What Moms Would Do With More Time

What would women do with more time? A new poll aims to find out.

…the average woman feels she needs an extra 82 minutes a day to accomplish everything she would like…”

PR News Wire

A poll of 2,000 American women ages 18+ reveals what they say they would do if they had extra time in their day:

  • 49% sleep
  • 36% read
  • 29% exercise
  • 22% learn a new hobby
  • 50% say they’ve given up a hobby because they didn’t have time for it
  • 31% report having less than 30 minutes per day to themselves
  • 38% say they haven’t taken an afternoon to themselves in over a month
  • 39% say mornings are their busiest time of day
  • 70% report feeling rushed when getting ready
  • 42% say they have too much to do
  • 33% say they don’t have enough time to themselves

A recent poll of 2,000 American Women over the age of 18 is meant to reveal what the would do if they extra time in their day.  I always wonder who these women are. Are they moms? Do they work in the home or out of the home? And the answers are always so typical.   Let’s take a quick look at a couple of the top answers and be HONEST, shall we?

Mom on vacation?

#1   According to the survey 49% of women responding said they would sleep.  

Really?  While the thought is a GRAND idea, I get a case of the guilt. I should be doing SOMETHING. Usually if I get the bonus nap, that is when my mama brain kicks in and I am thinking that I could use the time more wisely. Like maybe I have time to remodel the kitchen!

#2   36% said they would  read…. Yeah – I LOVE reading.    When not escaping to Facebook, I read shows on NETFLIX.  It’s easy – Turn on the closed captioning and turn down the volume.  (Expert level readers put the captions in French or Spanish ..BOOM! You are learning a new language!)

No one is more hopeful than a mom who brings a book on vacation.

#3   29% would exercise  – OF COURSE! Everyone would exercise!  

#4    22% would learn a new hobby.  My latest Hobby is finding creative ways for my family to do extra cleaning on snow days!  BTW: The Chore Challenge is a great thing! Thank you, YouTube!

In all honestly, If I did have any extra time, all to myself, with no one bugging me, I can tell you exactly what I would be doing. I would be standing in the dining room with a blank stare on my face, coffee in hand, wondering what I forgot to do!

This is a a guest post by Lola Rizer: Lola is a wife and Mother of 4 living the big life in “Almost Heaven” West Virginia. She has been a Top-rated Morning Show Radio host with her Husband for the last 20 years on 103CIR in Beckley, WV (Go ahead and Google it, We’ll wait.)  She loves working with her community on a variety of events. A Self-Proclaimed “Nerd Mom”, she escapes to the world of Doctor Who and Harry Potter among other fandoms whenever possible. She misses the 80’s. 


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