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The Moms play the game “Two Truths and a Lie” on this episode of MOM GAMES Sponsored by Piper Lou with Heather Brooker of Motherhood in Hollywood. Join in for some laughs.

Two Truths and a Lie | Heather Brooker on MOM GAMES Sponsored by Piper Lou

Jen: Welcome to MOM GAMES. The interactive live broadcast, where you get to play games with us. It’s sponsored by Piper Lou, you can win stuff from them. Grab your drink of choice, whatever it may be. And we are going to play “Two Truths and a Lie.”

I’m Jen. This is my co-host Dina. I don’t know where you are on the screen ’cause we’re on different screens. Dina’s somewhere. And we have a great guest tonight, we have Heather Brooker. Hi Heather.

Meet Heather Brooker

Heather Brooker: Hi ladies, so nice to see you. You guys are up late on the east coast.

Jen: No, not that bad. I, see I’m one of those people that stays up way too late scrolling through like TikTok and then-

Heather Brooker: Oh, same.

Jen: …regrets it in the morning and I’m like, why did I do this?

Heather Brooker: Every single night I’m like,”I’m going to go to bed.” And then like three hours later, I’m like, “What am I doing with my life? [Dina Laughs] I’m watching other people create all of this fun stuff and I’m laying here going, haha that’s funny. That’s funny, I should try that.”

Jen: And swipe and swipe. And my husband’s always like, “Are you on that Chinese app again?”

Heather Brooker: Yes.

Dina: I’m with your husband. I don’t have TikTok.

Jen: Hi Brittany. Hello, a lot of people are watching. Hi everybody.

Jen: Lots of people joining on Instagram. So we’re live on Instagram and Facebook in a bizarre MacGyver situation with multiple devices.

Heather Brooker: So smart though, I love it.

Jen: If you lose us on one of them, come to the other. [Jen laughs] So let me tell you a little, let me tell everybody a little bit about you, Heather. Let me brag on you a little bit. Okay so, we haven’t seen Heather in like five years.

Dina: Has it been that long?

Heather Brooker: I think it may have even been longer. Like you guys were I think were some of my first guests. I don’t know if I was your first guest on MomCave LIVE, but I think I was towards the beginning, right?

Jen: You were, you were, yup. So Heather was a guest on MomCave Live and I was a guest on her podcast, which is Motherhood in Hollywood.

Heather Brooker: Yes.

Jen: You should check it out because Heather is in Hollywood. Because she is…. let me make sure, tell me if I don’t get this right, okay?

Heather Brooker: Okay.

Jen: You are an Emmy award-winning journalist, comedian, actress, mom.

Heather Brooker: All of the above. That’s right!

Jen: You’re all these things.

Heather Brooker: Yes, all of the things.

Jen: If anyone can be a mom and be ANY of the things I think they deserve credit.

Heather Brooker: Right? Like we don’t, we all need a little more credit for just the little things. Honestly, I see, you know people think that I do a lot of stuff but then I see some women who are like CEOs of major corporations and like really truly non-stop work. And I’m like, what am I doing with my life? I feel like such a slacker.

Jen: Yeah, when I see these people that are like–I’m not going to say how old I am, but it has a four in it–and when I see these people that are like 30 and they’re a CEO and they do all this volunteer work and they have a retirement account and they have like five kids.

Heather Brooker: Wow.

Jen; It makes me feel like such a slacker.

Heather Brooker: Yes. Well, I mean, listen, we only do what we can do. That’s one thing I’m learning as I get older, as it’s like, I want to do all the things, especially ’cause I don’t know about you guys, but when I get close to my birthday, I start going, “My life is almost over. I have to do everything. I haven’t made it yet. I’m not, you know, the big star I want to be. I’m not on my TV show.” So I start panicking and try to do all the things.

Jen: Right.

Heather Brooker: And my husband is just like, “Chill.”

Heather Brooker: Chill out, girl.

You can only do what you can do. Like it is what it is. Either you’re going to make it or you ain’t, you know what I mean? And that’s hard for me to process because I want to do all the things.

Jen: Yeah.

Hollywood vs Cold Places

Heather Brooker: Especially actors and like creative types that we are,

Jen: Yes.

Heather Brooker: It’s hard to see, it’s hard not to want to be creative and do all the things. I think that’s also why we love TikTok so much.

