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Victoria’s toddler has TPO-Toddler Penis Obsession. He keeps mama up-to-date on his boy parts moment to moment. Sometimes it seems like all he talks about is his penis! Three out of four  of us MomCavers are moms of boys and we can all attest to some serious TPO. Do you have a funny story about your boy and things he’s said about his… junk? Leave it in the comments below!

Toddler Penis Obsession-The Penis Status

Are you a real mom with  a funny story to share? YOU could be in a future episode of Blabbermom. Get in touch at momcavetv at See ALL of the episodes here. And comment below with your TPO (Toddler Penis Obsession) tales!  






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  • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog – Durham, NC – I blog at Cup of Tea {} but you can also follow me on Instagram @ktcupoftea
    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    Ha! Hilarious! Loved all the “MOM!!!” examples.


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