A Baby is Not the Best Accessory for a Job Interview | Slummy Mummy Episode Two “The Interview”

Our web series “Slummy Mummy” is back with Episode Two. Going back to work for the first time after having a baby is a minefield of potential disasters. Of course, childcare was (and still is!) my hugest challenge. And then there was the gap in my resume.  Employers often ask where one has been for the last few years. (Or in my case, only months.) Oh, just raising a human! No big deal. It’s not like parenting doesn’t translate into […]

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SAHM Job Performance Review…. by kids!

My Children Gave me a SAHM Job Performance Evaluation, They Certainly Did Not Fail Me. Recently, I have found myself in my least likely job position, stay-at-home-mom. I have always loved to work and just never thought I would find myself as a full-time SAHM. As they say, though, life happens and this is my current position. I have always thought I would fail as a SAHM for many reasons. I get easily bored, would probably spend all day watching […]

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