Surviving Motherhood | My Mantra ‘Is What Would Elsa Do?’

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Every mother should find a mantra to live up to while in the throes of surviving motherhood. It is with this mentality that I have found a mantra to live by, survive by, and journey forward in —

“What Would Elsa Do?”

I’m sure you’re wondering who the heck Elsa is and why do I strive to parent like her. Well, in case you missed the last decade of Disney movies, Elsa is that lovable character from the movie Frozen. She so proudly sang “Let It Go” and it jolted my daughters’ hearts to do the same.

Since that movie’s release, I have found myself often singing that very song in an effort to avoid unwanted stress, unnecessary rage, and unfortunate despair.

When Play-Doh magically clogged my dishwasher last summer, I belt out the notes to that song, “Let It Goo-ooo!, Let It Gooooo-oo!” as the desperate tears rolled down my face at having to dig out rock-like pebbles. This inevitably wound up costing me a fortune to repair my dishwasher.

W.W.E.D: My Mom Mantra

“What would Elsa do?” This is a question I have asked and continue to ask myself, frequently.

Perhaps, on that fateful summer day, she would have frozen her children as punishment. On the other hand, I simply took their Play-Doh and tucked it neatly away into the garbage, at the park around the corner.

When cupcake icing was mysteriously flung from my child’s fingers onto my clean floors, the song was sung again.

When my lovable pup chewed my brand new running sneakers, my eye may have twitched a bit, but I sang the song as I picked up the pieces.

Whenever I have had to pick up yet another pair of my husband’s smelly socks off the floor, yelling that song into a pillow always brought me right back to a mellow chill.

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Yes indeed, we need a mantra for surviving motherhood.

Letting it all go seems impossible and if I’m being honest, it is. I don’t really let it all go. I yell at the pillow a lot. Some days exercise is about stomping on the floors — a ton. And my car’s steering wheel gets shaken a great deal, while I scream all alone in the driver’s seat.

If there’s one key takeaway that I’ve learned, there’s no such thing as the perfect mother. There’s not even the perfect mantra to live by and letting it all go is just a myth. But… if I had to do it all over again… being a mom is so amazing, that I’d take the chewed-up sneakers, the wrecked appliances, and the gooey messes on my floors.

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