Jen: I think so. ‘Cause you can do creative things, like really tiny things, really fast.

Heather Brooker: Yeah just like a little nugget, a little nugget of creativity.

Jen: It feels great.

Heather Brooker: Yeah.

Jen: I’m going around and sharing this in all of our places right now.

Heather Brooker: I’m picking my nose for a second,

Jen: Oh, please do.

Heather Brooker: I got some sweater dander in my nose.

Dina: Oh no.

Heather Brooker: So I’m like, what’s happening.

Jen: Well, you know this time of year, you often have things worse than sweater dander in your nose.

Heather Brooker: That’s true.

Dina: Seriously.

Heather Brooker: How’s the weather right now on the east coast? How are you guys doing? Because it was terribly gorgeous here today.

Jen: It has snowed. Make us jealous. How warm was it?

Heather Brooker: It was like in the low seventies, upper sixties, clear blue skies. Like I was wearing a short sleeve dress.

Jen: Ugh.

Dina: So jealous.

Heather Brooker: It was just so miserable. It was horrible.

Dina: So jealous.

Jen: So amazing. No, the only thing is, it is like the whole holiday season

Heather Brooker: Sure yeah.

Jen: It is my, I love, love, love Christmas. The rest of the winter can suck it. But I love Christmas.

Dina: And you live in Massachusetts.

Jen: I know. If I had my choice of the climate to move to, I never would have moved here. It’s just one of those life things, where life takes you somewhere because of all these other reasons. And if you had planned it, there is no way I would’ve done it.

Heather Brooker: And Massachusetts is so beautiful. I’ve been there in the summer. And I remember thinking like, oh gosh, this is so picturesque and dreamy.

It’s great in the summer.

It’s green and like how gorgeous.

Jen: I love it in the summer.

Dina: Yeah, for eight weeks. It only lasts eight weeks.

Jen: And then you’re just, you’re just miserable. But, but that brings me to our sponsor for this show Mom Games, is Piper Lou. And if you go to, you will get a laugh, especially about all things winter because they sell all these crazy things like my shirt says, can you see it?

Heather Brooker: Oh balls.

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Jen: Oh balls. What does your shirt say, Dina?

Dina: I want it to be a nice person, however, but everyone is just so stupid.

Heather Brooker: Oh my gosh. I’m going to follow. What is Piper Lou? What is their Instagram? I’ll follow them. Those are so cute.

Jen: I think it’s just Piper Lou. I will look it up. It’s yeah, and I have a coupon code. It’s MOMCAVE, of course, for unlimited buy one get one free. Unlimited.

Heather Brooker: Piper Lou, I’m on it guys. Follow them. Following the sponsor, showing some sponsor love.

Jen: Show them some love because they’re enabling us to tonight play this game and drink and chat and talk with you. But I want you guys to play along too. So we have some people joining from New Zealand.

Heather Brooker: Ohh.

Jen: It’s low thirties here in Michigan, says Anne Marie, slight dusting of snow. Aww, I think Michigan is worse than Massachusetts. So I’m sorry.

Heather Brooker: I think it might be just a little bit, but they’re both pretty tough. I mean, both are pretty rough in the winter. I’m going to pull you up on Facebook too so I can see both lives happening.

Jen: Oh cool. Yeah.

Heather Brooker: Just the more chances to see my face really is what I want.

Jen: Yeah, right.

Dina: I love your glasses. Those are cool.

Heather Brooker: Thank you. These are 3D-printed glasses, actually.

Dina: Really?

Heather Brooker: Yeah, they’re made on a 3D printer. It’s this company called Fitz Frames and they have an app and you basically scan your face with a bunch of different angles and pictures and everything. And then you take a picture of your prescription, choose your frame, which frame you like better on your face, and then just upload it, send it off. And then like two weeks later you get your glasses. So great. Love it. I have like every color including blue and green and red and yellow and light blue and yeah, they’re so great. I love it.

Jen: Yeah, you could have your red and green for Christmas.

Heather Brooker: Yes, that’s why I busted out the red. I was like, it’s time for my red glasses.

Two Truths And A Lie: Sanskrit?

Jen: For being in LA, you look very Christmas-y so cheers to that. Okay, you guys who are watching, you are going to join along with us in the comments because we’re going play the game Two Truths and a Lie together, interactively with you and somebody is going to win something awesome from Piper Lou. So you have to play along to win. Obviously. Do you guys know the game Two Truths and a Lie?

