What Do Successful Moms Have In Common | Tirralan Watkins | MomCave Live

Get ready for a look into what successful moms have in common as we dive into the world of high-profile moms with none other than Tinseltown Mom herself, Tirralan Watkins. Through her captivating journey, we’ll explore her encounters with celebrities and the delicate art of motherhood. Join us as we delve into the enthralling stories and candid conversations she shares with accomplished women from diverse fields. So, take your seat, fasten your seatbelt, and embark on this exciting journey of uncovering the secrets behind managing fame and family with both humor and grace. Welcome to the fascinating world of Tirralan of Tinseltown, Mom!

What Do Successful Moms Have In Common | Tirralan Watkins | MomCave Live

Jen:   Welcome to MomCave LIVE where we may have lost our minds, but we haven’t lost our sense of humor. I’m Jen, and I’m here with Tirralan Watkins, who is the Tinseltown Mom. We’re going to go live on all the platforms. So give me one second. Let’s see if it goes live on Instagram as well. Maybe we’re… Oh, wow. Okay, there we are. Hi, tell everybody how you became Tinseltown Mom.

Becoming Tinseltown Mom: Journey of This Successful Mom

Tirralan Watkins:   Well, it started when I was just a child, of course, a daughter. So growing up, I was always pursuing acting. I’m from the Bay Area. So in the Bay Area, I was doing theater and commercials and everything that I could do in the Bay Area. We all know that the capital of the entertainment industry is Hollywood. So after I got my undergrad degree in communications, I decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue my acting career further. As I was pursuing my acting career, I, and I’m not telling the full story because it’s so long. So, as you’re pursuing a career, you do dabble in other things. So at the time, I started my own talk show, a local talk show called “Impact.” It was on a cable access station.

Jen:   Cable access!

Pursuing Writing and Blogging

Tirralan Watkins:   Yes, your cable access. So I was doing my show on cable access 20-plus years ago, and actually, my first Tinseltown Mom before I became Tinseltown Mom was Sherri Shepherd. It was before she was a mom as well, but she was my first guest, for my show. I interviewed an Olympian and some other actresses, comedians, etc. While I was still pursuing my acting career, eventually, at my church, I decided to join a small writing group called “Write On,” and there is where I met my husband, who was pursuing a directing career.

So anyhow, long story short, we eventually got married, I went back to school at USC and got a master’s in professional writing. And that is where I started writing and blogging, and eventually, I started my own blog, which my husband came up with the name Tinseltown Mom because I wasn’t a mom at the time. We lived in Lala Land, and he’s pursuing his entertainment career and mine. So that’s how I became Tinseltown Mom.

Jen:    Awesome. Well, if you’re just joining us, this is Tirralan Watkins, known as Tinseltown Mom. She has interviewed so many celebrities and high-profile moms successful in anything from business to medicine to, and of course, the acting world. So that’s what I kind of want to ask you about. Everybody who’s watching, feel free to jump in and ask anything in the comments. This is all just for us to hang out and get the dirt, really?

At home podcast set up.

Common Thread of Successful Women: Triumphing Through Challenges

Jen:    Is there any common thread you saw? What made all of the successful women that you interviewed alike in some way? What did they all have in common?

Tirralan Watkins:    Yeah, that’s a good question. I feel like they all had something in their background that they had to overcome in some way. Because to get to the status that these high-profile moms get to, it’s not just a walk in the park. You have to overcome some things, you have to develop grit, and all these other things that you have to develop to get to the status level that they’re at.

So I feel like all of these women or successful moms, went through something challenging for them to be able to actually break through and get to that next level. You know, sometimes people go through things, whether it’s, traumatic or just a challenge in their career, and they stop, and they don’t keep pursuing that thing. If you can actually go through it and just keep going and keep your eye on, the thing, that passion or whatever, I feel like you can break through. Then you can help someone else along the way because you went through something that they might be going through.

Overcoming Challenges on the Path to Success: Inspiring Stories of Moms

Jen:    Yeah, well, when you look at these people in magazines and such, they just look so happy and perfect and well-rested. All the things that we don’t feel, but right now, it’s easy to forget that every human being has their story, right?

