Ways To Have the Best Halloween House on the Block

Ways To Have the Best Halloween House on the Block

Picture this. It’s Halloween, and the night is coming to an end. You’re sitting with a half-full bucket of candy and thinking about the night. As you take a bite of your sixth mini-Snicker’s bar, you think, “Hmm. I wonder why a lot of kids didn’t stop by this year?” Maybe there are some things you could do differently. Check out ways to have the best Halloween house on the block for suggestions.

Start Decorating Early

How do you show the neighborhood you’re the superior mom? You start decorating early. I show my neighbors who’s the boss around here by setting a precedent for the Halloween decorations. On October 1, I’m always the first in line at the store buying the coolest supplies. I’m not ashamed about carrying ten fake spiderwebs and seven witches’ hats to my car. I know I look super cool. You don’t have to say it.

Once I get home, I transform my house into the ultimate Halloween spot. Not only are my neighbors jealous, but the kids are already getting excited. Trust me; if you start decorating early, you will be the talk of the town.

Pick a Fun Theme

Along with decorating early, it’s fun to pick a theme for your house. One year, I did “Ghouls and Goblins,” and although it was a bit scary, the older kids thought it was cool. When it’s time to pick your theme, think about the latest trends, things your kids like, or something you never did before. If you want an ultra-scary realistic theme, decorate the house with student loan bills, a broken coffee maker, and the scariest of them all, pictures of you from the 80s.

Buy the Best Candy

Of course, the best thing about Halloween is the candy. Kids don’t willingly ring stranger doorbells for nothing. They want the goods. Over the years, I found that having candy that kids want is the best way to go. Don’t be the house that gives out “bad candy” unless you’re cool with glares from small children and fast-paced walks of twelve-year-olds zooming to your neighbor’s place. Instead, ask your kids the type of candy they like or notice the candy that flies off the shelves at your grocery store.

Here’s a tip: did you know strawberry is one of the most popular hard candies of all time? So buy something strawberry flavored, and the kids will love it.

Halloween is right around the corner, and you can practically hear the candy, costumes, and decorations flying off the shelves. I want you to have the best house on Halloween. If you need help doing so, feel free to look back at the ways to have the best Halloween house on the block for my recommendations.

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