Introducing STUNT Mom! | Valisa on ‘Nurse Jackie’

Of the three moms here at MomCave, we’re already determined that Valisa is the “cool mom.” (See our live show here where kinda sorta  ‘decided’ that behind her back.) Did you know Valisa is a stunt woman? For reals! This stunt mom has done daring (read crazy) things like jump into the East River in the winter, roll down hills, and sit still with scorpions on her abdomen. All the in name of awesome TV. She can very literally tell […]

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Breast Pump Bag -Nurse Purse.. Baby Gear That’s Fab, Not Drab

On today’s MomCave LIVE, Jen and Valisa talked breast pump bag and breast pumping disasters with Adrienne Frohlich, the founder of Nurse Purses are fabulous, colorful, stylish bags that are compatible with most major brands of breastpumps. Breast Pumping Disasters and Fab Breast Pump Bag The moms shared some of their breast pump snafus and read tweets from viewers. Jen, Valisa, and Adrienne each have some breast pump disasters of their own you won’t want to miss. To win a […]

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Maintaining Balance… Or NOT! (Motherhood Work Life Balance)

Shay of asked me to write a piece about work life balance for her “Digging Deeper” series. She asked how I balance my day, mostly working from home and full-time “mom-ing” without getting overwhelmed.  Me, write about work life balance? I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’m ALWAYS overwhelmed. But I did share some of my tips on how to keep the crazy to a minimum…. Real the full blog here. If you haven’t seen the first […]

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Step into MomCave. Comedy For Moms..because moms only have time to watch TV in 2 minute increments!

MomCave TV provides original comedy for moms, by moms. We know how precious a mother’s time is! That’s why we brought together a community of mamas to tell their funny stories, both fictional and real, while keeping in mind moms have no time to waste. Moms can sneak these videos in as a break from their busy mom schedule. Web Television for Moms Real moms. Real stories. Real laughs. MomCave. Because moms only have time to watch video in two […]

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