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This post & video are sponsored by Piper Lou and contain some affiliate links. The game we play this time on MOM GAMES is “What Kind Of Mom Are YOU?”

Truth Or Dare

MOM GAMES is our weekly live series for fun moms where YOU can participate. Watch for it live on Facebook and Instagram and laugh your own butt off at the video below. Tonight Jen and Dina play “What Kind of Mom Are YOU?”

Jen: Welcome to MOM GAMES. Welcome again. If you don’t know what this is, you have been missing out. We get together every Wednesday night after our kids are in bed (or not) and we play fun mom games like “Truth or Dare” and “I Never.” It’s sponsored by Piper Lou, which makes all kinds of awesome mom merch that you can win by playing along in the comments. And we already have Jo Annette and Meghan Mulholland. Hi guys. They’re there and we’ve got some people watching. Okay.

What Kind of Mom Are YOU? | MOM GAMES Sponsored by Piper Lou | MomCaveTV

Jen: So This is my Piper Lou mug to start off the night.

Dina: What’s yours say?

Jen: My “Welcome to the Shit Show” mug. it’s my favorite.

Dina: Okay.

Fun Moms and Tricky Tech

Jen: Hi Terry. Hi Melissa. We are going to play “What Kind of Mom Are You?” This is a game that has questions with multiple choice and you guys get to play along in the comments. Give us some fun mom answers, whatever is interesting. Funny, crazy. You’re gonna win something from Piper Lou. Can everybody hear us on all the places on Instagram and on Facebook? Give us a comment and let us know.

Dina: I think they can.

Jen: You think they can? I think they can.

Dina: Yeah. Well, I can hear you on Instagram ’cause it won’t go all the way down. So annoying. NOT fun.

Jen: I know. That’s weird. Instagram programmers get on that. We’ll figure it all out someday, but you know what? We’re too busy being moms during the day.

Dina: Melissa Anne says, yes we can.

Jen: If Melissa Anne says she can hear, then we’re are good to go and we’re gonna play MOM GAMES. Okay. So.

Dina: Let’s do it. Let’s do it.

Starting Your Day

Jen: You guys are gonna, we’re gonna find out which type of (hopefully fun) moms we are. Okay. Dina, I have the questions up. Do you have questions too?

Dina: Put your answers in the comments? Yes.

Jen: Yeah. Put your answers in the comments guys.

Jen: Yes. How are you starting your day? Here are the choices: coffee, sleeping in, making breakfast, or making my bed.

Dina: I mean, well, that’s an easy one. Coffee.

Jen: That is beyond easy. It’s coffee all away. I’m fueled by coffee. What kind of coffee do you drink? Oh, Hey Amanda. I’m so happy to see you watching. Yeah. So coffee is an obvious one. Melissa says sleeping in. How do you get to do that, Melissa? I don’t think they mean like your dream day.

Dina: Oh, I’m jealous.

Jen: Your birthday. They mean like your typical day, Amanda, like.

Dina: On the daily.

Caffeine Is the Key

Jen: Oh, we got Amanda saying none of those. Tea. Terry does tea. Wow. We have a lot of tea drinkers.

Dina: Well, tea.

Jen: Ah. Yeah.

Dina: I mean that’s the same. It’s still the cup with caffeine in it, right?

Jen: I’m hoping your tea has caffeine. Otherwise, I’m jealous. Okay. So that was an easy one. Play along, you guys and you can win something awesome from Piper Lou like, Dina, can you show off your hoodie?

Dina: Oh yeah. “Ain’t no hood like the motherhood.”

Jen: There you go. You are in the hood with us.

Dina: And it has a hood.

Jen: And it has a hood. It’s a hoodie and it’s about a hood. That’s fun.


Jen: Our next question is what do you have for breakfast? And here are the choices. Toast.

Dina: Okay.

Jen: Smoothie. Pancakes or coffee.

Dina: I’m a toast with jam girl. I’ve already had the coffee at this point.

Jen: Me too. Me too. It’s like coffee’s first thing that doesn’t even count. It’s breakfast. That’s just like my waking-up drug or whatever you wanna call it. My energizing.

Dina: Yes.

Jen: And then I realize I better eat something or the coffee’s gonna make me feel yucky and toast. Yeah. Okay. How about the rest of you? We’ve got…

Dina: Peanut peanut butter toast with coffee. Yes.

Jen: That’s good. You get your protein there.

Dina: I love peanut butter toast or avocado toast.

Fun Moms Fueled by Bread

Jen: Wow. You guys, you know, I have a fancy idea if you wanna try this.

Dina: Yes.

