Tips on How To Make Cleaning Up After a Party Easier

Tips on How To Make Cleaning Up After a Party Easier

When I’m planning a party, the last thing on my mind is cleaning it all up afterward. Picking up after everyone can be difficult, especially if no one offers to help me with the cleaning.

However, things don’t have to be so challenging. Here are my tips on how to make cleaning up after a party easier.

Plan in Advance for Any Messes To Occur

The best way for me to stay on top of everything is to prepare a cleanup procedure for any possible messes that might occur at the party. Planning things out beforehand helps me reduce stress when something messy happens, and in doing so, I ensure that everything gets taken care of, and I can go back to enjoying the party.

First, I compile everything I need to clean the environment, such as a mop, garbage bags, vacuum cleaner, broom and dust bin, and paper towels. Next, I will set out two garbage bins to give guests multiple options for where they can put their waste.

If I’m trying to protect tables and furniture, I will stock up on coasters before the event, so drinks don’t get set on the furniture. Then, I gradually toss out bottles and cans as the party goes on to stay ahead of the game.

Start Cleaning as Soon as the Guests Leave

After throwing a successful wine and cheese party or some other event, it’s finally time for me to start the cleanup process. First, I’ll tackle the most urgent tasks, such as taking out the garbage, loading the dishwasher, and putting away any of the leftovers.

When I put off doing these tasks, it’s harder to do them later on; that’s why I start completing these chores right when guests leave. Having a plan to tackle each of these objectives helps things run smoothly, so this is where I benefit from planning ahead.

This is especially true for crumbs and any spills and stains. Insects and pests can enter my home and find crumbs on the ground, so I must eliminate any food on the floor to prevent this from happening.

Finish Up Any Remaining Chores the Following Day

After tackling most of the chores the night before, there shouldn’t be too many things left on the agenda the next day. The first thing I do is put away all the dishes in the dishwasher and wash any dishes that I left out to soak overnight.

Anything that I leave in the kitchen must be clean and put away, and once that is complete, I will wipe down all the surfaces. After finishing everything, my last objective is to clean the bathroom.

Overall, cleaning is hard work, but it can be fun if I plan everything ahead of time and understand the importance of each component. Following these tips on how to make cleaning up after a party easier prepares me for the next event in no time!

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