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A Robot that Weeds Your Garden? It’s a thing! Who knew that one of the coolest tools for weeding gardens would be a solar-powered robot?

Pulling weeds out of our gardens is one of those tedious tasks that we all dread. But what if there was a robot that could do it for you? Well, now there is!

Have you met Tertill? It’s the world’s first solar-powered automatic weeding robot for home gardens! It’s basically a cross between a Roomba and a weed-whacker. Tertill patrols your garden, powered by the sun, and chops down any plant under 3 inches tall. (So it doesn’t harm YOUR plants!) Tertill’s heavy-duty wheels aerate the soil, too!

I am obsessed with my Tertill garden weeding robot! It’s from the inventor of the Roomba robotic vacuum. Tertill is the ultimate gardening hack for busy (or lazy…. ) home gardeners. (Total #slackermom here.) It runs on solar power so you never have to remember to charge it. There’s no programming. The company continually updates the software to help Tertill weed your garden more effectively. All YOU have to do is just push the button and it goes!

Who Needs a “Yard Boy” When You Can Have a Tertill Weed Your Garden?

Tertill operates basically like a tiny weed whacker. It only whacks weeds over 3 inches tall so that it doesn’t weed out your plants and veggies! If a plant is over the height limit, it will hit the side of the Tertill and the smart little bugger will turn around and leave it alone. If Tertill runs into something under the height limit, it will use its tiny string weed whacker to whack the weed away.

You can use the included metal guards to protect your young plants until they reach the 3-inch height. Because Tertill uses height to determine which plants to weed, you need to start with a weed-free garden, either at the start of the season or after manually weeding for one last time.

Tertill is basically set and forget! I’ve been using mine for two gardening seasons now and it’s my favorite garden gadget ever.

And Tertill’s only mission isn’t keeping your garden weed free. Tertill’s heavy-duty wheels also aerate the soil as it goes, making your garden healthier and happier. It doesn’t just pull the weeds. It prevents weeds!

Does Tertill Weeding Robot Mean the Robots will Take Over?

Each adorable little robot can patrol and keep a 200-square-foot garden weed-free. I have several raised beds and I move the Tertill between them as needed. I have no need for any other tools for weeding my garden.

This season, the company behind Tertill introduced a new line of fertilizer products to take the guesswork out of fertilizing your garden. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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