottle opener and then went through all of the effort to actually get the bottle open and now you have to go back to being mom! The nice thing about wine bottle stoppers is that it also makes it easier to open the bottle later on.

A Babysitter
Maybe for this one night (if you can stay up late enough!) you can get a babysitter to take the kids. Take some time for yourself (and maybe your Valentine) to relax and enjoy each other’s company. There seems to be a theme in these gifts…

This is what moms really want, right? A nice piece of jewelry to remind you of your hubby and your family. If your significant other is at a loss for what to get, just tell them! (They probably won’t listen anyway.) If they’re really lost at what to choose, tell them to look at online jewelers, like Blue Nile. They have a collection of Valentine’s Day jewelry for every mom. Ask for something small and lightweight that you can wear everyday to keep your family close.

Long Locket by Blue Nile for Mother's Day MomCave

Coffee Cups… especially JUMBO Ones
A gift like this is for the moms that needs a HUGE cup of coffee in the morning to get everyone
ready and out the door. When you use a jumbo cup, there’s no need to go back for more. You can focus all of your time on the kids (yipee!).

A Yoga Mat
A yoga mat is a great gift for those active moms who love to relax or any mom who needs a nap. If you’re too tired to exercise, they are comfy and lightweight so you can nap literally anywhere. And if anyone asks, you’re just in “child’s pose” or “corpse pose” and you’re free to sleep. NOT.

Memory Foam Pillow
This last gift you need to get is a memory foam pillow. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you’ll sleep so well! A pillow like this will allow you to get sleep ASAP even if it’s for a quick nap before the kids get home from school.

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