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the sex after baby momcave live with celia behar from the lil mamas making a funny face

THE Sex After Baby… or Lack of It.

You knew we’d eventually go there… Join us for MomCave LIVE, with special guest Celia from The Lil Mamas. We talk about married sex after baby. (and toddler, and preschooler, and beyond…) Celia and Jen coincidentally both call it “THE” sex because after kids it becomes such an event.

Live Twitter Party during the show using #MRRMCTV. Tweet us your tips for keeping it spicy. Or tell us your worst sex-after-kids disaster. momcave sex after kids sex after baby
slummy mummy sex after baby failed sex momcave
A failed sex scene from our web series “Slummy Mummy” THE Sex After Baby… or lack of…

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