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Hold onto your hats and get ready to laugh, because Tina Friml is crashing onto the MomCave LIVE like a hurricane of hilarity! With a knack for turning everyday chaos into comedy gold, Tina is your go-to gal for all things funny and family-related. From her epic bedtime battles to her kitchen escapades that often end in disaster (but always taste delicious)

From Backstage to the MomCave

Jen: Hello, welcome to MomCave LIVE where we may have lost our minds. But we haven’t lost our sense of humor. And I’m excited for our guest tonight. She’s backstage at a comedy show with a quick few minutes to joke with us, everybody, Tina, Tina Friml!

Tina Friml: Oh, Hello! I’m so excited to be here!

Jen: It’s great. I mean, you’re literally a comedy lady backstage. So this is awesome.

Tina Friml: Oh yes!

Glory Days

Jen: Usually the people that we have on here are parents, but I said, “Reach out and find some of the funniest comedians you can.” My helper found you and they’re like, “Well, she isn’t a parent, but I have this great idea” and it was a good idea. You’re gonna help us, Tina, you’re gonna help us remember what it was like back in the days before the children came.

Tina Friml: My honor. Yes. I’ll bring you back to the glory days.

Jen: The glory days, right. I know they didn’t feel like glory days then, but now, we kind of look back on them fondly and sometimes it’s hard to remember. I’m just gonna ask you a few questions, so first of all, Tina, my most burning question is on the weekend. Say it’s a Saturday and you don’t have any specific plans. How do you know when to wake up?

Coffee is Life

Tina Friml: Oh, honey, you don’t. That’s the whole point. I will get home whenever I get home, and how I get out of bed in the morning… What I do isn’t just on weekends, just any morning. I work at night. Therefore, I don’t really have any morning obligations, so for me, it’s whenever I remember that coffee exists. That thrill, that new lease on life, like, “Oh, coffee!” That’s usually the thing that springs me up. And for me, like I said, I’ve got no obligations so I can wander down the street. I can actually take my time, go to a cafe, and enjoy my coffee. You know?

Jen: When you do that, do you get to have full lines of thought without people interrupting you?

Comedic Interruptions

Tina Friml: Well, you would think I do. However, being a comic, I just end up interrupting myself. Like, um, so I get most of the way there but then I get sidetracked by the next thought. I mean, in a way, I guess it’s not that I’m childless, I simply am said child. So I have to deal with myself. Yes, yes. It’s all in here.

Jen: What about dinner? If there’s a night where you don’t feel like preparing it or you’re not hungry, what do you do?

Food for Thought

Tina Friml: Oh yeah, so if I really didn’t want to do dishes or cook dinner, I go to the pizza shop.

Jen: That doesn’t change so much when you have kids. You’re like, “Mom can’t cook tonight, call pizza.”

Tina Friml: Well, I would say yeah, probably the better question is, what if I’m not hungry? You know what, when you’re a mom, it’s like, “Well, that doesn’t matter, you’ve got three other faces to feed.” But otherwise, that one holds true too. You know, when I’m not hungry, I simply don’t eat.

Jen: Constant stress eating, that’s what I do late at night. It’s just stress eating.

Girl Dinner

A top-down view of two open takeout boxes, one containing seasoned onion rings with ketchup and the other filled with golden French fries, on a wooden table surface.

Image by Racool_studio on Freepik

Tina Friml: I mean, the beauty is I eat whenever I want, there’s no rhyme or reason. Even today, I ordered a bag of onion rings, and so that’s the other thing, you can kind of get away with eating what they call “girl dinner.”

Jen: Right?

Tina Friml: Have you heard of that concept? Like a bag of chips or whatever you want to make dinner, it’s dinner.

Jen: A block of cheese, yeah, it can be whatever you want.

Cheese is Also a Meal

Tina Friml: What I do is I get a big block of cheddar cheese, so, I’ve got one of those cheese slicers and I’ll just keep slicing and eating, slicing and eating, and that’s it.

Jen: And you don’t even have to use a plate, you remember that? There was something on 30 Rock one time, Tina Fey’s character would talk about her night cheese.

Night Cheese

Tina Friml: The night cheese! Night cheese is also a thing.

Jen: It is a thing. I’ve been doing it for years.

Tina Friml: I think it’s truly timeless, whenever it was.

