We’re no Princess Kate Post Baby… #Sweatpants for Kate on MomCave LIVE

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The internet was buzzing last week with talk about Princess Kate post baby and her first public appearance. Less than 12 hours after giving birth, she stepped out onto the steps of St. Mary’s Hospital and presented the new royal bundle to a frenzied crowd of reporters. She looked beautiful, hair shiny, (clean!), and styled, makeup worthy of a red carpet, sporting a frock in cheery yellow and WHITE (!?!) and lady-like heels. Some of us were snarky and jealous, some sympathetic. But most of us were just plain confounded.

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In case you want details: Jenny Packham dress (approx £2,000), Jimmy Choo pumps (£360)

Lynn Morrison‘s Can We Get Princess Kate Some Sweatpants? over at BluntMoms struck the perfect tone. She started the tongue-in-cheek hashtag campaign #SweatPantsforKate. An excerpt:

So in case you’re thinking of sending a little something to let the royal family know you care, might we suggest a “Sit Yo Ass Down” themed gift basket with some compression knee-highs, mesh underwear and a few back issues of Us Weekly. And for goodness sake, don’t forget to include a pair of sweatpants!

Watch this week’s episode of MomCave LIVE on (below) as we hold a telethon to raise awareness of sore, torn,and bleeding lady-parts everywhere and lobby for #SweatpantsforKate.

We’ve collected some photos (see gallery below) of what us ROYAL women look like hours after pushing a bowling ball through their who-has or having the little bugger cut out of their abdomen. Tweet or Facebook us YOUR post-birth photo and we may share it with our audience. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SweatpantsforKate

We also have an amazing giveaway going on where you can win a Labor Gown from Milk & Baby. It’s no Jenny Packham dress, but it’s waaaay more attractive and comfy than a scratchy hospital-issued gown. Enter below.

We’re no Princess Kate post baby! MomCave LIVE #SweatpantsForKate

What us NON-Royals look like after giving birth…

Thanks to the brave mamas who shared their post-birth photos so far: Jessica from Herd-Management.com Amy from TheOutnumberedMother.com Ashley from BigTopFamily.com Cheryl from Just For Moms Blog Jen from MomCaveTV.com Hannah from sKIDmarking.com Stephanie from FootballFoodandMotherhood.com Rachael from RachRiot.com Elle from AnotherDayAnotherDiaper.com Geanine from SchoolYardStyle.com Megan from FashionistaMomma.com Reesa from MommaLew.com Ashley Fuchs from TheMalleableMom.com Cheryl from MommyDrinksWineandSwears.com


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  • Any one can look like Kate less that 12 hours after birth if they have their own makeup and hair stylist. I would rather be bonding with my baby rather than being preened to ‘perfection’. Who cares what you look like you have just had a baby and are lacking sleep. I think the au natural look is much better


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