The Best Family Halloween Costume Idea You Haven’t Thought of

Family Halloween Costume Ideas from MomCaveTV

When family bonding and tradition-type holidays come to mind, most people think of Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even Easter. Poor Halloween. It’s unsavory spooky past causes it to be left out of the family bonding category for many…. But not THIS family. The family that slays (costumes… not zombies) together stays together. I’ll exhaust every family Halloween costume idea I can until my family won’t agree to a family costume anymore! We’re getting close. My oldest is a teen and thinks a family costume for Halloween is “babyish.” But we’re squeezing at least one last year out of him! Here are some of our favorite family costume ideas:

Back to the Future Fam

Last year, my family went as the characters from one of our all-time favorite family films, Back to the Future. It was a totally last minute choice and we ended up ordering everything next-day-shipping from Amazon.

The inspiration was my teenage son, who wanted to be Marty McFly. When we arrived at our trick or treating destination, he wanted to ditch us to trick or treat with his friends. But what is a family Halloween costume cast of Back to the Future without Marty?

Not two minutes later, one of my daughter’s fellow 2nd grade classmates came running over, asking if he could trick or treat with us. To our sheer delight, he was ALSO dressed as Marty McFly, complete with home-made cardboard props. So while we lost a Marty, we gained a Marty.

You can find all the pieces of our family Back to the Future Costume on this list.

The Addams Family

When the Netflix series Wednesday came out, the preteen set went Addams Family crazy. We cashed in on the trend for this Addams Family Halloween Costume.

My teenage son wasn’t so into being Uncle Fester or Pugsly. So he wore a black bodysuit and carried this awesome “Thing” prop. He was the Thing Hand!

Here’s a list of all the Addams Family Halloween Costumes items.

Peter Pan Family Costume

The year my kids dressed as Peter Pan and Wendy, we were flying on Halloween. Not on a witch’s broom.. an airplane. They got so many comments and compliments!

MomCave SlackerMom Halloween Easy Costumes

Wizard of Oz Family Costume

Follow the yellow brick road in your family Wizard of Oz Halloween costume. Find the pieces here. I love that this year my son was the witch and his baby sister was Dorothy.

Sibling Family Halloween costume idea wizard of oz dorothy gale and the wicked witch costumes for kids

Ice Ice Baby aka the Easiest Costume for New Parents

If you’ve got a new baby and are too tired to do much of ANYTHING this Halloween, grab two of these Ice T-shirts, hold your baby and Mom, Dad, and Baby become…. Ice, Ice, Baby. You’re welcome!

Top Gun Maverick Family Costume

I was obsessed with Maverick and a teenager. When the new Top Gun movie came out, I thought it would be cheesy. We took our son to see it. I had ALL the feels. It was so fun!

You can get these amazing pilot flightsuits in men’s, women’s, or kid’s sizes here.

Piñata Family

These costumes were so weird, we had to give them a try. Just be careful not to let a young child hold the pinta hitting stick. Mine thought it was hilarious to hit me with it. Our favorite part was throwing candy at people.

Get the family piñata Halloween costumes here.

If You Have a Little Princess

My little princess still talks about our mommy and me mother/daughter Halloween costumes. One year we went as Anna and Elsa from Frozen and the next we were Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother. You can find our princess costumes here.

Whatever family Halloween costume you choose, you’ll be making memories. My advice… dress as a family when you can because once your kids hit a certain age, they’ll want to distance themselves from that tradition.

Happy Trick or Treating!

Family Halloween Costume Ideas You Haven't Thought of from MomCaveTV


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