What Teachers Wish They Could Say to Parents

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Teachers And Parents: Big Differences

There are so many big differences between teachers and parents! Teachers have some sort of special gene that I am apparently missing. They choose to be with my kid and everyone else’s kids ALL day! They are special people indeed. The flack they must take from parents must be crazy because we all can be a little (okay a lot) whacky when it comes to our kids.

Being THAT Parent

I was never THAT parent until Halloween came and they lost my kid. Yup. It started out like every other Halloween. While not my favorite holiday to begin with, it will remain that way.

Our school does the typical Halloween parade and we have to pick our kids up at lunch to get ready for the parade. In less than an hour, we have to drive home, feed them lunch, dress them in their Halloween costumes and drive back in time to get a parking space. Not an easy feat for any parent.

So, off to school I went at lunchtime. The mad rush was not something I was looking forward to but like many things I do, it’s a labor of love.

As instructed by the 3 letters the school sent home on Halloween Day protocol, I read and reread them to make sure I was where I was supposed to be. Yup – I was. In fact I was about 20 minutes early so I had a good space in order to whiz out of there. Many parents and I waited at the exit door as the excited kids poured out – one class after another. My daughter’s class is usually one of the last, so we waited and waited and waited as teachers released kids to their parents.

Where Is My Kid?

I was concerned at first because time was such a factor. We waited a few more minutes and we started to wonder where our class was. I would assume the teachers get the same information the parents do, right? Never assume! I asked the teacher at the door where our class was and she didn’t know. You don’t know?! We were confused.

One parent saw my face and said he thought he may have seen my daughter at another door. You THINK you MAY have seen her?! What does THAT mean?

Parents In Panic

I ran around all the way around the building and she was not there either and the teachers at that door didn’t know anything. My heart dropped. Another parent and I literally sprinted back to the other door. Again the teacher at the door didn’t know. Pure panic set in for me and the other parents. Neither parents nor teachers knew where these kids were!

I ran back yet AGAIN to the front door now a good 10-15 minutes since the bell rang which felt like an eternity. Now I was crying and out of breath. Did I mention that Halloween is NOT my favorite holiday and that it takes A LOT for me to cry (sigh).

Communication Between Teachers, Parents And Administration Matters

When I got to the front door again, I saw a few kids at the door crying. One of those kids was mine. The principal was there and not knowing the whole story, yelled at me for not being at the right door.


Do you know how long it felt in those minutes thinking that my daughter was released from the wrong door and no one knew where she was and her teacher was nowhere to be found?

Again, I am not THAT mom. I have never called out a teacher and never had a sit down with the principal. All that pent up goodness was about to come out with a vengeance. It was not the best of conversations between teachers, parents, and principal.

I will sum it up like this…It involved a lot of yelling, crying, heart beating, 2 calls with the principal, 3 emails, a lot of apologizing (not from me) and a ruined Halloween. Besides that, it was a wonderful parade.

Teachers, Parents, Kids

Parent-Teacher Conference Afterward

I am writing this now because I just had my parent teacher conference and it was the first time I saw the teacher since the parade fiasco. I was actually a little nervous but I know the teacher was too. When teachers and parents are nervous before even starting, you know it’s going to be rough! In fact, while we got through it, I bet she would like to say a few more colorful words to me than “I’m sorry”.

Well if nothing else, my daughter got an amazing report back from her teacher.

Teachers truly do deserve to be paid ten-fold for what they do. You couldn’t pay me a million to put up not only our crazy kids but the crazy parents that go along with them.

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