Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests

Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s never too early to get your butt into gear. You want to be able to relax and enjoy your time with your guests. The following are tips for getting your home ready for holiday guests so that you’re not throwing things together at the last minute.

Plan Meals Ahead

You’re not going to have extra time to make trips to the store. Create a meal plan for the days your guests will be staying with you to help you feel organized and stress-free. Include meals that are simple and easy to make so that you’re not spending all of your time slaving away in the kitchen. Think about slow-cooker dinners, one-pot meals, and sheet-pan suppers.

Also, don’t try out new meals for your guests. Stick with recipes that you know will work and everyone will love. Trust me. I’ve made this mistake in the past.

Make a list of all ingredients and snacks you’ll need to guarantee one trip to the store, and voila. Just don’t forget your list at home. Oops! Been there, done that.

Declutter the House

Take time to remove any excess clutter that has accumulated in your home. Pay attention to the foyer, guest room, kitchen, dining room, and living room. If you find yourself short on time, place the clutter into bags that you can sort through after guests leave. Then, address it after they’re gone. Who am I kidding? We’re all going to do this anyways.

Get the Guest Room Ready

Do a nice deep clean of the guest bedroom to ensure the room is ready to go when your guests arrive. Pay particular attention to the closet, especially if they’re staying for an extended period. You want to give your house guests enough space to feel comfortable in your home. Place a bathrobe and bathroom towels in their room so that they don’t need to go looking for you. Go the extra mile, and provide your guests with spare phone chargers, blankets, and the Wi-Fi password right in their room.

Another great idea to prepare the guest room is to add a few pieces of furniture that also serve as storage if you have room. Maybe add a bench at the end of the bed or bedside tables with a few compartments.

Create an Ambience

Another tip for getting your home ready for holiday guests is to fill your home with holiday cheer and tidings with decor and scented candles. If you have an entryway, create a gorgeous display of holiday decorations for your guests to admire when they first walk in. Spend time on your dining room table centerpiece to bring the holiday feast together. Leave candles and a lighter for your guests to use in their room to keep the spirit going. Use pumpkins and acorns for Thanksgiving and evergreens and pinecones for Christmas.

Pick up a lovely bouquet from the store while you’re out gathering groceries. Think about grabbing more flowers for the guest room to make your visitors feel loved and appreciated.

Create an Emergency Cleaning Kit

The odds are not in your favor. Something will spill on your carpet, couch, bed, or dining room floor. For this reason, you should create an emergency cleaning kit to grab quickly when these spills happen. Fill a basket with an assortment of cleaners, stain removers, gloves, and towels so that you’re ready for any accident.

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