Cleaning Hacks for Slackers | SLACKER MOM’S Guide to Housekeeping

Last-minute playdate with a sancti-mommy? A surprise visit from your mother-in-law? Never fear. SLACKER MOM is back with a brand-new episode.  In this video, we share our cleaning hacks, some serious and some… not so much. Because you’re already keeping tiny humans alive. Who has time to clean?   Cleaning Hacks for Slackers | SLACKER MOM’S Guide to Housekeeping See all the SLACKER MOM videos, here. Remember to hit the red “subscribe” button, so you never miss one. And check out […]

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Laundry Hacks for Lazy Moms from SLACKER MOM

Before we get to laundry hacks… You’ve heard the expression “going postal?”* It means suddenly erupting into an unprovoked fit of rage. A long-time postal worker friend once told me that the reason “going postal” was an occupational hazard was that the mail never ends. You’re never completed the task. It just keeps coming. Kind of like the laundry. Why is it that the mom of the house typically becomes the CEO of laundry? As if growing humans inside of […]

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Mom Filmmaker Fun| MomCave Dover, VT Film Production Grant

Mom Filmmaker Fun The MomCave team was awarded a grant from the town of Dover, Vermont to have some more mom filmmaker fun. On a quick weekend away from our kids (!) we first shot several episodes of our web series Blabbermom with guest appearances from some hilarious moms of the internet. Watch for new episodes soon with: Bethany of Bad Parenting Moments Chrissy of Full Metal Mommy Michelle of Juicebox Confession Allison of Motherhood, WTF Over the next two […]

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Slacker Mom’s Guide to the Holidays By Slummy Mummy

The Slacker Mom’s Guide to the Holidays You’ve nearly made it through another entire year as a parent! Go you! You deserve a well-earned break. Oh, wait… it’s the holidays. Somehow you are obligated to work harder than ever. Step away from Pinterest. Put down the gin. (For now.) I’ve got your back. Here are a few simple tips to skate through with as little labor as possible: Gifts: Mason Jars-They’ve left the realm of Granny-canning and gone totally hipster. […]

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