Heather Brooker: Yes.

Jen: Dina did not. Shockingly. Dina, you know so many things you really do, but not this.

Dina: Not that one.

Jen: Not this thing. So Two Truths and a Lie is a game where you say two things that are true and one thing that isn’t and the other people have to guess what thing is the lie.

Heather Brooker: Okay.

Jen: I don’t know how you make that into a drinking game. I guess if you get it wrong, you have to drink.

Heather Brooker: If you get it wrong, yeah you drink.

Jen: I guess, but-

Heather Brooker: Or if you get it right, you drink. I mean, whatever.

Jen: Just drink.

Heather Brooker: Whichever way, everyone wins.

Jen: Whatever you need, just have fun I guess is what I’m saying. So, okay everybody that’s watching in the comments we want you to play along. I guess I should go first since it was my idea to do this silly game. Okay, here’s my Two Truths and a Lie. I was Miss Teen Maryland, I do not like most fruits and I studied Sanskrit in college.

Heather Brooker: Oh, those are juicy.

Jen: All right guys. What do you think? Comment, tell us.

Heather Brooker: We have to tell you which one we think is the truth and which one is a lie. So I think that you, I feel like you might’ve been a Miss Teen something and I mean that in the nicest way.

Jen: Well, there is a nice and a not nice way to mean it, so thank you.

Heather Brooker: I do mean that in the nicest way.

Jen: Nicest way. Right? Okay, good.

Heather Brooker: So, I think that’s a truth. And I think you probably did study Sanskrit. I don’t know why, that’s such a specific sort of thing. And then what was the second one you said?

Jen: I don’t like most fruits.

Heather Brooker: Oh, I think that’s true. That sounds real and also a lot of fruit is gross. Just eat sugar, just eat sugar.

Jen: Okay, somebody on Instagram is saying the fruit thing and somebody on Facebook is saying, number two is the lie. What was the second one I said?

Dina: The fruit.

Heather Brooker: Fruit, yeah.

Jen: You think the fruit is the lie? Okay, well the Sanskrit is the lie. I did not study Sanskrit at all. And I just, I don’t like fruit. Call me stupid. I hate fruit.

Jen: Stephanie said she shared. Thank you, Stephanie. If you guys want to put in Two Truths and a Lie of your own in the comments, we’ll read it. Okay, who wants to go next? Who’s up?

Mom Games: Sleeping Nude

Heather Brooker: Dina, go for it.

Dina: Ugh, okay. I currently have a dog laying in my lap, I just turned 48 on Monday and I love sleeping in the nude.

Jen: Wow. Hmm, I know you pretty well.

Heather Brooker: I feel like some of those Jen would probably already know.

Dina: Yeah, Jen can’t answer.

Jen: Heather, you have to answer this one.

Heather Brooker: All right, so I think that you probably do have a dog laying in your lap ’cause you looked down when you said it,

Dina: Very observant.

Heather Brooker: You were like, there’s a dog. And then…

Dina: I’m not a good liar.

Heather Brooker: I think maybe you did turn 48 on Monday. I think that was probably the truth. And then, what was the last one again?

Dina: I like sleeping in the nude.

Heather Brooker: Oh, I think that’s the lie because that’s yeah, that’s really intense. Naked sleeping is very…

Jen: There’s no way you sleep in the nude because your family barges in and out of your room all the time.

Dina: Yes, you’re right.

Heather Brooker: Yeah, and you’re also wearing like two shirts and I feel like It’s cold.

Jen: Wait, that’s a lot of shirts.

Heather Brooker: People who like to sleep in the nude generally also don’t like clothes so.

Jen: Right.

Heather Brooker: That’s my scientific deduction. I think that the last one is the lie.

Dina: Very good Sherlock Holmes-ing.

Jen: Yeah, that’s like detective work. And so Anne Marie on Facebook and Bunny Schaffer on Facebook, they got, they both got it right. Cool. Okay, Heather.

Air Force and Neil Diamond

Heather Brooker: Are you ready? Okay. All right. I have flown with the Air Force Air Refueling Wing as it fueled a fighter jet in midair.

Jen: Whoa.

Heather Brooker: My first concert was Neil Diamond, a Neil Diamond concert, and for the last one I would say I have one brother and three sisters.

