Tips for Transitioning Out of a Toddler Room

Tips for Transitioning Out of a Toddler Room

The time has come. That little baby you brought home only a few years ago turned into a toddler, and now that toddler is becoming a big kid! That’s terrific—it’s a part of life and growing up. But sometimes, the changes between the ages aren’t easy. Going from a crib to a bed and, big picture, from a nursery to your own room, can be a big, traumatic deal for a little one. Don’t worry! Here are several tips for transitioning out of a toddler room.

Build It Up

You’ve created the perfect child’s room, perhaps with their help. But the transition from being close to their parents to sleeping alone in their own room can be intimidating for a little person. It’s best not to suddenly kick them out of your room or to take away all the familiar things like the crib, changing table, and other things all at once. Make the new room a play place for a while, letting them gradually grow more comfortable with the idea of it being their room. Talk about how awesome it will be to have their own room, a bigger bed, and a space they can call their own. Hype it up and get them excited about moving in!

Keep Things Cozy and Familiar

Let your child participate in decorating the room. Ask about their favorite colors and find shades and hues that you prefer while giving them a vote on the final paint color. Let them pick a piece of furniture that’s all theirs, like a chair or table. Display favorite toys and stuffed animals, and look for posters, decals, and other decorative artwork that’s visually stimulating and possibly even reflects their favorite things (more than likely, their tastes will be very simple and run to rainbows, animals, and other bright and cheerful subjects). Make it a happy yet restful space.

Keep to the Schedule

Changing rooms is a big deal, emotionally and mentally, so make sure everything else in a kid’s life isn’t filled with surprises. Keep meals, playtime, baths, and naturally, bedtime, consistent. Allow for a week to make the transition and avoid travel or any situation where you’ll be late. Don’t attempt to introduce anything too new or different at the same time. They can only handle so many changes at once!

Move Them in Slowly

Here’s one of the final tips for transitioning out of a toddler room. After a few days of playtime, suggest a campout or sleepover where they stay in their new bed while you set up a mattress. That way, they can get a feel for sleeping in the room without feeling like you’re too far away. The next night, spend some time reading, singing, and spending extra time with them as they fall asleep. They may wake up a few times, but simply redirect them to bed and stay with them until they drift off.

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