Halloween Mama Hack: The Switch Witch Giveaway (with Discount Code!)

Switch Witch Giveaway MomCave

When I was a kid, back in the old-west of the ’80s, we returned home from Trick or Treating and dumped out our pillowcases onto the floor. My sister and I traded for our favorites and then ate candy until we cried with stomach-aches.

Now that I’m a mom, I do things a little differently. Maybe I just have less patience for fighting and whining than my own mom did. But when my kids eat sugar, they turn into hyperactive, disrespectful, whiny monsters. And not the cute furry kind.

So every year after Halloween, I find a place to stash their bounty and then I let them have 1-2 pieces of candy a day. I usually still have candy left at Easter! And then more candy arrives courtesy of the Easter Bunny.

This year, we’ll try something different. I first heard about this brilliant parenting hack from some friends of mine whose daughter is now about to head off to college. (Lucky them, they had their kids early in life. I’m a geriatric mother.) They’d have her leave her bounty of candy outside for “The Great Pumpkin” to come, take it, and leave her a NON-CANDY surprise.

Now, we can try this tradition out ourselves complete with a doll (think Elf on a Shelf the Halloween Version) and original story book. Meet The Switch Witch!

Whether its to avoid sugared-up monsters or because your child is unable to eat candy because of a health issue like diabetes, Switch Witch is a #MamaHack for you!

We’re giving away a Switch Witch to one of our lucky MomCavers, complete with doll and book. Just enter below! 

The competition has ended BUT SWITCH WITCH IS GIVING MOMCAVERS 20% OFF! (this is an affiliate link. If you buy through this link, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you.) Just enter code 20MOMCAVE.

Switch Witch Giveaway

Win a Switch Witch Prize Pack!

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  • Christina Cohen

    I love this idea and didn’t know something like this existed. My five-year-old would go crazy for this!

  • Desiree Jenifer Hernandez

    I am so in! Finally, something I can relate too…

  • amweeks

    What an adorable idea! Great way to cut down on all that candy, but without cutting down the fun of trick-or-treating! Win-win all around!

  • Nicole G

    Love everything witchy! What a fun new way to have fun with kids!

  • Danny G

    awesome giveaway…two awesome ladies.

  • Valerie Guerrero

    I love this great idea a new thing to try instead of my kids eating to much candy

  • Justine

    This is such a neat idea and will be a new tradition I start with my children, since too much candy is not fun for moms who have to chase around sugar high children.

  • Jamie Martin

    This widget isn’t working! Its not letting me claim my tweet!

    • Hi Jamie,
      I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ll check the widget. Can you explain what you mean by “claim” your tweet?

      • Jlprincess62

        It saying complete the action…..I tweeted it twice and it still won’t give up that last entry!!!! Hahaha

  • Carrie Capehart

    I think it’s a really cool thing

  • Kimberly Bryan

    Such a cute idea. Also on the widget; sending the tweet isn’t working. I tweeted but it’s not letting me get credit for an entry.

  • Mary Meadows

    I think its a great idea! Thanks for the opportunity!


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