The Right Time to Have a Baby… why there is no such thing –from Mamalode

New Mom Holding baby with poop on her head Work Life Balance Slummy Mummy New Mom Baby Newborn Infant Right Time to Have a Baby

Check out this piece Jen wrote for about why it’s never the “right” time to have a baby. Whether it’s finances, work schedules, marriage issues, or health problems…. life never turns out the way we planned.

Read the post here and watch the video it inspired.


Is it the right time to have a baby?


  • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog – Durham, NC – I blog at Cup of Tea {} but you can also follow me on Instagram @ktcupoftea
    Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog

    The latest Slummy Mummy video is hilarious! Keep up the great work!

  • Mama's Happy Hive
    Mama's Happy Hive

    I love your expressions and all these creative videos put together to help us moms feel a bit better about ourselves. Thanks for adding humor to the tough mommy moments! 🙂


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