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Today, we have a special treat for all the parents out there as we dive into a world of trivia, laughter, and relatable moments with none other than the fabulous comedian Candy Shaw! Get ready to unwind, laugh out loud, and perhaps learn a thing or two about the wild and wonderful journey of parenthood. Grab your favorite snack, settle into your cosy corner of the MomCave, and let’s embark on an adventure of parental trivia like no other!

Jen: Hello, and welcome to MomCave LIVE, where we may have lost our minds, but we haven’t lost our sense of humor. At least not yet. That’s a good thing because our guest tonight is a stand-up comedian. I’m gonna bring her on, tadahh! Candy Shaw, Hi, Candy.
Candy Shaw: Hi.

Cheesy Pickup Lines and Trivia

Jen: I just thought of something. Did you always used to get the pickup line like, “You’re so sweet like candy,” and does that make you want to kill people?
Candy Shaw: Sometimes I throw it back at them when they tell me I’m sweet. I’m like, “That’s why they call me Candy.”
Jen: Yeah, throw it back. Use it to your advantage. Totally. Candy is a funny lady we found online. She’s been on Last Comic Standing, and you’re a bit of a trivia pro, yes?
Candy Shaw: I might not know all the answers, but I’m very good at presenting the questions and scoring people because I host games and trivia at least once weekly.
Jen: You’re like a prettier, funnier version of Alex Trebek.
Candy Shaw: That’s what they tell me.

Instant Grandma

Jen: That’s a good person to be. We are going to play some parenting trivia in just a minute. But I first need to ask you about it because we like to talk about our personal lives, craziness, and things that happen. And we usually have parents or grandparents on. But you have a unique situation in that you instantly became a grandparent without being a parent. Can you tell us how that happened?
Candy Shaw: I wish I were smart enough to have planned it that way. When I met my husband, I should say, let’s fast forward to our first date. He’s so funny. He spilled his guts to me and wanted me to know anything that would be a possible red flag because he liked me. He told me he had a grown daughter and grandkids, and I was like, “Okay, that’s fine. Works for me. I don’t have to give birth if I don’t want to

Candy, Grandma, Grandy?

Jen: That’s right. All of the benefits are there. As the cliche goes, grandparents always say, “It’s so much more fun because we can just give them back.” Do they call you grandma?
Candy Shaw: Only if they want to get kicked in the crotch.
Jen: Okay, you don’t want to be grandma.
Candy Shaw: Your pick. No, no… I would never do that to them. That is one of my jokes, though. They call me Candy, and they met me as Candy. They were both still maybe in diapers when I met them. One is a high school senior, and one is a junior.

Let the Trivia Begin

Jen: I’m just venturing into the teenage world, and it’s rough. My oldest is 13. You host all these cool trivia nights, and people have tons of fun. We could give each other a few trivia questions. I’m gonna give you the first one. I think this one’s really easy. This is a true-or-false question. Is pregnancy a metabolism booster? True or False?
Candy Shaw: Oh, I assume it’s false.
Jen: Hmm. I can see why you would think that because of the part about gaining weight. But actually, pregnancy is a metabolism booster because the body’s like running so many things, and everything speeds up, and it’s like you’re running a marathon all the time. Basically, until they graduate high school. So I’ve heard, we’ll see.
Candy Shaw: As soon as I said it, I was like, Yeah, I’m probably wrong.
Jen: That’s okay. Life is about finding out stuff. Now it’s your turn to stump me and anyone watching who wants to comment.

Cap or No Cap? Cite Your Sources

Candy Shaw: Okay, this is also true. Is it true or false? Are babies born without kneecaps?
Jen: Wow. I don’t know, but that’s very interesting. I love stuff like that. Say they don’t. Say it’s probably false because I feel like that would be a huge thing to form. They don’t have holes in their head; they have holes in their knees. I don’t know. I’m gonna go with false.
Candy Shaw: It’s true, and here I got this from That’s my source. Yes.
Jen: Glad you cite your sources.
Candy Shaw: You got it. You have to cite your sources. Yes, babies are born without kneecaps. Instead, they have cartilage that becomes bone as they grow and develop.

The Fontanelle Situation

Jen: Wow, that must be like the Fontanelle situation. I will never forget. I have a little brother who was like my doll growing up because I was so much older, like, oh, I got a baby. One time, I was helping my brother change his diaper, and she had this huge glass (because this was the 1970s) jar of Vaseline. I picked it up and dropped it directly on his head.
Candy Shaw: We can laugh about that now, right?

Are Newborns Like Fish?

Jen: We can laugh about it now, but my mom was terrified. I was terrified because I’ve always been told that the baby’s head is soft and to be careful. He’s fine. He’s a completely intelligent human being who is grown now. Thank God I didn’t damage him. Okay, so my next question for you. Let’s see. This is another true or false. Newborns can breathe underwater. True or false?
Candy Shaw: I think it’s true because people give birth in the water. I’m assuming that they know that’s the thing.
Jen: Yeah. Good guess. I initially thought it might be true because of all those stories of when you want to teach your baby to swim like you start as young as possible because they’re used to being in the water, and you just throw them in. They say babies can swim, but no, it’s a myth. It’s not true. They cannot breathe underwater, sadly. Do you know that the umbilical cord is still attached when they’re born when you have a water birth, and they’re born underwater? Are they getting their oxygen that way? Okay, so it’s all good. It’s not like torture or anything.
Candy Shaw: Okay, we also know babies are born without gills.
Jen: If your baby is born with gills, you should probably capitalize on that, like finally starting a TikTok account.
Candy Shaw: Yeah, that’s why we’re not supposed to eat sushi when you’re pregnant, so the baby will be born without gills.
Jen: I was just saying you could die some kind of horrible fish foreign illness. Okay, so do you have a question for me?