Tirralan Watkins:   Yeah. I mean, I’ve interviewed people who, for example, I mentioned Sherri, she’s been homeless. Plus some other things that she went through. I’ve interviewed moms; they’ve gone through infertility, sexual trauma, and having to overcome that and still pursuing their passions, just all kinds of things. But they didn’t even let that stop them from going ahead in life and doing the thing that they feel that they were called to do.

Embracing Personal Stories and Struggles: Lessons from Successful Moms

Jen:   Well, even in your story, I think it’s interesting. You often start out feeling called to do one thing, and for some reason or other, you pivot in life. Yes. What was the deciding factor for you when you decided, “I’m gonna go back to school and be a writer. I’m gonna pivot,” as they say?

Tirralan Watkins:   So honestly, I don’t want to sound like a prude, and I might fail. It’s okay.

Jen:    That’s okay. We have people of all sorts here. Yes.

Tirralan Watkins:     Because of my background, being a Christian, and having a certain standard and things that I would not do, I came to find that there were too many things on the screen that I didn’t want to do. So I thought, what, I should just write about the things that I want to do. Even when I went back to school, I double majored in screenwriting and fiction.

Following the Creative Passion: A Journey Shared by Successful Moms

So I thought I was going to pursue screenwriting, which I still would like to pursue one day, but I have so many things on my plate. I started thinking, let me just write things that I would want to be in, that I would want to promote, and things like that. So that’s what got me interested in the writing aspect of it. And then, just being in that small writing group with my husband, because he’s a very proficient writer, he’s an excellent writer, he’s just kind of made that passion grow in me. It just kept going from there.

Jen:    I think that’s a good lesson in sometimes you start out in something, and you don’t know all the ins and outs of it, or what lines you might have to cross that maybe you’re not comfortable crossing, things that just don’t align with you, whether it’s for religious reasons, moral reasons, or whatever. Yeah. Do I change everything now? Is that okay?

Tirralan Watkins:    Right.

Jen:     That’s rough, but you did it. That’s awesome. Now I have to ask, do you ever work with your husband? Do you ever write together?

Collaboration and Aspirations: Stories of Successful Mom Partnerships

Tirralan Watkins:     We would like to write together one day. But as far as working, we did produce a clean comedy several years ago. I was a producer. He wrote it. I’m just thinking about it. Yeah, we did work together, actually. And we’re still married? It wasn’t challenging, though. It was challenging at first because you have to learn how that person works and incorporate your personality with theirs.

Jen:     Oh, my gosh.

Tirralan Watkins:   In his thesis because he has a master’s in film at USC. So I helped him with the thesis with his final project. I was a producer on the project. Right back in my brain. Yeah, we have worked together, and we would like to do some more projects in the future.

Jen:     My husband and I have worked together in several different capacities. We’ve been actors in films together. We’ve attempted to write things together. We were real estate agents together, and let me tell you, wow, it was a disaster.

Person writing in a notepad.

How Jen and Tirralan Pursued The Same Careers As Their Husbands.

Tirralan Watkins:   Wait, did you guys pursue the same careers at the same time?

Jen:    Yeah. We met in acting school in college, and then we were actors. Then, of course, we needed money because we were actors. We both decided to go and become real estate agents. Then we got hired at the same office, and then they said, “Oh, you’re married. You should be a team.” That was challenging because to be 24/7, working with the person that your married to, it’s nice to go home to someone who wasn’t with you working all day. And yes, to talk to you about something else. Right? Yeah.

Tirralan Watkins:     Were you guys still actors at the time during your real estate positions? Yeah. Wow.

Jen:    That was a ways back. So we don’t do that anymore. But

Tirralan Watkins:    It’s so funny. I got my real estate license, too, when I was doing the acting thing. You’re thinking, what can I do that’s flexible? And that I can still go on auditions and things like that.

Jen:     It kind of brings us also to the life of motherhood. So when you’re a kid, you have to find a way to make a living that fits in around the all-encompassing ness of being a mom. Do you, when you interview all these really successful moms, how do they make it work? How do they be a good mom but still work?

Interviewing High-Profile Moms

Tirralan Watkins:    I feel like a lot of them have. They all have different stories? I asked that question regarding the proverbial work-life balance, and I feel like there’s no one answer or common thread. Some people make it work, like some women who, let’s say, they’re traveling, they may not see their child for a couple of months, but it works for them because they see them during some of the off months. Some of them may take their children with them when they’re on set, and they’re there with them.

