Never Wake a Sleeping Baby! (Even for hot firemen…) SLUMMY MUMMY Episode 6

There’s an old adage, “Let sleeping dogs lie.” The baby version is “NEVER wake a sleeping baby.” In the next episode of our award-winning web series, Slummy Mummy, I wrote about the first time my son slept through the night. Apartment living has it’s upside and downsides. And one major downside is that you are always at the mercy of your neighbors. We had some… eccentric ones. If you haven’t seen the first five episodes of Slummy Mummy, you can […]

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Ever been Mom-Shamed at the Checkout? | Slummy Mummy Episode 5 | Cat Food | MomCaveTV

Friend or Frenemie? Only something as life-changing as motherhood could amplify the Mean Girls dynamic between some women. The next episode of our award-winning web series, “Slummy Mummy,” was inspired by some very real events in my life. My husband and I were the quintessential “struggling artists.” We met in acting school, moved in New York City, and never seemed to have enough money. I babysat, taught dance, catered, transcribed videos, modeled shoes, sold makeup, bought and sold things on […]

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Sweep & Scoop | Baby Sleep Hacks? | SLUMMY MUMMY | Episode 4

Everyone has their own baby sleep hacks, the thing that ONE TIME immediately preceded a good sleep by baby that you then try AGAIN and AGAIN when baby won’t sleep, hoping against hope that it will be the thing to end the crying. I had a few tricks up my sleeve from years of babysitting–the usual swaddle, shush, pacifier, kind of stuff. My husband, on the other hand, had zero experience with babies whatsoever when he became a parent. Yet, […]

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Stroller Fitness Class… How hard can it be? | Slummy Mummy Episode 3

How challenging can a fitness class for new moms be? The very name of the class, “Stroller Fitness,” sounds sort of lazy. You know, STROLLing, not racing! I was picturing post-natal deep breathing and then gossiping with mom friends while walking in the park…. My experience with a local stroller fitness class was the inspiration for this episode of our award-winning web series, “Slummy Mummy.” As you may remember, at the end of the last episode, I was told to […]

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A Baby is Not the Best Accessory for a Job Interview | Slummy Mummy Episode Two “The Interview”

Our web series “Slummy Mummy” is back with Episode Two. Going back to work for the first time after having a baby is a minefield of potential disasters. Of course, childcare was (and still is!) my hugest challenge. And then there was the gap in my resume.  Employers often ask where one has been for the last few years. (Or in my case, only months.) Oh, just raising a human! No big deal. It’s not like parenting doesn’t translate into […]

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Slummy Mummy: We thought we could have it all. Now we just want to poop alone.

Introducing Slummy Mummy, a web series. Have you ever felt that you were failing at everything? That no matter how much you planned for parenthood, no matter how much you KNEW your life would change, you are still overwhelmed with the smallest daily tasks? I’ll never forget the day I got my first call to go back to work after baby. I was freelance, meaning I had no maternity leave or set return-to-work date. Clients (or my agents) would call, […]

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