Sad that Summer is Over?… Momma’s Having A Dance Party! | Guest Post by Unfiltered Mom

Guest blogger Kathy isn’t sad that summer is over. Watch for her new segment for MomCave coming soon! And check her out on Blabbermom and MomCave LIVE. With the summer ending – yes I said it out loud – moms around the world are getting a little anxious.  Some are really upset about it because they will be giving up some freedom. Gone are the mornings where you laid in bed snuggling with no timetable or the nights when you […]

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Moms And Bathing Suit Shopping | Unfiltered Mom

This is a guest post by our friend Kathy Chlan of Check her out on Blabbermom and MomCave LIVE! Women are incredible human beings. We give life, nurture, and keep our families safe.  We are the go-to and Superwoman all wrapped in one. So, that is my mantra.  That is what I keep telling myself at this dreaded time of year.  Summer and the infamous bathing suit shopping. I decide to venture out last week, feeling good about myself. […]

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Summer Vacation Hell or Nirvanha? | Unfiltered Mom |

Welcome Kathy Chlan aka “Unfiltered Mom”  into the MomCave! You may remember her from her guest appearances on Blabbermom and MomCave LIVE. Watch for her candid take on motherhood in a NEW show coming to MomCave soon! Summer Vacation Hell??? Yeahhhh!!!!!  I am soo happy it is summer vacation.  Moms across the land dream and hope for this day to come! Hold on and wait one second.  For real?  If we are totally being honest with ourselves and other Moms, is this time of the […]

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