Are They Here Yet? How Many Actually Follow The Due Date?

Candy Shaw: Well, we’ll do a little multiple-choice on this. What is the actual percentage of babies born on their due date? Is it one to two, four to five, or 20%?
Jen: Wow. I’m gonna guess 20%. I know many babies aren’t, but 20% is still not a majority. I would think that the stats have to be at least that good. Why did they even have such a thing as a due date? I’m gonna go with 20%.
Candy Shaw: It’s actually four to 5%.
Jen: Wow. Yeah. I’ll see if anyone is watching this. If you are pregnant, stop worrying about the due date because it means nothing. Pretty much. It means 95% wrong. That’s what it means, so there’s a 95% chance it’s not actually going to be your due date.
Candy Shaw: Yes, and then most people have problems with tardiness or chronic earliness.
Jen: Right. Well, my youngest child was born pretty early. It was a terrifying experience, but she was fine. To this day, we’re just like, that’s just her personality because she just barges in and everything. She’s very impatient, so I guess she just didn’t want to wait. Even at birth, she just didn’t want to wait.
Candy Shaw: She’s assertive.

The Most Common First Word

Jen: One day, you’ll see me waving a flag during one of these lives. Like, help my eight-year-old. She’s just eight now, but she is very. She’s very different from me, and I will not serve her well when she’s an adult. Right now, it makes me want to drink. Okay, let’s see. I have one more for you. What is the most common first word of a baby? In pretty much any language.
Candy Shaw: I assume it’s like Mama, Ma, or some kind of Ma.

You Pasta Be Kidding Me!

Jen: Ma? You would think so, right? We birth them, and we feed them with our bodies some of the time, but you would think it would be Mom, and it’s anyone else. Do you know what the most common first word for babies is? Now that we’re talking about my daughter again, I have her literal first word. I’m not joking. It was “tortellini.”
Candy Shaw: Oh, wow.
Jen: That shows how much we love to eat in my family. I think she repeated the noises she heard, but we were at the table, and everyone said pass the tortellini. I love the tortellini. Suddenly, this tiny baby who previously hadn’t said mommy or daddy goes “tortellini.” Yeah, we didn’t get that on video. Yeah. But no, of course, you assume it would be Mom.  In spite of this, the most common first word is dada. How unfair is that?

Dada Reigns Supreme

Candy Shaw: As soon as I said it, I thought again, it was probably Dada or Dad. Yeah. You know? Dah.
Jen: It’s probably dada because, you know, I know some moms just don’t get the credit. Now, so do you feel like a bonus step-grandma? Do you feel that you get a little more credit than if you know you had birth, their parent, and all of that?

Mother’s Day Dilemma

Candy Shaw: Sometimes, I find it odd when somebody says Happy Mother’s Day to me because I’m like, listen, I didn’t do the heavy lifting. I feel like I did not earn that. I don’t think I’ve earned that crown because sometimes I feed my dogs, walk them, and take them to the vet. Yeah, that’s a little too much.
Jen: I think there are times when, as a mom, you’re stressed out when somebody likes or doesn’t have kids. Then they start talking about, well, I have, you know, I have a puppy. You just you just want to kill them. Basically, you’re like, yeah, yeah, puppy. You have a puppy. Right? You don’t have to keep a puppy. You don’t have to. But we can love our animals. Very much. I know that. So you, you do this trivia thing. But you also perform all around as a stand-up comedian. So tell everybody where they can see you.

Where To Catch A Show or Trivia Night?

Candy Shaw: So this Friday, I will be in Sunnyvale, California. It’s called Off the Rails Brewing Company. It’s part of this Cougar Comedy Collective. So if you find if you’d like, you know, shows with women of a certain age, Cougar Comedy Collective on Instagram or Facebook. I don’t think I’ve been added to the flyer yet.
I’m replacing somebody, but I will be there Friday night at the 7:30 show, and then, we’re, oh my gosh, the night before that. , Thursday night, I’ll be in San Rafael, California. I’m staying local because I love these dogs and my husband. I don’t want to be away from them too much. In San Rafael, there’s a place called Ounces Outdoors. My friend, a comedian and a mom, Sue Alfieri, is producing it. It’ll be me, her, and some guy. I don’t know him. Jakob Parnell.
Jen: Dada. His name is dada.
Candy Shaw: Yes, he’s a dada. I think he’s a dada. In fact, come to the show and find out, right? I’m hosting trivia at East Brother Beer Company in Richmond every Wednesday. I picked this moment to get a little verklempt.
Jen: Verklempt, she’s verklempt.
Candy Shaw: Oh, I got a little cough.
Jen: Oh, my God, so I think you’re just allergic to the idea of dada.
Candy Shaw: Extremely terrible timing.
Jen: Nevertheless, don’t die on us here. Don’t die on the internet.
Candy Shaw: I’m really trying not to.
Jen: Assuming Candy lives through this coughing fit, you must see her shows. She’s @CandyShawComedy on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you. I had fun doing some trivia with you.
Candy Shaw: Thanks for having me.
Jen: Check out Candy. Okay, goodnight.

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