Cheese vs Family

Jen: I can tell you the worst thing for a mother with the night cheese is when you finally get everybody to sleep. Like, I can’t even think about relaxing until they’re asleep and out cold. So then I’m like, “Okay, great. Now you know, then I have to clean up, do work, whatever.” But then I sit down and I get the night cheese out, and I get the wine, and I’m like, “This is my moment, right?” Somebody wakes up at that moment, and they’re going to have a wrath come at them like, “Nooooo!”

Tina Friml: “It’s like the one thing I have!”

Jen: “I waited all day for this!” Or if they eat the cheese and don’t tell me.

Tina Friml: They put their little hands all over the cheese, no.

Jen: Kids can be extremely gross.

The Indulgence

Tina Friml: The point isn’t to eat a whole block of cheese, although you know what happens, but the point is the indulgence of it, that you could eat the whole block if you wanted to. Endless amounts of cheese, so you could just keep eating it, and that’s all it is.

Jen: And if you eat so much cheese that your stomach hurts so badly you have to stay in bed all of the next day, you can do that.

Perfect with Consequences

Tina Friml: You can do that, so you can fully accept the consequences of your actions. I always say the best thing about no having children is because there are no witnesses.

Jen: Oh God yeah.

Tina Friml: You can be you. You can do something ludicrous like eating a whole block of cheese and then suffering the next day, and no one is any the wiser. You can get away with it.

Jen: The world is perfect.

Tina Friml: To the world, you’re a perfect shining star because they never have to know. But when you’re with kids, there’s more surveillance. They know.

Living Vicariously

Jen: Surveillance, that’s true. All that said, I would never take it back. Having kids was the best thing that I ever did, but man, life has changed. Sometimes I also like to live vicariously through people like you. Like, you’re out at night…

Tina Friml: I am.

Jen: Look at you!

On the Road

Tina Friml: I’m actually outside the Comedy Cellar in the heart of New York right now.

Jen: Great. Tell everybody where they can go so they can see you perform standup comedy or find out about your shows.

Tina Friml: Absolutely. So, I’m on tour. I’m on the road. I’m doing comedy all over America.

Jen: Also you don’t have to get a babysitter to do so. Let me just put that out there.

Tina Friml: I just leave my house!

Where to See Tina

Jen: So do you have a list of shows?

Tina Friml: Absolutely. If you go to my profile on my Instagram and TikTok account, you can go to the link in my bio and look at all the shows that I have coming up. I’m going to be everywhere. I’ll be up in Kansas City, St. Louis, LA, here in New York, Seattle, Portland, Florida, everywhere.

Jen: Okay, I have a challenge for you before we go because I know you have to get on stage soon.

Tina Friml: Hit me.

Cheese Quest

Stack of sliced yellow cheddar cheese on a wooden cutting board, with a dark wooden table background.

Image by jcomp on Freepik

Jen: And all those places you’re going to visit, I want you to find the best local artisan cheese from each place so that you can experience… because each place has a different cheese specialty.

Tina Friml: Best artisan, local cheese? Okay, how about I do that, and then I tag you?

Jen: Perfect.

Tina Friml: I’ll make a story about it and I’ll tag you every time I find it.

Jen: I will live vicariously through you and your cheese.

Signature Popcorn and Hotdogs?

Tina Friml: I’ve been noticing that every other major city seems to also have their own local gourmet popcorn. And apparently, it’s like the best popcorn ever!

Jen: I never got that excited about popcorn in my life.

Tina Friml: No, no, it’s either popcorn or hot dogs. And they say it’s the best popcorn, the best hot dogs… But cheese, well, cheese has a saying, doesn’t it?

Jen: Cheese curds are life?

Challenge Accepted

Tina Friml: You know what? Cheese challenge accepted! I will do that, I will find the best cheese. By the way, I’m from Vermont, and in Vermont, we have Cabot cheese.

Jen: Vermont cheddar cheese, yeah, the best!

Tina Friml: Exactly! I mean, I’m always going to say we have everyone beat, but you know…

Jen: Okay, well, thank you. You will break legs tonight, it was so fun talking with you.

Tina Friml: Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I’m now getting back in touch with my appreciation for the freedom I have… to not hire a babysitter. I will be a mom someday, but I will look back on this.

Jen: Right? You remember this? Enjoy this. It’s great that you can commiserate with me after you break a leg tonight.

Tina Friml: Thanks so much, thank you. Have a good night.

Jen: You too

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