Jen: Um, gosh. You’re really good at this.

Jen: Okay, everybody comment and tell us what you think the lie is there. I feel like all those things could be true. The Air Force thing would be really unusual, but kind of awesome, and if that had happened, I would just throw that out there in every conversation. So maybe that’s what you’re doing.

Dina: The last one was a lie because you hesitated.

Jen: Bunny Shaffer says number two, Stephanie Foster says number one, Anne Marie is saying number two.

Heather Brooker: And on Facebook, they’re saying the last one is a lie. Motherhood union, hi ladies, is saying the last one is a lie. is saying the last one is a lie, that handle is ridiculous. And then somebody said the first one is a lie about the air refueling wing.


Dina: You got me stumped.

Jen: Yeah, I’m going to go with the wisdom of Dina. The last one was a little hesitant.

Heather Brooker: Final answer?

Jen: Yeah.

Heather Brooker: That is correct. I’m an only child. I do not have any brothers and sisters and I have flown with the Air Refueling Wing and Neil Diamond was my first concert and I still remember it to this day. [singing] We’re coming to America today.

Jen: Sounds so fun.

Heather Brooker: It was with my mom. I was eight years old and my mom was like, “Neil Diamond’s coming. Let’s go see him.”

Jen: What a great memory to have with your mom.

Heather Brooker: Totally. Totally.

Jen: Oh my gosh.

Heather Brooker: I would totally remember. That was such a fun concert. I think I was about my daughter’s age, yeah, I was my daughter’s age now, she’s eight so

Jen: That’s so sweet.

Heather Brooker: Pretty much everybody guessed it. I think a few people on Facebook thought that the first one’s, Anne Marie thought the second one was a lie, Bunny thought the second one was a lie.

Only Children

Jen: I don’t know, you’re pretty good. Buddy Schaffer is saying she’s also an only child. Sometimes I understand why it would be better to be an only child because my kids keep hitting each other, but they have each other, so.

Heather Brooker: Honestly it goes back and forth. Like I, when I was growing up, I loved being an only child ’cause I got all the attention. I got all the presents and I was everyone’s favorite. I was my grandma’s favorite. Do you know what I mean? So when you’re little, at least for me, I had that perspective. I’m also a Scorpio. So I love, selfishly love all the attention. Now that I’m older I do wish I had brothers and sisters to help, to like just, you know, have like that companionship in older age, somebody sort of to commiserate with about, you know, taking care of parents when they get older and that sort of thing so that’s when you start to go, man, I wish I had a brother or sister, but it’s too late now. It is what it is.

Jen: It is what it is. I mean it’s so nice for kids to have aunts and uncles and cousins, I think that’s amazing. Your parents could, if your parents are still with us, they could adopt a child and then you’d have a sibling. It’s never too late.

Heather Brooker: It’s a little too late.

My mom’s a little cray-cray and my dad passed away like years ago when I was 12. So it’s a little too late. I’m a little too late for that. But like, listen, I think also too, what’s great about being an only child is that sort of, your friends become your family and your friendships then become the most important thing to you, you know what I mean? Like it forces me to get outside the comfort zone and in certain, you know, for certain people and certain, sorry, I had a notification, but for me, my friends are my everything and they still are to this day, you know?

Jen: Yeah. I think you have to make your own family in a way,

Heather Brooker: For sure.

Jen: Especially because everybody lives so far away from each other now. Let’s see, Stephanie says, that is so true. I wish I had siblings, I lost my dad at 17 and my mom at 21.

Dina: Oh wow, that sucks.

Jen: We didn’t know tonight was going to get sad, but we’re sorry to hear that.

From Sad to Butt Sex

Heather Brooker: Listen, shout out to my only children in the world. I’m always fascinated with their stories because I wonder like, my daughter is an only child and I’m always curious about how she’s going to navigate the world. Like, I feel very lucky and very blessed that I’ve had, you know, I mean, I met my husband when I was 21 and we’ve been together ever since, you know, so I’ve never really been alone in adulthood. So I feel really lucky in that way.

But it’s a different world now. I don’t know if people are people meeting and falling in love in their twenties anymore. Like, I don’t know. I feel like maybe just LA, but everybody waits until they’re like in their thirties and forties and stuff. So I’m always curious to hear how only children are navigating the world. It’s so different than when we were kids, you guys. It’s so different now, dating is different, everything is different.

