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Tiffin Talk

Ordinarily, I make it a point to have dinner as a family as much as possible and to talk to my children at meals. Sure, it can be rough getting a meal together during the week, especially with our busy schedules, but I grew up with family meals and really want to carry that tradition on with my family.

According to the American College of Pediatricians, “When families regularly share meals together, everyone benefits ─ the children, parents and even the community. Making the ‘Family Table’ a priority from an early age can serve as a ‘vaccine’ against many of the harms that come to children from a hurried lifestyle.”

In addition, I also have a no-device policy at the table. Yes, there are a few times when we’re out to dinner and I let this slide, especially with the five-year-old, but at home, it’s no devices at the table. We eat and I attempt to get them to talk. Unfortunately, I get one-word answers from my kids when I ask them about their day, which frustrates me to no end, but at least I make the effort.

“How was school?”


“Yeah, good.”

“What was the best part of your day?”


“Yeah me too.”

Anyone else out there struggle with these one-word answers? For so long I’ve strained to get my kids to talk and open up with me. Well, thanks to the cards from TiffinTalk, my kids have NOT stopped talking. In a good way.

So what are TiffinTalk cards?

TiffinTalk card sets are like these amazing cheat sheets for parents. Each card has questions for you and your child to discuss. The cards build on each other and each week there is a different theme. There are different card sets designed for specific age groups and each card set comes in a neat, well-crafted box. The way the program works is every day you give your child a card, you can put it in their backpack or lunch, or in my case, give them to your kids as soon as they wake up, because every morning they can’t wait to read the card for the day.

Initially, I was a little skeptical. Would my 11-year-old daughter accuse me of being corny? Would the 5-year-old even pay attention? Well, I can not get over how much my kids LOVE these cards. Every day they are so excited to see what questions their card has. The front of each card has a picture puzzle that reveals itself at the end of the week and the back of the cards are printed with Tiffin Tidbits, little bits of trivia or information, just for the kids to get a kick out of.

Our dinner conversations have changed dramatically!

My daughter has started telling me things about her life, her experiences and her perspectives on things. My son had started to share his thoughts on things too. I am surprised how astute a five-year-old could be! I am shocked by how much I didn’t know about them, and how much I continue to uncover about their lives!

Additionally, our talks are extending far beyond the dinner table. I can simply be braiding my daughter’s hair in the morning and she just starts telling me things. My son just walks up to me in the kitchen while I was doing the dishes and starts a whole conversation out of nowhere. Basically, the flood gates have opened and the cards are the key to unlock this beautiful communication with my children.

While this is a sponsored post, I almost wish it wasn’t. I would write this and share this with all of my friends, for free. I TRULY LOVE these cards, and I am so grateful to Kat Rowan and her company for creating them to help families communicate. These cards have opened up a whole new world for our family. This tool is a game changer, and our nightly dinners, and lives, will never be the same.

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“This is a sponsored post brought to you by Real Mom Media. The opinions are completely my own based on my personal experience with the product.”

Dina Drew

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