What I Thought I would Say vs What I Really Wanted To Say (and what I actually said)

What I thought I would say vs What I really did say

If you are like me, then you probably had an idea of what kind of mom you would be before you actually had children. I imagined myself as the calm and collective type who would always know the right thing to say and never lose her sh*t no matter how messy things got. Boy, was I wrong! Five years down the line, being a mom of three drama queens has taught me that NOTHING is like I expected. What I am most surprised about is how I deal with the day to day challenges and how differently I react to them from how I thought I would. Here are a few examples:


The Supermarket Tantrum:

Before having kids I was sure I would be calm as a cucumber if it ever happened. Even though I was sure my kids would NEVER throw tantrums. (Yeah, right). But the first time it did happen (and every single time since), I was amazed by what I actually wanted to say and what I ended up saying. My policy these days is ‘get them out of the store as fast as possible’ and if that means giving in where I thought I would stand strong, I say go for it mama – anything to avoid the public humiliation!


When They Wake Up At Night:

In my imagination I would be happy to see my kids at all times, even at night when they woke me up over and over again. In reality, this so did not happen. From sleepless nights to waking up way before dawn, when they wake me these days it takes everything I’ve got in me not to burst out in tears and scream, “GO TO BED!”


When I Finally Make Plans To Go Out:

To start, I thought I would be the “‘cool mom.”- The kind of mom that went out with her friends and got drunk on a weeknight. In reality, there’s just too much laundry to do! 


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What I thought I would say vs What I really did say



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