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The average kid asks over 300 questions per day! How do you answer those really tough questions kids ask? How do you explain death to kids? Or how do you explain where babies come from? Or even little things, like white lies necessitated by social niceties?

I’m always pretty honest with my kids, allowing for age appropriateness of course. For instance, a 4-year-old might be told babies come out of mommies bellies. But I’m not about to expound on exactly how the baby got there and exactly where it’s coming out of!

When my kids ask me questions that I don’t know the answer to, I’m honest about that as well. Grownups don’t have all the answers. Seeing this in action is a great opportunity to model for them that we continue to learn and evolve for our entire lives. When my kids give me a stumper, we head to the library (or more often, Google) to find out the answer together.

Here are some of the stumpers kids have asked me:

Where is God?

Why is the sky blue?

Why do grownups think alcohol is fun?

Where do babies come from?

How do you make money?

I know Nana died, but when is she coming home?

Why can men walk around without shirts on but women can’t?

Will you ever get divorced?

Will I die before you?

Why does Sid have two moms and no dads?

Why is Dad’s skin darker than yours?

Why did you lie to us about Santa?

What is a tampon for?

Why are there wars?

Why do so many people wait in line at Theory Wellness? (our local marijuana dispensary! It’s now legal in our state.)

If Susan’s mom isn’t going to have a baby, why is her tummy so so big?

Why do you and Daddy get to share a bed but we don’t?

Why can’t I say bad words?

Do you love me or my sister more?

I haven’t always had the best answers for all of their questions. But I’ll keep trying!

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Tough Questions Kids Ask MomCave MEL Chemistry

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