Jen: I was working on a shoot one day and for the food, they have the fancy food for the actors, and for breakfast, they had pumpernickel toast and then they spread hummus on it and they slice avocado on the top and they sprinkle black and white sesame seeds. It’s actually amazing, even better if you add bacon.

Dina: Oh.

Jen: I’m just gonna put that out there.

Dina: Fancy.

Jen: Yeah. We’ve got a lot of bread people around here.

Dina: I’d like to try it.

Jen: We’re fun moms fueled by bread. Okay.

Dina: What’s the weirdest thing you eat for breakfast. Are you one of those people that eats cold pizza for breakfast?

Jen: Ugh. Never. Never ever ever.

Dina: Yeah, it’s weird stuff people eat. I don’t like cold pizza either.

Jen: It’s hot melty cheese all the way for me.

Mom Hair

Jen: All right. Our next question is how are you doing your hair? Braided? Messy bun, high ponytail. Or you leave your hair down hair down? Hmm. No question about it for me. It’s a messy bun. If that. It could be, I don’t know what you call that. You know, when you put a ponytail, but you don’t pull it all the way through. ‘Cause, you’re too lazy to?

Dina: Mhm.

Jen: That’s what I do.

Dina: That’s probably a messy bun then.

Jen: Okay. We’ve got, Terry says ponytail. Melissa is seasonal. Hair down in the winter, up in the summer.

Dina: I agree with that.

Jen: Totally.

Dina: Yeah. I’m with Meghan. Yes.

Moms Don’t Let Tricky Tech Win

Jen: Ah, okay. Okay. Good. I’m hearing an echo of my voice, which is very annoying in my ear. So if anyone else hears that please let me know

Dina: So it’s my…

Jen: It’s you?

Dina: No, it’s my Instagram. It won’t be quiet. It’s so annoying, not fun.

Jen: Make it as quiet as possible.

Dina: I’ll put it on the other side of the room.

Jen: All right.

Dina: I did.

Jen: Now you have different angles. Oh, that’s better. Okay. Melissa says it’s too cold in Michigan to have your hair up in the winter. I totally get it. But then you get like hat hair with the whole ski, the ski thing and the hat hair and what’s it called the static. That’s a mess. Okay. Amanda heard the echo. Amanda, let us know if it’s better. Okay.

Moms on Makeup

Jen: Next question. Choose your makeup look.

Dina: Is it Au Naturel? Light, smokey, or bold? Oh, come on. I don’t wear makeup unless I absolutely have to.

Jen: Natural is the closest for you? I’m gonna say light. I do have a thing about makeup. It’s that it makes me feel better.

Dina: Okay.

Jen: If I can, before I run out the door, literally, I just put on eyeliner and mascara and sometimes lipstick. But now we have Covid masks, so you don’t have to do that. And it makes me feel better. Otherwise, I just look at myself in the rearview mirror and I’m like, what the hell am I looking at? Melissa’s natural.

Dina: I like to give my skin a break because I’m one of those people that the makeup just like absorbs into my skin.

Jen: Yes, and it gets all oily.

Dina: Yeah. I can’t wear it every day. It bothers me.

Jen: Amanda hasn’t even worn a bra since…

Jen: Totally. I very rarely wear-

Dina: Go, Amanda!

Jen: Very rarely wear real pants. Awesome. Okay. Let’s go on to our next question. Choose an outfit. We’ve got simple, activewear, casual, or comfy.

Fun Moms and Sick Superfans

Dina: Okay. So I have a confession to make.

Jen: I bet it’s the same thing. You and I are the same

Dina: Since the pandemic, there are… Now, I do work every day, right? It’s not like I’m laying around in my pajamas. However, I get up, I work at home, so I get up and then wouldn’t you know it by three o’clock I’m still in my pajamas. So at that point, it’s like what am I getting dressed for?

Jen: Totally.

Dina: So I will take a shower and put on another pair of pajamas.

Jen: You’re like, why create more laundry at that point?

Dina: Yeah. Seriously. So what would that be? I guess I would be comfy.

Jen: Hey Babs. I Just wanna do a quick shout-out to our buddy Babs — one of the most fun moms — who’s watching because she’s said she was in the hospital and we have a MomCave group to get in there. There’s also like a VIP group and we can all talk and chat during the day. And she said, yeah, I hope you’re okay. I asked you in there but I don’t think I’ve gotten a chance to read the reply yet, I’m so glad you’re watching though.

True Confessions Fashion-Style

All right. We got a lot of like leggings.

Dina: Aww, I’m sorry.

Jen: T-shirts and pants.

Dina: Comfy.