Jen: Oh my God, thank God there’s no dating that I have to do anymore.

Dina: You couldn’t pay me enough to do that.

Heather Brooker: No. I mean LA, especially like dating in LA, it sounds terrible. My friends tell me the worst stories, you know? And I’m like, it just sounds terrible. And here’s what cracks me up. None of them want my advice.

Jen: Really.

Heather Brooker: Yeah, I’m like listen.

Jen: Even though you’re like the happily-married-for-a-long-time lady.

Heather Brooker: I’m like by the way, I’ve been married a very long time, been in a stable relationship. You’re the one that’s doing butt sex on a Friday night because you can’t find anybody else to hang out with. Let me give you some tips. Maybe don’t do the butt sex on the first date. Maybe save that one.

Jen: Right. At least the second date.

Heather Brooker: At least the second date, but then again, it’s like, ah, whatever, if it makes you happy do it. So why not?

Jen: We only live once.

Heather Brooker: See, you see that, we went from like, oh, this is sad to butt sex. So, you know.

Jen: That’s what happens on MomCave if you didn’t already know.

Heather Brooker: I brought it back around, ladies.

Jen: I mean, that’s what we do. It’s always like that. If you are just joining in this is MOM GAMES sponsored by Piper Lou and what we do is we play games and talk and chat and laugh and you get to play with us. So play along in the comments, we’re playing Two Truths and a Lie. Somebody’s going to win something awesome from Piper Lou, and if you just want to go shop, use our code MOMCAVE for unlimited buy one get one free, on amazing stuff like, have you seen my mug tonight? It says, Merry Christmas Shitter’s Full. And Dina’s says Don’t Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle.

Merry Christmas Shitter's Full Mug from Piper Lou while Jen and Annie play Do or Die questions on MOM Games Code MOMCAVE for Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1 Free at

Heather Brooker: I love it.

Shitter’s Full

Jen: Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. Okay, Two Truths and a Lie. All right, here I will go. Today I forgot how old I was for like an hour, I love camping and I don’t really mind that my youngest child still comes and sleeps in my bed every single night. So, one of those things is a lie.

Jen: Hmm. Play along in the comments guys. What do you think?

Heather Brooker: I mean, I feel like I know.

Jen: You feel like you know.

Heather Brooker: I think my personal, I’m letting my personal feelings maybe get involved in this one as well. I also know how I feel about some of those things.

Jen: Yeah, so I love camping, I don’t mind my daughter coming into my bed every single night. What was the other things? Oh, and I forgot how old I was for like a whole hour today.

Heather Brooker: I feel like that that probably happens. Like that, you forget how old you are, ’cause I’ll be driving sometimes and just forget like for 10 minutes and be like well, how did I get here? What, you know,

Jen: Where am I going?

Heather Brooker: I’m at that age now where I’m like, what am I, what am I doing? And I don’t know. I also feel like I would love it if my daughter, every once in a while would come in and like give snuggles and stuff like that, so that wouldn’t bother me as much. So I’m thinking maybe that one might be okay, not every night ’cause I don’t need that. But for me it’d be, I feel like the camping one is a lie. Camping is terrible.

Jen: Camping is horrible. Somehow during the pandemic, my husband talked me into buying an RV.

Dina: I thought you like to camp because you got the RV.

Jen: No, I hate it. I did it, growing up every weekend like it was the thing. So, you know when you grow up doing something, it’s like your family thing, you rebel, I’m totally rebelling, but he wanted an RV and to make him happy we got an RV, but you guys there’s so much dealing with shit, I can’t even tell you, like literal shit. There’s so much work, I’ll take a hotel with a gym and a pool and a restaurant any day.

Dina: Yep.

Heather Brooker: Yeah.

Jen: Yeah, totally. I find it funny a lot of people were guessing that number three is a lie, about my daughter coming into my bed every night.

Heather Brooker: No, I think you, I bet you like that. I bet that’s,

Jen: I actually do. I like it. We have a king-size bed, she’s really snuggly and I’m, you know, I’m fairly 99% certain this is my last child. So I feel it’s my baby and she won’t do it forever.

Dina: Yeah.

