Secret to Great Sex After Baby QUICKIES | Married Sex BLABBERMOM Video

Sex After Baby Quickies?? In this episode of Blabbermom, Long Island preschool teacher Erna tells us the secret of her happy marriage and having sex after kids… What is it? Mom quickies! Watch her funny and candid video. And comment below–have your kids ever caught you having a quickie? Any suggestions of good places to hide? Sex After Baby | Erna Blabs About Quickies If you liked this video, watch all of the Blabbermom episodes here. If you are a […]

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When Mom is On the Phone | Dija Henry | MomCave LIVE

We go LIVE with Dija Henry from The Inspired Cafe to talk about when mom is on the phone. Does all hell break loose with YOUR kids when you’re on the phone? This week’s giveaway is a reusable snack bag from Spbang. (enter below) Live Twitter party during the show using #MRRMCTV. Tweet us: -Please, do you (for the love of God) know any good techniques to teach kids not to interrupt while you are on the phone? -Have you ever had […]

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