Jen: Comfy. My confession, what I thought you were gonna say is I wear activewear like yoga pants and a sports bra pretty and all pretty much every day because I intend to work out. So I get up, I get dressed and I’m like, as soon as I do the first few emails and like the emergency stuff, I’m gonna work out. And then so many times I don’t and I just, I’m not gonna change.

Jen: Mhm. So I pick up my kids from school and people either know my secret or they think I just worked out.

Dina: Yes.

Jen: We have another-

Laughter As Medicine

Dina: Joanne had a surgical procedure And she’s in a ton of pain. Oh my goodness.

Jen: Well, Joanne, I’m so sorry to hear that, and

Dina: I’m sorry.

Jen: They do say that laughter helps pain so we’ll try to be funny, but you know. We try our best really.

Dina: Funny looking.

Jen: Yeah. Moving on to the next question. How do you spend-

Dina: Let me ask this one.

Jen: Time for yourself.

Jen: Oh. We have a delay. It’s okay. Go.

Time for Yourself

Dina: Oh, wait a minute. How do you spend time for yourself when the kids are busy? The first one is cleaning up. The second one is the TV.

Jen: That is not yourself.

Dina: The third one is a craft or the fourth one is read and write. Well, I don’t find cleaning up a time for myself.

Jen: Yeah, I agree. Hey, you guys, if you’re just joining, this is MOM GAMES. We do it live once a week and I just wanna tell you we’re live on Instagram and YouTube and Facebook, but sometimes the Instagram one is wonky. So if it gets wonky, head on over to one of those. Sorry to interrupt, Dina.

Dina: That’s okay. So I feel like this is like the same problem was last week. They’re trying to guilt you into putting the right answer.

Jen: Right.

How Fun Moms Veg Out

Dina: So like, oh yeah, like I’m gonna be crafting or writing, right? Yeah. In my, in my journal, which is very nice. But let’s be honest. How many of us, when we just wanna relax, we are in front of Netflix? Come on.

Jen: Totally. I think it’s even worse. I have an ADD problem where I am… like the TV’s on. And I’m sort of kind of paying attention to that and I’m also looking at my phone at the same time. Yeah. And probably eating something and it’s, um, yeah….

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: So I’m gonna choose TV too. Meghan binges a show. Jo Annette edits books for authors. That sounds fun.

Dina: Ooh, cool.

Jen: You’ve got a scrapbooker and of course, our buddy Babs says she goes to the hospital. Ha ha ha.

Dina: Oh, Babs. Come on.

Jen: Don’t do that Babs. Don’t do that. Okay. I’m choosing watch TV. Moving on. Did we already do choose an outfit to wear? It’s giving me that again. Oh, come on.

Nightly Routine

Dina: The next question is what’s your nightly routine after the kids are put to bed? Write in your journal? What are they about this, this journal thing? Fold laundry, go straight to bed, or do a skincare routine?

Jen: First of all, I think — we got this quiz from Buzzfeed, y’all, and I have a feeling that the person who wrote this quiz never had children in their lives.

Dina: I think so.

Jen: Because their choices suck.

Dina: Yeah. Although folding laundry I do at night ’cause I like to watch TV and fold laundry because I find that I can watch TV, really pay attention, and fold laundry. And it’s like, laundry’s like the mindless activity so it gets done really fast, and I don’t realize I folded the laundry ’cause I’m watching TV.

Jen: Now, Dina, I thought we covered this before many times, including in our Slacker Mom’s Guide To Laundr….. that we don’t fold most of the laundry.

Dina: Yeah, well, some of it you gotta fold, yes.

Jen: Total waste of time.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Yeah. I guess in all of those, I’m gonna have to choose I’m gonna choose skincare routine because it’s the closest thing to lay in the bath and try not to fall asleep.

Dina: Okay.

Fun Merch for Fun Moms

Jen: Was that our last question? Okay. You guys, we wanna hear all answers.

Dina: Yeah. It was a quick one.

Jen: That’s a quick one. Somebody’s gonna win something from the Piper Lou collection and I didn’t show off my Piper Lou yet. So I have to stand in my very awkward studio space. Can I? I’m wearing the tank top that says I’m the ringmaster of this shit show basically.

Dina: What does it say?

Jen: I’m the “Ringmaster of the Shit Show.”

Dina: Oh, nice. I like that.

Jen: I can’t really show it off so well on this angle. Woo. “Ringmaster of the Shit Show.”

Dina: Oh, I like it has a circus tent on it. That’s cute!

Jen: It does. And I have a new-

Moms Thinking Sleep Is Fun

Dina: Meghan falls asleep on the couch. I’m sorry. Go ahead.