Heather Brooker: We’ll never get that time back, that little snuggle time so I feel like moms would be like, okay, like just for a little bit, you know what I mean? ‘Cause they’re not, there’s going to come a time where they’re not going to want to do that anymore, they’re not going to want to hold our hands anymore. They’re going to be like, “Mom, get away.” My daughter’s already kind of starting to do that. And I’m like [crying noises]

Yeah, so I can see the snuggle part as being, is something you would want or enjoy.

Jen: I do enjoy the snuggle. We have a comment from Anne Marie saying, knowing you have an RV threw me off. And then Stephanie said, I’m currently living in an RV due to my situation. Hell, yes, it is a lot of shit. It is. Contact me privately, we can talk shit. I don’t know. I’m always researching better ways of dealing with it and everything but…

Dina: So, you have to clean out the shit from the shitter.

Jen: Oh for sure, yeah. So that’s why this is so funny because this is the line from Christmas Vacation. When he says, shitter’s full and he’s just emptying it like in front of their house. I don’t do that. Okay, whose turn is it?

Dina: It’s mine. It’s mine.

Okay Dina, hit us up.

Mom Games Talks Farts

Dina: Okay. I love the beach, love, love, love the beach. I don’t like camping and I love it when my children snuggle with me all night long like Jen does.

Jen: I feel like I’m really clear on this one. You guys, answer in the comments what you think is the lie.

Dina: I’m on live right now.

Jen: She’s telling her family. She’s like, “I’m on live.”

Heather Brooker: Get out of here, we’re doing stuff.

Jen: We’re busy being silly moms, playing a game. Stephanie Foster guesses number two is the lie. What was, wait. I can’t keep numbers straight.

Heather Brooker: I think that she probably does like camping. I don’t know why, I get camping vibes.

Jen: Yeah.

Heather Brooker: I bet that you do not like it when your kids come in and snuggle with you, maybe. I dunno, I think that one might be the lie.

Dina: Number three, I’ll explain. Close the door, out.

Heather Brooker: Did I nail it?

Jen: She’s showing us how she wants them to leave.

Heather Brooker: I nailed it.

Dina: Can you get out, please?

Heather Brooker: Totally nailed it.

Dina: Okay so, it’s not a hundred percent a lie. I like to snuggle with them, but my 10-year-old son has this new habit every morning of coming down, getting in the bed with us for a hot second, and doing a Dutch oven.

Jen: Oh!

Heather Brooker: Eww, and kids farts are the worst.

Dina: And he like shoves it over in my face. He’s like, Dutch oven. I’m like, goodbye.

Jen: He thought the first time he was doing something all like loving, right?

Dina: Yeah, yeah.Coming to snuggle.

Heather Brooker: ‘Cause you know they’re not eating enough vegetables so their farts are just rotten.

Dina: Yes.

Heather Booker: Just rotten to the core.

Jen: It’s so bad and they love the whole concept of farting, it’s hilarious. Hilarious, I mean, as much as possible.

Heather Brooker: Every day we talk about farts, every day there are fart jokes, fart talk, farting. Everyday. It’s insane.

Jen: My 11-year old’s favorite word is “stench.” He just uses that word at least once every 30 minutes. So he uses it as like, he calls people, “You’re a stench.” He says, “I smell a stench” or if something happens he doesn’t like, he’s like, “stench.” It’s bad.

Heather Brooker: Stench is the new, like what? Like stank, I dunno. What is?

Dina: I don’t know.

Heather Brooker: What are the kids saying nowadays? Sometimes my kid will come home and say something and I’m like, where did you hear that? Like, these kids are not, of course, I can’t think of any examples because I’m old and I forget things.

Jen: Well, this isn’t that new. Like, we did say this when we were young, but I find that they’re doing it a lot right now. My kid is saying sick, like, “Man, that’s sick.”

Heather Brooker: Oh, sick. Yeah.

Jen: As like a good thing. You don’t sound cool. We used to say that, you don’t sound cool.

Back To The Eighties

Heather Brooker: What’s old is new again, though. My daughter is obsessed with eighties stuff. She wants to wear her hair big all the time. She wants to wear neon colors. She’s like, I love the eighties. And I’m like, girl, I lived the eighties and I am here for this so whatever you need, I will get it. Neon lip gloss, let’s do it.

Dina: Is anyone else mourning the loss of the skinny jeans?

Jen: Yeah.

Heather Brooker: I mean, a little bit. Are they bringing back bell-bottoms?

