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Dairy Fairy Sexy Mom Underwear

The Evolution of Mom Underwear

The underwear that led to two babies…. A teeny, tiny green thong.

The underwear I left the hospital in… A several-layer mesh contraption inside a pair of Depends.

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Our live show topic this week is the Evolution of Mom Underwear. Our guest is the amazing Emily aka The Dairy Fairy. Emily has designed the Holy Grail of Motherhood–nursing bras and panties that are actually sexy. We laugh about the stages of mom underwear LIVE. (See video below) And we have an amazing giveaway from The Dairy Fairy herself!

On her blog, Mom of 4 is Tired, Nicole Jankowski, led us through the various stages of underwear a woman goes through in her life.

The average women owns 21 pairs of underwear. I read that somewhere on the internet once, and even though we all know everything we read on the internet is true, I think it’s a lie.

I think the average woman, if the average woman is anything like me (and in like me, I mean late thirties, with a propensity for eating chocolate chip cookies and a closet full of clothes ranging from size 6-16) has about 10 wearable pairs of underwear in her drawer and about 497 pairs of underwear that reflect the different phases of her adult life that she will never wear again.

Live Twitter party during the show! Send us YOUR photos of mama underwear and we’ll talk about them on the show. ( or Tweet us at @MomCaveTV)

The Evolution of Mom Underwear

Dairy Fairy Sexy Mom Underwear and nursing bras

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  • I didn’t think it was possible for nursing bra and security to even be in the same sentence, so I’m interested in learning more about these bras and panties.

  • amy tolley

    my worst pair of panties my hubby refers to them as granny panties they are a full cover brief


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