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What Lamaze Breathing is Really Good For MomCaveTV.com

It’s become a tradition—when you’re expecting your first baby, you drop a few hundred bucks to go to “birth classes” in which both expecting mom and expecting dad are educated about the birth process and taught techniques to deal with the pain of labor. The most iconic of these techniques, immortalized in countless movies and bad sitcoms, is the Lamaze breathing.

By concentrating on one’s breath, a laboring woman learns to control the sensations of her body being twisted inside out. She learns to turn a painful experience into an empowering one.


Maybe it’s because I was too broke to afford the actual in-person class and instead opted for borrowing DVD course (see below) from the local library, but that Lamaze stuff just didn’t work for me. I’d also taken countless yoga and movement classes where we learned to use our breath to relax and control tension. But once I was in labor, no breathing method alone was going to relax me.

Though I found the Lamaze breathing exercises completely useless for their intended purpose, I have discovered what they are REALLY good for. Check out the video I made about it:

What Lamaze Breathing is Really Good For

 That moment when your defiant three-year-old hits you in the face during a time-out. Breathe.
The time your husband comes home and asks why, when you are home all day and not “working,” the house looks like a Tasmanian devil ran through it. Breathe.

When one of your child’s grandparents brings over the toy that makes noises louder than any surround-sound speakers, the toy that you specifically asked them NOT to buy… Breathe.

what lamaze breathing is really good for momcave angry toddler tantrum

When you’re “touched out” from a baby that’s been on the boob all day and your husband complains that you don’t want to cuddle enough. Breathe.

When your bank account is approaching zero, you’ve got a sick kid and a huge deductible in your prescription coverage. Breathe.

When everything is falling apart around you, pull that baby’s head in close, nuzzle your nose in their soft hair, and just BREATHE. (And then maybe grab a glass of wine.)

What Lamaze Breathing is Good For MomCave

Check out the DVDs I used to prep for the birth of my first child. These are affiliate links. If you buy through this link, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you.


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