Dina: So like right now, skinny jeans are no, like you’re supposed to get rid of them.

Heather Brooker: I’m not doing that. I look good in skinny jeans.

Dina: I’m not either. But we’re aging ourselves if we don’t.

Jen: Right.

Dina: So the bell-bottoms, stove-top, like all the big baggy, high-waisted.

Jen: We called them mom jeans.

Dina: Things that we wore in college, or I wore in college and high school are “in” now.

Jen: And we thought they were so yeah, they were

Heather Brooker: Like that high-waisted, yeah I’ve seen kids, like I’ve got a pair of jogger jeans that are basically like my dream jeans. They’re like stretchy expandable waistbands. And like, they are like cropped and they have stretchy around the ankles. They’re like sweatpants, but they’re made out of denim material. And I was like, this is what all the kids are wearing. And they wear them with like, but they wear them with like crop tops, you know, like the ribbed crop tops or something and I’m like, oh no, I’m not doing that. I’m just gonna wear them.

Jen: All the tops are like missing their bottoms pretty much, any fashionable store in the…

Heather Brooker: Back to crop tops.

Jen: No thank you.

Heather Brooker: Yeah, my daughter keeps asking me about wearing like half shirts and I’m like, no, you’re eight years old; we’re not doing that.

Jen: No, she’s so little.

Heather Brooker: So little, but like, ’cause some kids in her school are doing it and I think she sees, you know, kids and TV shows she watches doing it.

Jen: Yes.

Heather Brooker; And I’m like, you don’t need to do that.

Jen: That’s the cute look.

Stephanie says, “I wore bell-bottoms in high school and college.” Yeah, but that was so, I don’t know how old you are Stephanie, it was so long ago. We did wear those and then when the skinny jean came out, it was like, wow, this makes you look so much better. And now we don’t want to let that go.

Dina: No.

Heather Brooker: Yeah.

Jen: Right. Do you know they’re saying the same thing about where you part your hair?

Heather Brooker: Oh yes, the hair part.

Jen: The side part is a mom thing.

Heather Brooker: I’m a side part gal.

Jen: I know.

Heather Brooker: And I know that that dates me. Like, they’re all, like I’m instantly, you know, old lady ’cause I’ve got the side part and I’m like, I can not part my hair in the middle, it looks so bad.

Dina: Some people do not look good with the middle part.

Jen: No, I think I look awful with the middle part. No.

Heather Brooker: It’s so bad, even some of these kids shouldn’t be doing it, like they don’t look good either.

Viral TikToks, Vegas and Hot Guys

Jen: Some of them look like Japanese horror movies, you know like those girls in Japanese horror movies. Anyway, if you’re just joining, this is Mom Games. It’s sponsored by Piper Lou. We play games. You can play along in the comments, you could win something from Piper Lou. Or you could just go shop there, buy one get one free unlimited with our code MOMCAVE.

Jen: Gosh, I can’t, we’ve been talking for 32 minutes. I just looked at the clock.

Heather Brooker: Yes.

Jen: See, it’s so fun to play and talk with you guys.

Heather Brooker: So fun.

Jen: And everybody, here’s some other people joining. It’s so fun. I mean, it just goes to show how much we need to get out really.

Heather Brooker: Yes. Yeah. Absolutely.

Jen: Dina sighs. This is our equivalent of getting out. Okay, well we should go soon because nobody wants to watch us for 33 minutes, but we’re having fun. Look at the doggy.

Heather Brooker: Aww, there it is. I knew it. I knew there was a dog around.

Jen: There is the dog. See, there is the dog.

Heather Brooker: I’m going to do one more. I didn’t do my last Two Truths and a Lie.

Jen: Yes, please do.

Heather Brooker: I’m going to do one more so you guys guess this one.

Jen: I’m so ready.

Heather Brooker: So yesterday, I went viral on TikTok. It was like a mini viral, but I still went viral and I was super excited about that. I spent today with Matthew McConaughey and I am leaving for Vegas on Friday.

Jen: All of those things are so awesome that I’m just jealous. Like if two out of three of those things are true….

Dina: I think they’re all true.

Jen: I’m really jealous.

Dina: I think they’re all true.

Heather Brooker: Wouldn’t that be like something crazy, like to throw in? I wouldn’t throw you guys off like that. One of them is a lie.