Jen: Oh no. Meghan hangs out with her husband. You were saying you’re good, Meghan. My husband’s always like, “Stay up, watch more things with me!” and I’m like “No, I’m so freaking tired.”Yeah. That was my oops. I was saying that this outfit as I was getting dressed today I put on my Piper Lou tank ’cause I love it and I wear it all the time but I knew we were doing this and then I was like, well, I can’t just be in my like regular, everyday athletic wear pajama look. So I added some earrings and the diamond necklace that my husband gave me for our 10th or 15th anniversary. And I’m calling this — look, I’m gonna coin this term now forever and ever. It’s called “redneck chic.” So it’s when you get…

Dina: Nice. “Redneck bougie.”

Jen: Mhm. “Redneck bougie.” So you show that you’ve been working in the yard, which I have, and cleaning and stuff but you wear your diamonds to be like, you know, I still have a few diamonds. Anyway.

Dina: Fancy. Fancy.

Jen: Before we reveal which kind of fun moms we are, remember that Piper Lou sponsors this sow. They’re amazing and they’re giving us our own coupon code which is MOMCAVE, obviously. And if you use that, boop, you can get unlimited, buy one get one free at and you can buy super fancy clothes. So you can be “redneck bougie” as well if you want or just be cute like Dina in a hoodie. Okay. Dina, are you ready for the reveal?

Redneck Bougie or Real Clothes

Dina: Well, I’m in my athletic pants too so…

Jen: Oh, good.

Dina: That’s dressed up for me. Yeah.

Jen: Okay.

Dina: I’ve actually put pants on today.

Jen: Good for you. Good for you.

And the Answers Are…

Dina: Yeah. So I’m “Simple Mom.” It says, “You like to keep things simple. You don’t have a routine because you’d rather take on the day as it comes. You find simple pleasure in sipping on coffee, browsing social media, or writing in your journal.” Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. I did NOT pick writing in my journal.

Jen: No.

Dina: Why is it telling me that?

Jen: I don’t know. I think there may be – ah! My Instagram phone fell down. Hi Instagram. I think there may be a problem with this quiz because of the other thing, are you ready? I got that the same one!

Dina: It’s a bologna quiz.

Jen: You guys tell us in the comments which type of mom you think you are. So they said that I was called “Simple.” I think there’s like the super together type-A helicopter mom, there’s the sporty fun you know, plays sports with their kids and drives them around to all their sports mom. And then there’s me. I guess I’m called a Slacker Mom.

Dina: Yes.

Jen: Yeah. I don’t know. Let us know what kind you are for a chance to win something awesome from Piper Lou. Dina, I don’t know.

Dina: Do you have another quiz we can do?

Jen: I don’t like this quiz at all.

Dina: Is there another quiz we can do? This quiz was not a fun mom quiz. I mean, it was fun, but it was not good

Jen: Let’s see what other good – okay.

Slacker Moms

Dina: Joanne and Jo Annette are Slacker Moms, too. Woo!

Jen: Yeah. Go check out, we have a ton of fun videos that are called Slacker Mom, and they have real tips but also funny things for moms, and…

Dina: Yes.

Jen: Meghan says, “I’m just a mom trying to make it through the day.” I get that.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: I totally do.

Dina: We hear you, Meg.

Jen: It’s trouble. It’s trouble. So I’m reading all these comments.

Kick-Ass and Uber Moms

Dina: Stephanie’s a “Kick-ass Mom.” I like that.

Jen: Ooh, a kick-ass mom.

Dina: Are you like a karate mom?

Jen: Or does that mean like you kick their ass when they’re not behaving?

Dina: Or both?

Jen: Metaphorically… because I try. I’m like, yeah. I’m strict.

Jen: Melissa says simple but does the most she can. She still drives them around to all the sports.

Dina: Oh, you know what I am? I’m an Uber mom. I am an Uber mom. I am an Uber mom. Because all I do is drive them around. Yeah, and well, now we’re doing the driving training and I actually put a moratorium on it right now. She almost got us into an accident, so.

Jen: Oh no, we must hear the story, everyone.

Dina: Oh, no, I don’t wanna embellish it, but let’s just say I called the driving school back and she’s going back to this driving school.

Jen: You know. I don’t want her to, yeah. Meghan’s an Uber mom. I failed my driving test the first time. I’ll never forget it.

Dina: Me too. Me too.

Jen: I know. Let’s see. Stephanie says she’s the “Do-it-all Mom” and you’re, oh my goodness. She commented that her husband is in the ICU with Covid.

