What Moms REALLY want for Valentine’s Day

Husbands/partners/boyfriends of the world… We’ve got the skinny on what moms really want for Valentine’s Day. Hint: It’s not flowers, or chocolate, or a stupid stuffed bear from CVS.

On this episode of MomCave LIVE, our guest is Heather Brooker, the host of Motherhood in Hollywood. And we talk about what moms really want this Valentine’s Day! Tweet us what YOUR heart desires to @MomCaveTV. And read some great ideas from some funny moms below the video.

What Moms REALLY Want for Valentine’s Day

To sleep in ’til 11 AM (not 8:30 AM) and a trip to Target. Alone. Blissfully alone. Nancy Johnson Horn The Mama Maven

I want to wake up at 6:30am, and start with some Kundalini meditation and a 23-minute breath set—along with a copper cup of silver needle and Calendula tea—before my kids wake. Oh, wait, that’s what Amanda Bacon would like. Kristin Strange, My Strange Family

Last year I asked my husband for a cheese spread and to sleep in. I got neither. Chelsea, Harvest Mama Blog

Starbucks and bacon served in bed. Karen, Apple Moms of the Hudson Valley

I want a cleaning lady and to sleep in. Simple. No diamonds, no chocolate, no flowers… Just sleep and someone to clean the bathrooms! Gemarla, The Mommy Elf

Food I don’t have to make or clean up that also won’t food poison me. I wanna be up all night, just not in the bathroom barfing. Alison, Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops

dina massageI would to be left alone for a day and not have to break up any fights, not have to tell my son his socks are right next to his underwear where they always are, and not have to tell my daughter that she can’t wear her dirty Adidas pants for the 3rd time this week. Kimberly Thomas, Valley Stream Mom

As a mom, I fully support being bent over the kitchen table. Yes, preferably when my kid is out. Samara Speaks

Moms want to feel vibrant & sexy again. iCandy

A full night’s sleep. At least eight hours. Uninterrupted. I would also like if possible not to have to pee while doing it Live by Surprise

Idris Elba on a platter with magnum bottle of champagne and strawberries lol or are we talking realistically? lol if so just leave me the hell alone for 1 day and some Popeyes. Valerie, MommyRandR

I want my cohabitants to put their damn shoes in the shoe bin, put their dishes in the dishwasher, hang up their jackets, put the toilet seat down, and TURN OFF THAT LIGHT. Just for one day. Please. And chocolate. Beth Teliho

Adrian Grenier. Or a 20 Something-year-old Latino. Mandi Castle

I would love to sleep late (a recurring theme, anybody?) and have my husband deal with ev-ery-thing without a phone call every 1/2 hour to ask where something is or how to do something. Also, a pint-sized, fully-trained, hypoallergenic unicorn with a parking permit. Jessica, PeekaBaby



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  • Sarah Hayes

    I don’t think I have a real mom confession. I do love these necklaces though! Id love to try chew beads


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