So I feel like there are a lot of different answers to that one as a successful mom. Especially, I feel like when you have a high-profile position, I mean, honestly, most of them, they have nannies and people that are going to help them balance it all. Because when you get to that level, you can afford to have that, and they hire help to assist them. But I know that the everyday mom, a lot of them, they’re just doing it on their own, and they can’t afford a nanny or someone else. So it’s a little different.

Sherry – A Favorite Celebrity Interview

Jen:     Well, going back to the everyday mom, all of us here watch these moms. And when we think, “Wow, she’s doing so great,” we have to remember that she might have a lot of help. And someday, we will too.

Tirralan Watkins:    Yeah, it’s still hard…

Jen:     Different things that are difficult.

Tirralan Watkins:    When you’re right. Exactly. Exactly.

Jen:    Do you have a favorite celebrity that you’ve interviewed?

Tirralan Watkins:    I’ve been asked this before. I think it’s Sherry. I’ve interviewed her twice. She’s actually a longtime friend from back in the day too. But when I interview her, I feel like she’s so authentic and real and funny. Even the last time I interviewed her, our interview went so long, way over. I had to call her back because we were just like, she can just talk and just be transparent. In my mind, I’m like, “Oh, I’m definitely not going to put that there.” But she’s so honest. She just says what she wants to say. And I’m like, “I’m definitely not going to put this in the piece. I don’t want to go here.”

Jen:     How far are we gonna go here, right?

Getting Started And Just Focusing On Celebrity Moms.

Tirralan Watkins:    I started off initially just focusing on celebrity moms, but I’ve expanded it to just high-profile moms, moms at the top of their game, and their careers.

Jen:    Well, there’s so much crossover, too, in our world today. It’s not just movie stars; there are other people now, like business people, that start businesses and get reality shows. And yes,

Tirralan Watkins:    I know. Right? I feel like a lot of businesses have high-profile individuals like you can be a celebrity designer, a celebrity chef, or a great celebrity shoe shiner. Do you know what I’m saying? Yeah, like in any field, you can elevate it to that level.

Jen:    I think that the internet and social media sort of gave us that opportunity. Tell me about your kids. How old are they?

Navigating the Teen Years as a Mom

Tirralan Watkins:    Yes, my kids are two boys. They’re 13 and 14, soon to be 15. Oh, wow. Two teenagers. Yes. Going into eighth and 10th grade?

Jen:     Wow. Well, not only do you look too young for that, but you look like a teenager.

Tirralan Watkins:     I know. I get that all the time. So

Jen:    My oldest is about to turn 13. So we thought this is going to be fun. Yeah, the teen years are going to be quite a ride. I can tell already.

Tirralan Watkins:     Yeah, I can’t you tell that you feel like it’s gone by too fast? When they hit their teen years.

Jen:     Of course, I know it’s a cliche, but it’s totally true.

Tirralan Watkins:    Yeah. I start thinking about how many more years you have at home with them. Like, I feel like, you know…

Jen:     And then what will you do when they’re not at home? You’ll have a whole life ahead of us. After that is whole challenge in and of itself.

Pursuing Passions Beyond Motherhood

Tirralan Watkins:    I think that’s why it’s good for moms to have passions outside their kids, too. Of course, some moms, when their kids graduate or go off, feel like they don’t have anything for themselves, right?

Jen:    You know, they’ve lost all the things they were interested in in the meantime.

Tirralan Watkins:    Yeah.

Jen:     That’s really good stuff. Can you tell everybody where they can find you on all the social media platforms, etc.?

Tirralan Watkins:    Yes, so you can find me at Tinseltownmom.com. I also have a podcast, “Time Out with Tinseltown Mom,” you can find that on all the platforms. And I have an online shop selling accessories for women, like tote bags, phone cases, air pod cases, things like that.

Jen:    Very fun because, you know, your kid is going to steal half of those things. So you’re gonna…

Tirralan Watkins:    Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And if you get one that’s mom-themed, maybe they won’t steal it.

Jen:    Yeah, that’s a good point. Yeah, I have a lot of mom-themed stuff on there.

Tirralan Watkins:    Yes, I hope so. Thank you,

Jen. Thanks Tirralan!

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