Sick Moms

Dina: Oh my God. Oh my God. Stephanie. I’m so sorry. Wait a minute. What is everyone’s sick in this job?

Jen: Everybody’s sick. That’s not fun! Only sick people watched MOM GAMES this week.

Jen: Stephanie. We’re really sorry. I’ll be praying for him. and I hope he does okay.

Dina: Sending you good vibes, Stephanie.

Jen: Totally good vibes.

Dina: Oh, damn it.

Jen: I had an aunt who had COVID and she was in a coma for two months and guess what? She came out of it and she’s totally amazing and fine and strong, and so I hope that gives you guys hope.

Dina: Oh, I’m glad.

Jen: Totally.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Scary thing.

Dina: Dude, I had it twice in three months or four months.

Jen: I know, I know.

Dina: First time in September and then I just had it.

Jen: It just wants to be with you, Dina.

Dina; Getting old sucks that’s what the problem is.

Jen: It does. Maybe this is just the universe’s way of telling you-

Dina: Aww, Stephanie’s going crazy. Aw, I’m sorry Steph. Steph gets Piper Lou tonight because she’s awesome.

Mom Chaos and Crazy

Jen: You’re going crazy with the rest of us. Like we are crazy, so join right in. We had a good comment I wanted to go about. Oh, Melissa said, she’s the kind of mom that has to grab pop tarts or granola bars before she runs out the door. I totally relate you know?

Dina: Yeah, I hear that one.

Jen: Yeah. We’re guilty of breakfast bars in the car on the way to school many, many times, most days. So it is what it is. Okay. I’m gonna show you all some of my favorite things from Piper Lou really quick. Let me see that. So there’s Dina’s hoodie.

Dina: That’s the sweatshirt I have on.

And it goes to the comment. So you’ll get to see it. And what’s next. There’s my favorite hoodie that I wear all the time.

Dina: I like that hoodie.

Jen: That is my life. Total chaos coordinator. And we’ve got.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Dina’s favorite mug.

Dina: I have that mug too.

Jen: And this is my favorite.

Dina: Right now I have Mama Fuel, but…

Jen: Mama fuel. Okay. And I have my “Welcome to the Shit Show “Mug. Thank you guys so much for watching.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: We’re gonna be back with some more lives next week. So many exciting things we have-

Happy Birthday, Jen

Dina: So wait, wait. Before we go we have to sing happy birthday to Jen.

Jen: You can’t do that on the internet.

Dina: Jen’s birthday is tomorrow. Yes, I can. We’re not telling them how old you are. We’re just telling them that you were born.

Jen: You know what, you can’t tell them how old I am. You can’t tell them, because I actually forgot how old I was. And I said, oh, I said…

Dina: I did that too.

Jen: I said to my whole family last night, “I’m like, oh, 46, it’s gonna be great.” And then my husband and my in-laws are like doing the math and they’re like “no, you’re gonna be 45.” So, I just feel even older. Thank you, Stephanie. Thank you for the happy birthday.

Dina: Yes, I did that last year, and the year before halfway through the year, I was like, “Oh, I’m what did I say I was?”

Jen: Did you round UP?

Dina: I was like, I think 47. Yeah, I kept going up. Yes, I kept going up. I was always a year older than I thought I was.

Jen: Right, yeah, I keep rounding up as well. It’s like, I just feel, so I might as well just start saying I’m a hundred and then whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’m gonna have a…

Dina: You Know what? It doesn’t matter.

Jen: It doesn’t matter. We’re going out for burgers and wine at a new restaurant.

Dina: Yes. Yay. Aw, that’s nice.

Jen: My mom sent me a little bit of money and said go buy yourself something, go shopping ’cause she knows that’s what I love more than anything.

Jen: Aw. So I’m gonna have a great birthday.

Dina: Nice.

VIP MomCave for Fun Moms

Jen: Yeah. We mentioned it earlier, but you know we have a group, The MomCave, a Facebook group for our favorite fun moms, and you can join that and we talk like during the day and stuff. There’s also a VIP MomCave group that just started, it’s somewhere. There’s probably below this video where you can join and you get subscribed to our newsletter and then you got to be in the VIP group. So many fun things are going on for MomCave. I have to make a big announcement soon, but let’s just say we’re gonna be we’re on your TV. We are. So that’s exciting!

Dina: Lord help ’em.

Jen: Lord help y’all we’re coming into your living room! You can’t hide by watching this on the phone anymore. So go to, use coupon code MOMCAVE for unlimited buy one get one free. Go shop your little tushes off and make yourself feel better, have some fun, and thank you guys for watching us tonight.

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