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Valentine's Day Gifts for Moms MomCave
MomCave is all about authenticity. Meaning we’ll never bullsh*t you! Many blogs disguise their sponsored posts as “content.” See, they need to make a few bucks to keep the blog up and running but don’t want their readers to know. Not us.
YOU, our MomCavers, are the focus of So, we only partner with products with you that we love ourselves and that we think will make #momlife easier. 

Dudes, enough with the drugstore chocolates and flowers. Now that we’ve birthed a few humans, that just doesn’t cut it. In fact, why don’t you just let us tell you what to get us? It’s easier that way.

We’ve got a video of Valentine’s Day gifts for moms that we curated ourselves. So one day while the kids were in school, Dina and I bought our own drugstore chocolates and pigged out while making you this video. Read below for more about each product, including discount codes and giveaways. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms

You! Lingerie

We can’t believe we didn’t know about You Lingerie back when we were preggers. That knowledge would have saved us (and our baby daddies) from some really fugly granny panties and utilitarian nursing bras. You Lingerie is on a mission to make breastfeeding and expecting moms feel confident and look beautiful everyday. They believe that pregnancy and breastfeeding are beautiful, your nursing and maternity lingerie should be too.

We have an exclusive discount for our MomCavers: Get 30% off sitewide using MOMCAVELOVE! and…

We’re Giving Away THREE $75 gift cards to You! Lingerie

PinUp Girl Clothing

If I had a penny for every penny I’ve spent on dresses from PinUp Girl Clothing, well… I’d have a lot more cash. I’ve been obsessed with their retro-inspired designs for years. I even wore some of their dresses as hot mama pinup maternity dresses. 

They are the first company to do more than pay lip service to the idea that beauty is not a size, shape, color or age. Pinup Girl clothing offers stunning editorial photography by Laura Byrnes and her team of talented photographers featuring models from size Extra Small to 4X to showcase their designs. 

Bissell Crosswave

Men of the world–do NOT buy your partner a vacuum or mop for Valentine’s Day. That’s just insensitive. UNLESS you nab the Bissell Crosswave.

It’s the best of both worlds, doing several jobs in one. It’s a vacuum that mops AND cleans carpets, too. Think of it this way, if you save your partner time on the stupid task of cleaning, she might have more time to attend to sexier matters. Maybe even in lingerie and pinup dresses!

But better yet, just buy the Crosswave, get all sexy yourself, (i.e. shower maybe)  and CLEAN FOR HER. I guarantee that a man vacuuming is one of the hugest turn-ons and one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for moms. Seriously, I speak from experience.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Moms MomCave


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