Tips to Fall Back to Sleep

Tips to Fall Back to Sleep Momcave

So You Can’t Get To Sleep Again?

Ever walk by a mirror, catch your reflection, and then suddenly wondered why you put eye shadow under your eyes? If you’re a mom of a child under three, they’re probably just eye bags! And YOU are in dire need of tips to fall back to sleep.

That’s right ladies, you’re now in that stage of your life that you’ve always dreamed of but really didn’t had any idea how it would turn out. You’re now a mother. If you are anything like us, you probably didn’t count on being this exhausted, stressed-out, and worst of all, totally sleep-deprived.

Deep down, you just want to scream but you can’t because you might wake the baby. You look back on those beautiful baby showers and trendy gender reveal parties, not knowing it all would lead to sometimes getting less than three hours of sleep a day. Don’t be mistaken, being a mother is one of the best things in the world, but it’s also the most tiring job any of us have ever had.

Even when your little one is snoozing away, you still can’t sleep because there’s that gnawing feeling that he/she might wake up any second. Eventually, that baby will need to eat and you’re the one with the goods. Despite the advanced technology of baby monitors and lullaby apps, it’s still not enough to ensure you will get a good night’s sleep.

Tips to Fall Back to Sleep Momcave

At least human children are not like baby walruses, baby dolphins or the other animals highlighted in a previous MomCave TV post who can forego sleep from 84 hours to even three months! That would definitely make any mom go crazy!

So how should these sleep problems be addressed? Upon further research (start training your investigative skills for when your eventual teenager will start lying), here are the best tips that can help with these gnawing sleeping problems.

Keep electronics out of the bedroom

Electronics are the most accessible distractions people have at their fingertips nowadays. Additionally, these gadgets are also some of the biggest causes of sleep deprivation. One ping or ring will disrupt your sleep faster than your baby crying his heart out.  Our lives are so consumed by these little robots that we look like we’re living in a zombie apocalypse with all the exhausted, socially unconscious people running about with their phones or tablets. Remember, no amount of moisturizer will fix zombie skin!

A blog post from Leesa suggests the best way to deal with electronics when you’re having a hard time sleeping is to keep them as far from your bed as possible, even if they have these so-called ‘night-friendly’ features. No matter what technological advancements they make, electronic devices and sleep just don’t mix. It’s best to keep them at a safe distance.

Don’t rely on coffee

If you just don’t have the time to have eight-hours sleep and you think coffee is the best medicine for that, stop right now! Loyola University of Maryland Psychology professor Dr. Amy Wolfson shared with that gulping down too much coffee can actually prevent you from falling asleep when you finally have time to. Sigh, guess we’ll have to beat our Starbucks habit.

Get your partner to carry his/her weight

If you’re struggling with juggling all your responsibilities AND waking with the baby, The Huffington Post suggests teaching your partner how to feed the baby. A grown man or woman is perfectly capable of handling a situation like a hungry baby in the middle of the night. The responsibility shouldn’t all fall on you.

What are your best tips to fall back asleep? Or to get enough sleep in the first place?


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