Jen: Okay. Gosh, I know that you are awesome on TikTok. And I wanted to tell everyone, to send them to your TikTok. So it could be that and I haven’t looked at TikTok today, so I don’t know if you went viral. I know that you interview famous, awesome people all the time.

Heather Brooker: Right.

Jen: Matthew McConaughey is doing a lot of publicity stuff lately. And then the third thing is going to Vegas. Well, that just seems like something awesome that someone would do that lives in LA. Just go to Vegas.

Heather Brooker: Like pop over to Vegas.

Jen: So I don’t know. Stephanie’s guessing number two, that you think that she didn’t interview Matthew McConaughey. Well, what you needed to know about Heather is she does interview a lot of famous people. Oh, everyone saying number two is a lie. Bunny on Facebook is saying it.

Dina: No, I think Vegas.

Jen: Three, we’ve got three are now saying that it’s a lie. I think Vegas is a lie. And I’ll tell you why, because first of all, COVID, we’re not traveling as much as we used to. So like the odds of travel are lower. And secondly, because you have a kid and a job and so you probably don’t really get to do fun things.

Heather Brooker: So you guys think, so the things people think either Vegas or Matthew is a lie. You guys, those are the two things that are true.

Jen: You are so awesome.

Heather Brooker: I did not go viral on TikTok yesterday, but I did hang out with Matthew McConaughey today for his new movie Sing Too. And then I leave for Vegas on Friday to interview the cast of the new, you guys watch Yellowstone? That show Yellowstone ever?

Jen: No, I haven’t.

Heather Brooker: Oh my God. So sexy. Like get a glass of wine. Enjoy yourself.

Jen: Really? I’m doing that now!

Heather Brooker: Yes well, they’re doing like a prequel to it with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. And they’re having like a special like press event in Las Vegas, so I’m going to that on Friday. So those are the two that were true.

Dina: Wow.

Jen: Fabulous, you have a fabulous life. Totally fabulous life. Ooh, she tricked us.

Fun and Friends

Heather Brooker: Yeah, but it’s work. Listen, it’s work. It’s not all fun. I make things look fun because I do enjoy my job, but it’s still work, you know? Like it’s even for actors who are like work, but they still have their, but it’s still exhausting. Yeah, when you’re working 12 hours a day and whatnot. But I absolutely love it. I love my job, but those are the two things that are true.

Jen: That’s so awesome. You guys, that is like a perfect spot to say, go follow Heather on all the places, including TikTok, listen to Motherhood in Hollywood, her podcast. There are so many fun things. Yeah. Dina’s laughing at me for some bizarre reason.

Dina: Just smiling.

Jen: If you had fun playing with us, you can continue to play along in the comments. I’ll stick around for a little bit in the comments and go check out, where you can buy all kinds of hysterical, funny, they got shirts and hats and sweatshirts and hoodies and mugs and it’s not all mom-related, it’s everything related, it’s funny. And you can get unlimited buy one get one free with code MOMCAVE. So, you know, you can spend like twice, Yeah, twice as much as you have. Thank you so much for playing with us, Heather. That was really fun. Got to do it again.

Heather Brooker: You guys are the best, like it’s been way too long since we’ve chatted and talked and hung out and any of that stuff so this has been really lovely. And I’ve enjoyed watching you guys grow over the last several years now. So hopefully we’ll get to see each other, like in person, someday in real life, that would be so lovely.

Jen: Yeah, maybe someday, Dina we’ll get to go to Las Vegas and Heather can interview us.

Heather Brooker: There you go. There you go.

Dina: I got married in Vegas.

Jen: We will wear our skinny jeans and we will part our hair on the side. And that’s what we’re going to do.

Dina: I eloped to Vegas. I went to the Chapel of the Bells.

Heather Brooker: Nice.

Jen: I feel like that whole story. I feel like, we have to wrap up now, but I feel like we should do a live with…

Dina: About my story.

Jen: …With the story about how you got married. Cause it’s crazy.

Heather Brooker: Do it.

Jen: Okay, you guys thank you so so much. Go visit Piper Lou, check out Heather Brooker in all the places and I’m going to sign off now.

Bye ladies, bye everyone.

Two Truths and a Lie with Guest Heather Brooker MOM GAMES Sponsored by Piper Lou on MomCaveTV photo of Motherhood in Hollywood host Heather Brooker

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