What NOT to Get Moms for Valentine’s Day

Funny Mom in Car Telling Men What NOT to Get Moms for Valentine's Day

This post is for all the dudes out there. Whether you are married with kids or dating a woman who has kids, you are going to want to hear this. Whatever you are planning to give her for Valentine’s Day… it’s probably NOT what she wants. I made a video about what NOT to get moms for Valentine’s Day.

When I posted it in some Facebook groups for funny videos, the women loved it. They said it was spot on. There were a few grumbling comments from men that suggested they didn’t watch the video all the way to the end to see what I think moms REALLY want. When you’ve been with someone for a long time, or are in the trenches of dealing with little kids, flowers and chocolates just aren’t going to cut it. You’d be surprised at what would really make a mother happy during this mushiest of holidays.

What NOT to Get Moms for Valentine’s Day

After checking out the video, maybe you’d like to read about some of the WORST Valentine’s Day gifts ever! We asked some of our MomCavers to send in theirs and the results were hilarious. Or see this video we made about gifts that make real moms feel sexy.

Do you have anything to add? Comment below about your best and worst ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for moms and we may share your suggestion on Facebook or Twitter! We’d love to hear all about your Valentine’s Day wins AND losses!

And if you are really feeling lazy, I’ve made choosing a Valentine’s day gift totally easy for you. Here are examples of some things I’d LOVE for Valentine’s Day. (These are affiliate links) You can order them and have them sent to her in one or two days. Don’t you just love Amazon Prime?

What NOT to Get a Mom for Valentine's Day MomCave photo of man and wife on romantic evening

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